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Asunto:[LEA-Venezuela] En ingles: Criticas a Liliana Ortega de COFAVIC
Fecha:Jueves, 12 de Diciembre, 2002  09:07:08 (-0400)
Autor:interfaz <interfaz>

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Editorial © by News Editor Patrick J. O'Donoghue :  Wednesday,  December 11, 2002 -- I have always wondered
about Cofavic.  Why it never has been able to join other human rights
groups such as PROVEA. 

The only conclusion I can reach is that it’s a matter of personality
After all, Cofavic executive director Liliana Ortega started off with
PROVEA and so did Andres Bello Catholic University HR director Ligia

Reading recent commentaries on the political situation by Cofavic and
PROVEA, I see a collective leadership in PROVEA coming to the fore compared
to a highly personalized approach on the part of Ortega. 

Liliana is a brave woman, who has come a long way since February 27, 1989
(27F) and the vigils at the “Peste” cemetery. 

Her current stance in defending human rights would seem to be from an
opposition perspective and not as in the case of PROVEA an even-handed
assessment and critique of both sides of the political spectrum. 

Ortega’s insistence in dismissing the lame duck Ombudsman’s Office and
Attorney General’s Office and early recurrence to the Inter American Human
Rights Commission (IAHRC) where she has accumulated many brownie points has
come under criticism from some quarters, who suggest that it was too easy
and smacks of personal advancement on a continental level. 
PROVEA’s yearly HR report has hit out at the government and the opposition
in stark contrast to Cofavic, which has laid it on for the government in
general and President Chavez Frias in particular. 

It’s interesting to note that of the 70 people allegedly killed from April
11 to December 6 for political reasons, 47 were supposedly pro-government
compared to 27 anti-government deaths. 

It’s revealing that more human rights were violated during the two days of
“President” Pedro Carmona than by the other side. 
Cofavic seems more interested in impressing the IAHRC and international
opinion than dialoging with her brothers belonging to the 11-group Foro por
la Vida. 

Miguel Salazar’s accusation that Cofavic has been lending its name to the
opposition and supporting the current effort to overthrow President Hugo
Chavez Frias is hard to believe. 
I don’t want to believe it … Liliana deserves respect. 

But Salazar checks his sources and the accusations are food for thought. 

Ms. Ortega errs by NOT defining what she means by democracy. 

PROVEA, which has been delivering yearly reports fro the last 15 years, has
made it clear that democracy has to do with institutionality, popular
participation and the inclusion of marginalized majorities and that each
side must recognize its duty to its constituents but also to Venezuela as a
single unit with a newly-discovered cultural, social and political
diversity. (Wednesday, December 11, 2002) Search!

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