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Situación lingüíst Yvy Marâ
N ew Book - Nuevo Andrew N
RE: N ew Book - Nu Julia Ma
Novedades en Ápe P Ápe Para
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Iporãiténe umi oh akã'i'o porãva inglés ombojeremi guarani térã castel lano-pe

Lengua s amenazadas

Endangered languages

Interactive Atlas of the World’s Languages in

©Google / ©UNESCO
Interactive Atlas of the World’s Languages in Danger

It is estimated that, if nothing is done, half of 6000 plus languages spoken today will disappear by the e nd of this century. With the disappearance of unwri tten and undocumented languages, humanity would lose not only a cultural wealth but also important ancestral knowledge embedded, in particular, in indigenous langua ges.

However, this process is neither inevitable n or irreversible: well-planned and implemented language p olicies can bolster the ongoing efforts of speaker communities to maintain or revitalize their mother tongue s and pass them on to younger generations.The aim of UNE SCO’s Endangered Languages Programme is to support com munities, experts and governments by producing, coor dinating and  disseminating :

  • tools for monitoring, advo cacy, and assessment of status and trends in lingui stic diversity,
  • services such as policy advice, technical expertise and tra ining, good practices and a platform for excha nge and transfer of skills.

UNESCO's flagship activity in safeguarding endangered languages is the Atlas of t he World's Languages in Danger. themes/languages-and-multilingualism/endangered-languages /