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Asunto:[mutantes] Fwd: More Psychic Children
Fecha:Lunes, 25 de Febrero, 2002  16:44:29 (-0600)
Autor:margarita sagnelli <florencia1>

>From: The Beloved Community <belovedjt@...>
>Reply-To: belovedjt@...
>To: ThomasMessages@...
>Subject: More Psychic Children
>Date: Sun, 24 Feb 2002 01:37:40 +0000
>Good, Better, BEST!  What's better than a year's subscription
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>Beloved Friends,
>We continue to receive dozens of emails from children offering their
>vision of Peace. Some of them exhibit the same psychic powers as the
>Children I met in Bulgaria. Others are what many call "Indigo," which is
>another aspect of this phenomenon. But they all have something to say,
>and it is ours to listen and learn. "We must become like little children
>if we are to enter into the Kingdom of God," and what we hear from the
>Children is that the Kingdom is all around us now.
>This is the second email we are forwarding with the messages and wisdom
>we have been receiving from other children. It would be difficult to
>relay them all, but this should give you an idea of how profound this
>shift is. The Psychic Children have been preparing a place for us, not a
>building with bricks and walls, but a place where all possibilities
>exist, where peace is more than a dream. You may see a glimpse of this
>reality in these messages. You may even see yourself, which is the real
>mission of the Children of Oz.
>(There are thousands of you who did not receive one or more of the
>Thomas Messages because you signed onto our list after they went out. In
>a week or so we are going to resend them all so no one will miss out on
>this incredible gift. Just ignore that email if you have them already.)
>Also, Hampton Roads is still trying to work out their web site bugs for
>those of you who have not been able to take advantage of the two-for-one
>offer on the book "Emissary of Love, The Psychic Children Speak to the
>World." For now, feel free to go to my web site,, and
>you will find it there. I am not recommending this book because I wrote
>it (though I have to admit, It's well worth the read), but because the
>message from these amazing Children is so vitally important today.
>Here are some of the messages and stories we have received in the last
>few days:
>"My son, Jason, is 7. He has always been sensitive to the feelings of
>others and has an uncanny wisdom beyond his years. On three different
>occasions he has received very clear information/symbols/messages from
>some higher source. The last time this happened was March 31, 2001,
>almost a year ago. He was six years old at the time. I was tucking him
>into bed when he told me he was "hearing them" again. He suggested I get
>some paper and write some things down this time. First he told me some
>very personal information about my life. Then he said, "Now, Mom, they
>are talking about ancient secrets about God and love." When I asked him
>who "they" were, he said it was a group that spoke with one voice. And
>that most of the time they could answer my questions themselves, but if
>they couldn't, there was a "boss" they could turn to who could, so I
>would need to wait a little longer for the answer.
>I asked him about the ancient secrets and he said "The ancients hid them
>and you will learn them in my mind."  I asked him when this would happen
>and his answer was "In three years time, be patient." (That would be two
>years from now....) Then he told me they were giving him a preview of
>some of the secrets now.... and these are the things he said, one by
>'God's love is everywhere - there's nowhere where God's love is not.
>There isn't even a tiny sliver the size of my hand in all the universes
>where God's love is not.
>'Holy love is the only true love.
>'There is no love the same or better for you than your own love.
>'Your mind is always working with love at its center.
>'You are always protected by God's love.
>'Your joy is growing bigger every second.
>'You can never hurt God because God is love and love is unhurtable.'
>With that, he said he was done and wanted to go to sleep...."
>Here's what 12 year old Nikki said when her father asked her what she
>would like to say to the adults of the world:
>"Why don't people let go? They hang on too tight. Know that the world as
>we know it is not real. Spirit is real. If you let go, you will
>reconnect with Spirit."
>In Thomas' final lesson he spoke if the importance of PRETENDING we are
>already enlightened. We have received many emails from children who are
>expressing the same truth, often without having heard about Thomas. Here
>are a couple of examples:
>Fifteen year old Steven said:
>"If I had to say one thing to everyone, it would be that if you pretend
>it and believe that it is true, it will happen. If you just pretend that
>something will happen without believing it, I doubt that it will work.
