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Asunto:Re: [LEA-Venezuela] contact
Fecha:Lunes, 13 de Octubre, 2003  11:06:10 (-0400)
Autor:interfazamazonica <interfazamazonica>

Hello Nico

I think that by mistake you send “reply” of your message to the all the
public of the entire list. But as you rised the question, maybe I can
explain some things now here with the public  listening too... I am sure
some friends out there want to know about Silviano and Juvencio too.

We are OK over here, as well as we can be trying to survive the crisis.
Silviano was able to repair his smashed car, he constructed a new roof for
the car and he fixed every mechanics needed, he is indeed a good mechanic.
He is no more the chief of his village, time of elections came and now
there is another “captain” (chief) over there. The new chief wanted to take
Silviano’s car saying that the car belongs to the community and not to
Silviano, what is not true, the car was bought and now repaired by Silviano
alone... Also the new Chief wanted to take the computer of Silviano saying
also that it belongs to the community and not to him. In the end the new
Chief was not able to do anything against Silviano and his belongings,
because everything were lies. 

I needed to testify for him that the computer was a donation to Silviano
and his team for them to make the Social Impact Study, and not a donation
to the entire community as the new chief was saying in order to take this
computer for him.

The Social Impact Study is stopped, our friends are only finishing the
questionary, and they go very slow beacuse also they need to work for
miserable salaries to survive... here the price of the food –as everything-
has raised to almost the triple, at least this year the rainy season was
good and Pemons had good Yuca (manioca) in their “conucos”.

Juvencio is no more in Gran Sabana, he only visit us once or two times a
month, he is working and living in Ciudad Bolivar, the last news I had from
him were more than a month ago, when he wrote me a letter saying that the
indigenous peoples in a place called La Paragua were facing severe problems
and that he wanted me to make public by Internet such problems, he wrote
that he was coming soon to explain me all the matters happening there in La
Paragaua, but he never came again. So I don’t know what was the big
problems there since he didn’t explained in the letter. But in the
Goverment Television “Channel 8” I have seen several times the news of
large portions of territory in La Paragua being set to big AgriBussiness,
so maybe that is the cause of the problems. All the other things about
Juvencio is that everybody is saying that maybe he is the next major of
Gran Sabana, and perhaps later the Next Governor of Bolivar State, he is
making good in the politics, it seems.

Well, later today I send more to you in private...



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