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Asunto:[LEA-Venezuela] No dejen enterrar el caso Bophal !
Fecha: 29 de Junio, 2002  15:19:43 (+0200)
Autor:Jorge Hinestroza <vitae>

Hago un llamado a los ambientalistas de Venezuela a hacerse solidarios con esta
comunicación que pueden firmar y enviar por fax gratis desde la pagina web de
corpwatch en

Será dirigida al Embajador Lalit Mansingh de la India en Washington.
El documento explicativo es el siguiente, y continua el texto del fax qu
encontrará en el url indicado.

Don't Let Indian Government Bury Bhopal!

Source: CorpWatch India
Posted: June 26, 2002

Support Bhopal Survivors in the Delhi Protests
Activist pressure on Dow Chemical Corporation may account for some recent
developments in India regarding the Bhopal issue.

The government of India convened a high level cabinet meeting in India on June 7
on the issue of Bhopal and made the decisions that:

The compensation funds for victims will be extended to the residents of an
additional 20 wards, primarily Hindus. This is clearly a political move by the
politicians to ensure Hindu votes. After all, residents of these wards were not
exposed to the lethal gases.

The compensation funds will be used to rehabilitate the soil and ground water
contaminated by the reckless dumping of toxic chemicals by Union Carbide. Such a
decision takes the responsibility of the clean up away from the perpetrators of
the toxic contamination and more importantly, the compensation funds WERE NOT
designed to pay for the clean up of the toxic contamination but rather pay the
victims and survivors of the gas disaster.

In a related move, the Central Bureau of Investigation has proposed that charges
of manslaughter against the CEO of Union Carbide at the time be reduced to
charges of "causing injuries".

It is unfortunate that the Indian government is succumbing to the pressures from
large US corporations such as Dow Chemical, and in essence, is signing away the
rights of its citizens and absolving corporations of their crimes and resulting
liabilities. It sends a strong message that its OK to do business in India with
Bhopal disasters as the result. It also sets a precedent not just for India, but
for the international community, that corporations are free to do business as
they see fit, regardless of the human rights and environmental implications.

Join the Campaign for Justice in Bhopal by sending a free fax below to tell the
Government of India that such a message is UNACCEPTABLE. For more information,
see the Bhopal Fact Sheet, also the press release from the National Campaign for
Justice in Bhopal.

Dear Mr. Ambassador:

I am writing to express my dismay that the Central Bureau of Investigation
(CBI), acting as the government of India's prosecutor, should have proposed
diluting the charges against Warren Anderson, Chairman of Union Carbide at the
time of the Bhopal disaster. I would remind you that these charges, having been
provisionally dropped in 1989, were restored by the Indian Supreme Court in its
October 1991 decision.  This is a cruel insult to those persons in Bhopal who
have suffered so much for so long as a consequence of the gas leak disaster
caused by Union Carbide Corporation's negligent design and operation of its
pesticide plant in Bhopal.

I am also concerned about the decision taken by the Group of Ministers on Bhopal
on June 7, 2002 that upwards of Rs.13.6 billion (approx US$280 million) - which
is the balance of the settlement fund - is to be distributed to the residents of
the 20 municipal wards who have hitherto been considered unexposed by the Indian
government.  The implementation of this decision will violate the rights of the
residents of the 36 affected wards whose compensation have been far from adequate
and who have been denied their legal rights to the interest on their compensation

I am also given to understand that the Indian government seeks to use part of
this fund to rehabilitate the soil and ground water contaminated by the reckless
dumping of toxic chemicals by Union Carbide. Legally and morally, such
rehabilitation is the responsibility of the Union Carbide Corporation, and now
the Dow Chemical Company. In my opinion, these funds rightfully belong to the
victims, and to pay for Union Carbide's recklessness would be gross injustice to

I urge you to communicate these views to your government and ask them to rescind
the CBI application filed with the Chief Judicial Magistrate in Bhopal as well as
the decision to use the balance of settlement fund for anything other than
compensating the victims adequately.

Yours sincerely,

(Tu firma y ONG - aquí)

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