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Asunto:[nave] Re: Sondeo sobre Firefox 3 / 2008
Fecha:Miercoles, 2 de Enero, 2008  14:56:49 (+0100)
Autor:Nukeador <nukeador>
En respuesta a:Mensaje 9362 (escrito por Nukeador)

Doy algunas respuestas desde mi punto de vista, directamente en inglés 
para no tener que luego andar traduciendo. 
Nukeador escribió: 
> 1/ Do you think that the volume of in-product pages on  
> (assuming it is more or less the same as it was for Firefox 2) is  
> manageable for your team? 
Yes it is. 
> 2/ Is there an end-user support site in your language and/or would you  
> be interested in making a localized version of in  
> your language? 
Personally I'm not interested in a Spanish SUMO version because it's not 
necessary and it's Firefox-centric. 
> 3/ Do you feel that in 2008 your team is going to grow, get smaller or  
> remain the same size? 
I hope that it will grow. 
> 4/ Are there specific Mozilla projects (official or community based)  
> that you plan to be involved in in 2008? 
(Supongo que se refieren traduciendo) 
Maybe Songbird if they improve their translation process. 
> 5/ Is there something specific you need from me and I totally forgot to  
> take action? ;) 
(Ahora no se me ocurre nada) 
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