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Asunto:[mutantes] Rv: 2 Powerful Eclipses & Mega- Solstice - The Ring of Fire May 20-2012
Fecha:Martes, 17 de Abril, 2012  21:41:50 (-0700)
Autor:firenze s <firenze_2002>

--- El mar 17-abr-12, LuisEnrique Santoyo <> escribió:

De: LuisEnrique Santoyo <>
Asunto: 2 Powerful Eclipses & Mega- Solstice - The Ring of Fire May 20-2012
Fecha: martes, 17 de abril de 2012, 13:21

Importante e interesante información

Tiene publicidad al final,que puedes obviar.


ani spiral sphere
Fasten Your Seat Belts ... The Intensity & Magnificence of the Coming
Quantum Frequencial Gateways
- Ring of Fire Eclipse & Summer Soilstice -
"The remaining Equinoxes, Solstices & Eclipses that lie ahead in the countdown to the Ascension are 'Frequencial Gateways' . The auspicious vectors are not constrained by linear time nor by the dimensional access limitations within your current space-time paradigm. And while we have told you many areas in your planet are already in 5th dimension, during the Equinoxes of the precedent 3 years to the Ascension the threshold to greater dimensionality is opened much wider.
As such we tell you that a unique portal from the 12th dimension is enabled thru the Cosmic Trigger Crystalline awakening of that 12th Wave that will manifest on May 20, 2012 and reach its apexial completion  on the OM Wave of the June Solstice of 2012. The energies will be powerful and intense....yet offer amazing upshifting codes.
Indeed it is a mandatory prerequisite rigor of the New Earth. Both humanity and indeed the physical earth require and petition this crystalline upshift reformation in order to transcend the duality dimensional paradigm that would otherwise entomb them in the cyclic duplicity of descending polarity juxtaposition.
The twelfth dimensional opening of the Solar Eclipse of May 2012 will be the most prolific synthesis of 12th dimensional energy to eventuate on earth since the Golden Age of Atlantis, some 35,000 years ago as measured in your present linear- time paradigm."  AAMetatron
  Galv Ring Fire Combo
The Ring of Fire - The Pleiadean Opening

~May 20th - Fire-Eclipse Portal  2012 ~

"The Great Pleiadian Eclipse Alignment" . Ring of Fire , Full Solar Eclipse On May 20, 2012, for the first time in 26000 years, our Sun and Moon and the constellation ... You cannot miss this glorious event! Gather where you can, meditate and open the heart to receive this transitional energy bearing sacred codes !
The incredible 'Ring of Fire' solar eclipse is coming in less than 4-weeks.  It's the first annular eclipse visible in America in almost 18 years, and there will not be another for over a decade. It has incredible significance. It is a portal of tremendous energy, and will spawn magnificent energy feeds. It is precisely why the final phase of the heralded ' Cosmic Trigger' is occurring on this Eclipse of 2012.
On 20 May 2012  what will occur is nothing less than spectacular.  This Eclipse is  spectacular, not only visually, but in it's mega-energy. The Sun and Moon ( New Moon) will be precisely  conjunct with the stunning Central Star of the  Pleiades, in the constellation Taurus.
The Pleiadian star system is in fact our core essence, our ancestral home. That is why it has been recognized by the Ancients , from LeMuria, Atlantis to the Hopi.  revered cosmic objects in history, poetry and mythology across all cultures.  The Pleiades were recognized in the language of many of the indigenous people of the Americas, including the Maya, Toltec, Aztec, Ayameria, Lakota, Navajo and Hopi. Known as the home of the Star-People, of Star Nation by the campestral & mystical societies all over the world, including Australia, Africa, Asia, and the Americas.
The Eclipse brings in the Cosmic Trigger. This is the influx of Ascension energies that will complete in a series of downloads between the following dates of significance:
May 20 - Solar Eclipse, June 4 - Lunar Eclipse and June 20 Mid-Year Solstice. What will happen is the Crystalline Transition. Crytsals coded with the Mastery of the benevolent Pleiades & The Crytsalline Council of Light & Ascended Masters. It begins on May 20 and completes onm the Solstice. 
The Pleiades are in fact  among the first stars mentioned in ancient recorded astronomical writings, first noted in the Asian annals of 2357 BCE in China. Alcyone, referred to as 'Lucida' or Most Brilliant Star, then being on the Vernal Equinox.
The beginning of the year gave rise to the title 'The Great Year of the Pleiades' for the cycle of precession of about 25,900 years. 2012 is of course the year of the 'Precession of the Equinox. 
 Ani Aura Electric
Ascensiuon Symptons - AA Metatron :  
 "In the Ascension, you will regain the enhanced template that enables you to transmigrate the Torus of realities, and as such reverse the spin of the spiral, by anti-spin of the Life Vortex and return to your Divine Source consciousness within Crystal-Coherent Light . The Cosmic Trigger is the  enabler, changing the matrix. It is not haphazard, it is not circumstantial, but deliberate of Divine Creatorship in a logic beyond even your imagination. It is beautiful beyond comprehension.  
All is quickening, time is accelerating as the Ascension draws center within your individual & group experiences. The year 2012 will be intense and will have periods of calibration that may throw humanity out of balance temporarily.
Accordingly as the duality planet recalibrates itself into the Crystalline Field it will also reshape the experience of mankind, of visible and invisible forces of nature and that of the face of the Earth itself. Every astrological pattern , every date of Eclipse, Solstice , Equinox and Lunar Phase is extremely powerful in 2012. These are being exponentially amplified by Coronal Mass Ejections, Solar Winds.
Humanity will feel the impact of these through what is termed 'Ascension Symptoms', and these may be experienced as mood swings, dizziness, insomnia, anxiety, lethargy, apathy and fatigue. For each advancing energy will require physical, emotional and mental adjustment to the higher frequencies downloaded.
It is akin to a training course, one designed to increase humankinds capacity to operate in higher resonant energy. The intensives will ebb & flow, in a continual momentous pattern, gaining in inertia through the 12-12-12, the 12th Wave of the Ascension. It is indeed an auspicious time.
You may at times feel as though you are taking one step backward before taking two steps forward... something akin to a miniature Saturn Return ! But keep in mind, the two steps forward will occur.
Do not despair, for the symptoms will pass quickly, and the benefits are a stronger 'you'. The key is understanding what is happening, and persevering ...and maintaining a positive energy and an intact Auric Field. "
AA Metatron
rota green
A Major Transitional Phase of 2012 is Coming Soon
Two Eclipses & The Solstice 
 Scroll Down to Review the Significance of this Powerful Eclipse Energy Triad
It Starts on May 20th with the 'Ring of Fire' Solar Eclipse !
2012 Annular Solar Eclipse Global Map

