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Asunto:[mutantes] Fwd: Amazing -- more Psychic Children
Fecha:Lunes, 25 de Febrero, 2002  17:31:16 (-0600)
Autor:margarita sagnelli <florencia1>

>From: The Beloved Community <belovedjt@...>
>Reply-To: belovedjt@...
>To: ThomasMessages@...
>Subject: Amazing -- more Psychic Children
>Date: Mon, 25 Feb 2002 19:54:58 +0000
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>Beloved Friends,
>Since we began sending out the messages from Thomas, one of the Psychic
>Children I met in Bulgaria, we have received dozens of emails from other
>children and parents with other stories and teachings. Most we are not
>able to forward along (there are just too many of them), but some scream
>to be heard. Today we received two letters that I felt I absolutely had
>to share. The first is from a 14 year old boy named Michael who claims
>to be in contact with the Children of Oz at the monastery in Bulgaria.
>(He even mentions knowing the four children, but under different names.
>I never shared the fact that I was asked to change their names for the
>sake of their privacy) The second is from a parent in Mexico with an
>amazing story to tell. I think you'll agree that these stories offer a
>deeper glimpse into the truths we heard from Thomas, and the emergence
>of these special beings.
>(For more stories or for information on "Emissary of Love, the Psychic
>Children Speak to the World," visit my site at .)
>Here is a message from young Michael:
>My name is Michael, and I am one of the children of oz. I'm 14 years
>old. I wanted to tell you about my experiences. I knew I was one of
>these children when I began hearing other children talking to me in my
>head. I felt they were real children, not my imagination. That was when
>I was seven or eight. Then I started reading peoples minds, though I
>didn't tell them because I  knew they would be scared. The other
>children were still there too and I knew I could talk back. That was
>when I started to understand. Some of them taught me things. Pretty soon
>I could do other psychic stuff. I also have been to the monastery you
>talked about, but in my dreams. I met four children there, but they had
>different names than what you wrote. They are learning how to use their
>gifts, just like me. We want to use them to bring peace, and to teach
>others how to use them. That is why we're here.
>This is what I want to say. The reason we can do these things is because
>we know that the world is not real. Sometimes when I'm dreaming I
>realize I am dreaming and can then do fun things. It's the same in this
>dream as well. When you know that everything is just from your mind,
>then you can have fun with it. You have been pretending the world into
>existance, but you can pretend a different world if you want too. It can
>be a world of peace. That's why we talk about pretending. If you pretend
>that the world is filled with love, then it is. If you pretend it is
>bad, then that's how  you'll see it. It's not hard at all. The other
>stuff happens by itself. The psychic stuff isn't so important, but the
>love is. That's what the children  are here to say.
>As for this grid, I know what you are talking about, and I can tell you
>it's ready."
>And here is another letter from a man in Mexico who was healed by his
>young daughter. Get ready for an amazing story:
>"My name is Carlos López, and I have been reading all the information
>about the Psychic Children, and all this wonderful information thas has
>brought tremendous Light & Love to all of us.
>We live at an important industrial city called Monterrey on the northern
>state of Nuevo León, Mexico, about two hours and a half away from
>Laredo, TX by road. I'm a 30 yr. old daddy of a beautiful 1 yr. and 8
>months old baby girl. This I will tell you is a bit long story, but you
>have all my conscent to edit this e-mail as you wish and as you need.
>Besides I want to talk to you about these things because I'm amazed all
>the time, and as our baby grows new things happen.
>Well, this baby was premature... she wasn't already months when se was
>born. We had no idea how to call her, and we were stressed because of
>that. One night before my wife would leave the hospital, woke me at
>midnight and told me if I liked the name Adriana Sarahí, and I said yes,
>and went back to sleep.  The next morning she told me that on dreams a
>big-tall blond being would appear to her and in golden letters appeared
>in the air the name S A R A H I  and told my wife that would be our
>baby's name. That she had to make name
>combinations with that name and the one she liked the most would be the
>chosen one. She started to make combinations until she stopped at
>Adriana Sarahí, and the pressence asked if she liked that and my wife
>assented. That's how we called our baby, and the most amazing thing was
>that neither one of those name were on the bunch of lists we had up
>until then of favorite names.
>Since very little, we've noticed that our baby looks around the room or
>the kitchen, and other parts looking at things that move, and that we
>don't see, because one can easily notice when a baby is looking at
>something that, walks, flies, and jumps. We've seen her waving at things
>on the floor, and then jumping onto the bed. We ask her all the time if
>they're angels and she says "Yes".
>Now, here comes the utter most important experience we've had with her.
>Last Wednesday (Feb 20th) I got home from work, and felt very sick (like
>a month ago I was hospitalized for beginnings of pneumonia), and now a
>very sore throat made me feel pretty bad. I was shivering because of
>high temperature, very sore eyes, throat pain, fatigue, pain on all
>articulations, headache... I felt terrible. Since we don't have who can
>help us during the day, my wife had to cook while was on bed, and our
>baby was on the crib crying for me...
>we didn't want her to be there, but I felt terrible... so from our bed I
>would tell her to calm down, that I felt bad, and wasn't able to carry
>her. A couple of hours passed, and mom would come now and then to calm
>her down. Then she carried her and put her on  bed, and explained to our
>baby that I was sick... that she could touch me and
>feel how high was my temperature. At that moment, with my baby kneeled
>by me I felt even worse that I wasn't able to carry her and I asked, I
>begged her to please cure me. I took her little hand, and try to put it
>on my throat bus she would take if of quickly. But then, she rapidly put
>  both hands over my chest and her forehead over my plexus in the middle
>of my chest. And she did it as a reverence. At that moment I knew
>something special was going on, and right away I asked Thomas and the
>Children of OZ to help her if she was doing something to me... I
>visualized the Children of Oz helping her. Then after a couple of
>seconds, she would lift her head, looked back with a strange look in her
>face and did a quick and strange movement with head and mouth, as if she
>were telling off someone who'd be next to her... like hushing someone.
>Then she smiled back to me and climbed
>my belly. To my surprise... immediatley I felt relief, in my eyes, and
>head. I was amazed, we were amazed. A couple of minutes ago I was
>feeling terrible, and 5 minutes later I had no pain whatsoever,
>just in my throat, but didn't have headache, nor fatigue, nor sore
>eyes...etc every sympton had dissappeared. I got up from bed, baby was
>very happy to se me standing, then she took me by the hands and wanted
>me to help her jump over the bed. In 10 minutes I was a healthy,
>painless man. I mentally thanked the Children of Oz because I was sure
>they helped out my baby girl heal me.
>The next day I told this story to a friend I have in UK and that's a
>psyckic granny. She told me that our girl would be a Healer, that it was
>her destiny."
>Thank you for all your letters and prayers. This seems to be gaining
>momentum, and the energy is revealing new levels of peace and
>compassion. We'll continue to forward some of these amazing letters.
>In Peace,
>James Twyman
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