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Asunto:[nave] Sondeo sobre Firefox 3 / 2008
Fecha:Miercoles, 2 de Enero, 2008  13:21:08 (+0100)
Autor:Nukeador <nukeador>

Os remito este pequeño sondeo para traductores que nos piden Mic y 
Pascal que contestemos brevemente: 
With Mic we are polling all of our localizers to know how they feel  
about the Firefox 3 release in their language and also to make sure we  
have up to date information about the locale. 
Could you check if is up to date for  
your language? Do you feel that you will be ready for Firefox 3 in  
March/April or do you think that it is going to be hard for you? 
On my side, I have a special interest in knowing your opinion about a  
few community and web localization subjects: 
1/ Do you think that the volume of in-product pages on  
(assuming it is more or less the same as it was for Firefox 2) is  
manageable for your team? 
2/ Is there an end-user support site in your language and/or would you  
be interested in making a localized version of in  
your language? 
3/ Do you feel that in 2008 your team is going to grow, get smaller or  
remain the same size? 
4/ Are there specific Mozilla projects (official or community based)  
that you plan to be involved in in 2008? 
5/ Is there something specific you need from me and I totally forgot to  
take action? ;) 
Thanks for your time and happy new year! 
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