Excerpt - Metatron Channel:
The Ring of Fire & Cosmic Trigger
The Cosmic Trigger, as we have explained in previous channels, is the download of Geometric Crystalline Codes necessary for the completion of the 12-Dimensional expansion of the planet. The geo-codes are in the language of coherent light, coherent crystalline light. For Dear Ones, Sacred Geometry is the core-fabric of all realities. Sacred Geometry is the language, the 'reality program' of the Cosmos.
Dear Human, your reality is in Truth, a geometric hologram insertion of coherent conscious energy. So it is imperative you understand that Sacred Geometry is far more than a mathematical branch. It is a living sacred science, an aspect of the science frequency you call 'Unconditional Love'. It is a sacred science that in fact forms every nuance of your 'physical' duality within linear space and time.
What Will Happen on May 20th, 2012
The Ring of Fire Annual Eclipse of May 20, 2012 will have a unique sound embedded energy that will be specifically received at Moody Gardens Pyramids in 'The Head of the Dove' (Texas)and the Giza Pyramids in Egypt. The energy of the final wave of the Cosmic Trigger is Feminine in resonance. It will serve to balance the areas of the earth that are in masculine imbalance. Both Egypt and Texas are examples of such imbalance. While there are indeed pockets within of lighter more balanced energy, the overriding imbalance still creates a dense field in the industrial complexes and patriarchal Southern Bible-Belt'.
The influx of the Feminine will greatly aid in the balance. Keep in mind it is not the Feminine or the Masculine that is required for the Earth, rather the balance of the two, in order to move into non polarity realms.
The Moody Pyramids will play an extremely important role (as will GIZA) in achieving this balance, yet it will take many linear years to achieve. Though Cosmically we tell you it will indeed occur, and the anchoring of the 2012 Ring of Fire makes it so.
Those of you that are the 'Code Carriers' play a specific role in disseminating the new balance. Well to visit both Giza and Moody in 2012 and 2013. Carry a tuning fork of F# (F-Sharp) for its resonance opens the gateways within.
Four Key Balancing Dates Within the 'Ring of Fire'
March 20 - Equinox - The 4th and final wave of the Cosmic Trigger, upload for the Ring of Fire download (Solar Eclipse of May 20, 2012) and initializing the Crystalline Codes.
May 20- Ring of Fire Solar Eclipse - The apex of the Final Phase of the Cosmic Trigger Crystalline Codes.. Humanity macro-integration - Divine Masculine balance via the balancing waves of the Divine Feminine as the Golden Dolphin influx. Alignment with nthe Central Star of the Pleiades, assisted by the Pleiadean-Sirian-Arcturian Masters of Light.
June 4 - Lunar Eclipse- Humanity micro- integration- Divine Feminine Balance. Crystalline Inbflux.
June 6-7:- Venus Transit - Integration with the  Pleiadean-Sirian -Arcturian  Alliance, the full return of the Golden Hathor & Dolphin energies, the initial integration of Divine Feminine to Divine Masculine, leading to the 12-12-12.
June 20 - Summer Solstice - Extremely powerful, completing a quartet of dates with the Solar eclipse of May 20th and Lunar Eclipse of June 4th and Venus Transit of June 6. This will be an extremely intense , yet balancing energy that incorporates a final inflow of energetic codes and allows for obstructing releases. It flows centered in the OM Wave, lead byu Sainte Germaine & the Crystalline Light Council, from Mt Shasta, retreat of the Ascended Masters from June 19-25, 2012.
The Pyramid Receival Complex
The Tri-Pyramid Complex located on Galveston island is in exact latitudinal alignment, 29.6 degrees, with the Tri Pyramidal Complex in Giza, Egypt.
This is extremely significant, for an Axialtonal energy line joins the two complexes. These two tri-pyramidal matrixes will serve to bring in the energies of the Crystalline Activation of the final phase of the Cosmic Trigger. 
The Cosmic Trigger Codes
The codes are Metatronic in source and aspect , and absolutely essential to the Ascension. Consider them as resonate energy upgrades to the holographic inserts that are the geo-information-portals of the graduating Omni Earth. Program upgrades, in your computer terminology.
The initial downloads of the final wave surge occurs on the May 20 'Ring of Fire' Solar Eclipse of 2012, the latter surge on the triple date frequencial portal of the 12-12-12.
We have told you that the world remakes itself now and whether or not humanity in micro or macro is supportive of expansive change or against it, whether it is understood by mankind en masse or not, it is truly a moot point as the inertia of transition speeds into reality more quickly today than it did yesterday on the linear and Omni-Earth.
This is indeed the final completing stage of the Cosmic Trigger, and its time is here in the heralded year of 2012.
Two solar and two lunar eclipses take place in 2012 as follows:
All times and dates are in Universal Time or UT. This astronomically derived time system is colloquially referred to as Greenwich Mean Time or GMT.

