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Asunto:[peruanistas] "In the Service of the Sun: The Acllas of Pachacamac, Peru"
Fecha:Jueves, 23 de Septiembre, 2010  12:09:16 (-0400)
Autor:Ulises J. Zevallos-Aguilar <zevallosaguilar1>

Friday, October 1st, 6:30 PM

Pre-Columbian Society of Washington DC Lecture

"In the Service of the Sun: The Acllas of Pachacamac, Peru"

The Chosen Women of the Inka, also called the acllas or mamakonas, formed an institution without parallel in the Western Hemisphere. They were an elite class of highly specialized artisans and religious officiants who were drawn from subject populations and installed at Inka administrative centers throughout the empire. Within the enclosed walls of the acllahuasi, the acllas brewed beer, wove exquisite textiles, and trained the next generation of chosen women. When the Spanish encountered the acllas, they saw them as native counterparts to medieval Catholic nuns. Their early writings provide the majority of our information on the acllas. The ancient ceremonial center of Pachacamac, Peru, was conquered by the Inka in the late 15th century, and the newly erected Temple of the Sun was endowed with a group of acllas to attend it. In 1896, the German archaeologist Max Uhle excavated the Temple of the Sun and uncovered a small cemetery containing the burials of forty-six sacrifice!

This talk will discuss the (sometimes contradictory) descriptions of the acllas in the chronicles, and use the Pachacamac artifacts to suggest a reinterpretation of our current understanding of the institution.

Dr. Anne Tiballi recently received her Ph.D. in Anthropology from Binghamton University, under the direction of Dr. William Isbell. She performed her dissertation research on the archaeological materials from the Cemetery of the Sacrificed Women, Pachacamac, Peru, at the University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology. She has worked with textile collections from several coastal Andean sites, including Huayuri, Cerrillos, and Casa Vieja in the Ica Valley. Dr. Tiballi currently serves as Director of Archaeological Textile Studies for the California Institute for Peruvian Studies, and is pursuing research projects related to her interest in textiles, technology, and skilled practice.

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