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Asunto:NoticiasdelCeHu 571/02 - AAG CONFERENCE
Fecha:Miercoles, 25 de Septiembre, 2002  16:32:30 (-0300)
Autor:Humboldt <humboldt>


NCeHu 571/02

Cities in Less Developed Areas.

New Orleans, U.S.A.
March 4-8, 2003

Call for Papers.

This will be a session concerned with the most diverse aspects of cities and urban environments in less developed areas of the world. Although the point of departure for the debate is the idea of uneven development and its multiple implications, other approaches will also be accepted. The panel aims to discuss subjects such as:
Global cities in less developed areas of developed and less developed countries,
Globalisation and social exclusion,
Urban environmental problems and management,
Urban governance,
Historical accounts of urban development,
Capital scarcity, speed of flows and the making of peripheral areas,
Social movements and social justice,
Privatisation and public-private partnerships in urban services,
Gentrification and housing markets,
Urban tribes and urban identities,
Social struggles for scarce resources,
Urban poverty and survival strategies,
Criminality and the geography of violence and drug consumption,
Morphological and typological architectural and urban patterns,
Space, marginality, non-cartesian subjectivies and sexuality,
Traffic networks and the informational society,
Informal alternative transportation and the new geography of jitneys,
Learned (mis)representations of urban phenomena and informal settlements,
The lexicography of peripheral spaces,
Post-colonialism and less developed areas.

You are most welcome to send a proposal with title, 250 words abstract following the rules of the AAG for the 2003 meeting (, your name and institutional affiliation until September 27, 2002 by e-mail only to

Joel Outtes, Oriel College
University of Oxford
Oxford OX1 4EW, UK