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Asunto:[LEA-Venezuela] Gordon and Betty Moore Visiting Fellowships
Fecha:Domingo, 21 de Enero, 2007  03:35:05 (EST)
Autor:Moigis <Moigis>

En la lista MARINET llegó el siguiente mensaje 
que pudiera ser interesante para LEA... 
suerte y 
Por si es de su interés. 
Patricia Castillo-Briceño 
Bióloga Marina 
Ecuador - América del Sur 
>The Tropical Conservation and Development Program (TCD) and the School 
>of Forest Resources and Conservation (SFRC) at the University of Florida 
>(UF) announce a competition for the Gordon and Betty Moore Visiting 
>Fellowships to support non-degree training related to Amazon forest 
>conservation at the University of Florida in Gainesville, Florida. The 
>visiting fellowships are open to conservation professionals, 
>researchers, university professors, and Ph.D. students who are legal 
>residents of Bolivia, Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, French Guiana, Guyana, 
>Peru, Suriname, or Venezuela. Fellowships are for four to nine months in 
>length and may start at any time between June 2007 and January 2008. 
>             Visiting Fellowship awards consist of a stipend of US$1,500 
>per month, before taxes (net amount around US$1,250) plus the cost of 
>any necessary UF tuition and fees. Additional funds for travel to and 
>from UF, health insurance, and participation in field courses are also 
>included. Limited financial support is available for enrolment in an 
>intensive English language course to improve existing skills. 
>             While at UF, Fellows will develop individualized programs 
>of study under the advisement of a UF faculty member. Fellows will be 
>able to enrol in UF classes related to tropical forest conservation, 
>participate in field courses conducted in the Andes-Amazon region, and 
>utilize the UF Latin American Collection, one of the finest libraries on 
>Latin America in the world. Fellows will be expected to offer seminars 
>and/or workshops for UF students and faculty to share their expertise 
>and experience on Amazon conservation. 
>Each Fellow's program of study must be relevant to one of the following 
>protected area management 
>regional planning and policy 
>sustainable forest management, or 
>community-based natural resource management 
>A field course on Tropical Forestry in the Eastern Amazon, Brazil will 
>be offered in May 2007, a field course on Brazilian Forest Policy will 
>be offered in August 2007, and a field course on Bolivian Forest Policy 
>will likely be offered in August 2008. 
>Consult with Robert Buschbacher or Patricia Sampaio if you have 
>particular interests in terms of coursework as many other classes will 
>be offered each semester. 
>For complete information, including application form, please visit: 
>or contact: 
>Robert Buschbacher, Program Coordinator 
>Amazon Conservation Leadership Initiative 
>107 Mowry Road 
>Telephone: +1-352-846-2831 
>E-mail: rbusch@... 
>Patrícia Sampaio, Program Coordinator 
>Center for Latin American Studies 
>358 Grinter Hall 
>Telephone: 392-0375, ext. 806 
>E-mail: psampaio@... 
>Submit application materials by February 1, 2007 at 4:30 p.m. to: 
>TCD Program 
>University of Florida 
>304 Grinter Hall 
>PO Box 115531 
>Gainesville, FL 32611-5531 USA 
>Telephone: 352-392-6548 
>Fax: 352-392-0085