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Asunto:Mas de Patrick Moore
Fecha:Lunes, 15 de Mayo, 2000  02:07:38 (-0400)
Autor:Jose Rafael Leal <trastor>

Anti-logging views increase

U.S.-based Coastal Rainforest Coalition gets support of small, green-leaning companies.
Gordon Hamilton, Sun Forestry Reporter Vancouver Sun

PATRICK MOORE: Boycotts "a bandwagon thing."

Anti-logging activists in the United States increased the pressure Tuesday on British Columbia forest companies, announcing that a new business group has joined their campaign to end logging in coastal rainforests.

But this time, there were no major retailers like Home Depot and IKEA stating their intention to stop buying lumber from coastal old growth.

Instead, the U.S.-based Coastal Rainforest Coalition says it has support from companies with names like the Rainbow Grocery and Jefferson Recycled Woodworks.

The small green-leaning companies -- members of Co-op America, a non-profit consumer and investor organization that promotes a greener lifestyle -- pledged their support for the coalition after being shown logging operations near Whistler this week.

It is no surprise that they had nothing good to say about B.C. forest practices, said Patrick Moore, of the industry-sponsored Forest Alliance of B.C.

"Co-op America supports all boycotts of this nature anywhere at all times. We don't see this announcement today being any significant change to the situation.

"As far as we can see, this is just a bandwagon thing for them. We don't know of any new Fortune 500 companies that have joined the CRC boycott."

Ric Slaco, chief forester for International Forest Products, the company logging the area viewed by the business group, said the work conforms to the Forest Practices Code.

The decision to log was arrived at only after extensive public consultations, he said.

Slaco said the public in B.C. needs to become more aware of what is at stake if international marketing boycotts succeed.

"There is an underlying current [to the environmental pressure] that is growing here," he said.

"The sentiment is that Canada, because of its old-growth forests, should become the world's park."

He said the industry has a difficult job countering the pressure because corporations can easily be painted in a negative light, when, in fact, most of the wealth created from the forests -- a public asset -- flows back to the public in wages, taxes and stumpage charges.

Todd Paglia, director of campaigns for the CRC, said the organization intends to run full-page ads during the next three months in publications like the New York Times.

The new ads will include the names of "some of the biggest brands," Paglia said.

The CRC's main members are Greenpeace, the Rainforest Action Network and the Natural Resources Defence Council, three of the biggest conservation campaigners in the U.S.