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Asunto:[paraguainee] N ew Book - Nuevo LIbro - Paraguay 200 Years of Independence in the Heart of South America
Fecha:Jueves, 10 de Marzo, 2011  21:55:30 (+0000)
Autor:Andrew Nickson <R.A.Nickson>

R Andrew Nickson 
Reader in Public Management and Latin American Studies 
International Development Department 
School of Government and Society 
University of Birmingham 
Birmingham B15 2TT 
Tel: +44 121 414 2693<>; 
Access to the best thinking on governance, conflict, and social development 
From: Robert C Munro [robert@...] 
Sent: 10 March 2011 19:05 
To: Andrew Nickson 
Subject: Please circulate this e-mail to all your Paraguayan contacts.Please
amend as you see fit. 
Dear Friends 
Our book "Paraguay 200 Years of Independence in the Heart of South America" is
now available on the web. Please visit : 
                                         <<>;  > 
to buy your copy. 
This book  presents a positive image of Paraguay and  includes chapters on 
 *   aspects of Paraguayan history 
 *   the best of Paraguayan culture 
 *   stories of life in Paraguay 
 *   a celebration of the people and land of Paraguay 
This comment was received from a reader: 
" I must thank you for and congratulate you on your excellent publication. It is
a very sensible production, full of thoughtful writing and free from travel-agent
blither. I cannot imagine how you achieved such a neat publication for such a
reasonable price.  " 
If you have bought a copy already, thank you. Please pass on this e-mail to your
friends interested in Paraguay.