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Asunto:[LEA-Venezuela] La Anatomía del Estado !!!
Fecha:Viernes, 24 de Octubre, 2008  14:18:22 (-0700)
Autor:Euro Murzi <murzie>

The Anatomy of the State
by Murray N. Rothbard

The State is almost universally considered an institution of social service.

With the rise of democracy, the identification of the State with society has been redoubled, until it is common to hear sentiments expressed which violate virtually every tenet of reason and common sense such as, "we are the government." The useful collective term "we" has enabled an ideological camouflage to be thrown over the reality of political life.

If "we are the government," then anything a government does to an individual is not only just and untyrannical but also "voluntary" on the part of the individual concerned

If the government has incurred a huge public debt which must be paid by taxing one group for the benefit of another, this reality of burden is obscured by saying that "we owe it to ourselves"; if the government conscripts a man, or throws him into jail for dissident opinion, then he is "doing it to himself" and, therefore, nothing untoward has occurred.