>You have to have FAITH in it, and not just hoping that it will happen."
>Here's another letter using that message of PRETENDING:
>"Today I was with an 11 year old girl that I mentor.  I asked her 'What
>do we need to do to have world peace?' She answered 'Everybody has to
>get together and make one big family.  Pretend everyone is family, give
>hugs and help each other. We have to respect each other and accdept each
>other for who we are.  And that's it.'
>Spoken by Shalah, 11 years old."
>And finally, this conversation with a young master:
>"Last night while playing with my son Max (nearly 6) in a game of
>pretend (which he was the director of), I asked him this question: 'If
>you could tell the adults of this world anything, what would it be?'
>His answer was:  'Love is the only thing that matters, nothing else
>does.  Love is the thing.'
>Then I asked two more questions of my own:  'Who are we really?'
>Max said:  'Angels.'
>Me:  'Why are we here, what is our mission?'
>Max:  'To bring Love'
>Profound in its simplicity!  What a great inquiry."
>This letter came from another woman who was amazed by her grandson:
>"I wanted to share with you an experience I had on Christmas Eve with my
>nine year old grandson, Hayden, and my niece's four month old baby,
>We were all gathered at my mother-in-law's home, as we always do on
>Christmas Eve. I was sitting on the floor playing with Luke, and Hayden
>came up and knelt before us. He started playing with Luke too, but
>Hayden kept wiping his eyes and looking at Luke with a puzzled
>expression on his face.
>After a few minutes Hayden said, 'Nana, when I look in a baby's eyes I
>see things.'
>I said, 'Really, honey, what do you see?'
>Hayden replied, 'Well, I don't know how to say it, but they have like
>sticks of Light coming out of their eyes.'
>I said, 'That is really interesting, sweetheart. Are you talking about
>all babies or just Luke?'
>Hayden said, 'No Nana, ALL babies. If they are under about the age of
>three, they all have sticks of Light coming out of their eyes.'"
>Here is another message that seems to indicate Thomas' Prophecy:
>"My granddaughter Emma told me this dream she had. She is seven and her
>birth was quite mystical. She dreamt she was on  a ship that sank in a
>big storm, she said she just started swimming, she had no fear at all.
>She felt the seaweed all around her and found herself with the Dolphins
>and Whales, she was swimming with them and in her words 'it was so
>cool', then she pushed a huge Whale out of the way and saw her little
>sister, she grabbed her hand and together they swam until they reached
>the surface. She woke up all excited and ran to tell her Mom. The fact
>that the ship went down meant nothing to her, it was 'cool' because she
>was with the Dolphins and Whales
>and saved her sister. Then I got your messages."
>Here is a wonderful letter from a mother:
>"I am a 36 yr old single Mom of a 3 yr old boy...when he was 1 yr old,
>an old  psychic lady stopped us to tell us he is a purple child and that
>we must listen closely to his words when he chooses to start speaking
>because he would speak very deep wisdom...he waited until just before
>his 3rd birthday (December 24 is his b-day)to begin speaking...i was
>rereading these messages on Sunday night and he was right with me..i
>remember the old psychic lady and i asked him 'are you a psychic
>child?', he answered, 'yes mom'...i asked him, 'can you hear the little
>voice in your ear?', he answered, 'yes mom and
>it says hi!!', then i asked him if he will help me hear the little voice
>all the time (as opposed to once in a blue moon) and he started an
>exaggerated yes movement of the head & whole body....i said, 'justus?'
>(his name), he paused for a second, put one hand on his heart, looked at
>me and said, 'thru the heart mom' and a big wave ran up thru my body
>that still has me tingling today when i think about it..."
>And finally:
>"I asked my daughter 7 year old Bethany this morning 'If you wanted to
>tell the adults of this World something or ask them something what would
>it be?' She looked into her self for half a second and then answered
>pure and simply: 'Why do you say no?' Then she smiled."
>What a great way to end this letter. Why do we say no? It's all around
>us, and the children are simply drawing our attention and helping us
>remember. We all knew this when we were young. The only difference
>between us and the New Children is that they're never going to
>forget...and neither are we. What a blessing.
>In Peace,
>James Twyman
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