Annular Solar Eclipse of May 20

The Ring of Fire Solar Eclipse
The first solar eclipse of 2012 occurs at the Moon's descending node in central Taurus. An annular eclipse will be visible from a 240 to 300 kilometre-wide track that traverses eastern Asia, the northern Pacific Ocean and the western United States. A partial eclipse is seen within the much broader path of the Moon's penumbral shadow, that includes much of Asia, the Pacific and the western 2/3 of North America (Figure 1).
The annular path begins in southern China at 22:06 UT. Because the Moon passed through apogee one day earlier (May 19 at 16:14 UT), its large distance from Earth produces a wide path of annularity. Traveling eastward, the shadow quickly sweeps along the southern coast of Japan as the central line duration of annularity grows from 4.4 to 5.0 minutes.
annular path.
Additional details for the 2012 annular solar eclipse (including tables, maps and weather prospects) can be found at:

The first lunar eclipse of 2012 occurs at the Moon's ascending node in southern Ophiuchus about 6° northeast of Antares (mv = +1.07). It is best seen from locations in and near the Pacific Ocean (Figure 3). Most of the Americas will experience moonset before the eclipse ends while eastern Asia will miss the beginning of the eclipse because it occurs before moonrise. The Moon's contact times with Earth's shadows are listed below.
Penumbral Eclipse Begins: 08:48:09 UT Partial Eclipse Begins: 09:59:53 UT Greatest Eclipse: 11:03:13 UT Partial Eclipse Ends: 12:06:30 UT Penumbral Eclipse Ends: 13:18:17 UT
At the instant of greatest eclipse the umbral eclipse magnitude will reach 0.3705. At that time the Moon will be at the zenith for observers in the South Pacific. In spite of the fact that just a third of the Moon enters the umbral shadow (the Moon's southern limb dips 12.3 arc-minutes into the umbra), the partial phase still lasts over 2 hours.
Archangel Metatron Channel:
 The Ring of Fire Eclipse - May 2012
The Four Agreements - Don Miguel Ruiz in Galveston
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Audio Book - The Four Agreements
Don Miguel Ruiz Jr Combo
Author, Toltec shaman and spiritual ambassador Don Miguel Ruiz Jr  will present a workshop based on Toltec wisdom explaining the Four Aagreements, which are a practical guide to self mastery. Don Miguel Ruiz Jr has completed Toltec Initiation and is a Nagual Shaman & Teacher. He has closely worked and collaborated with his father Don Miguel Ruiz, Sr on the International bestselling book that offers a fresh perspective and adds  powerful insights  for transforming our lives into our personal Mastery. Like his father, combining new insights with ancient wisdom, don Miguel  Ruiz is dedicating his life to sharing the ancient Toltec wisdom by translating it into practical, everyday life concepts that promote transformation through truth, love and common sense. 


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