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Asunto:NoticiasdelCeHu 1404/05 - IGU 2006 Brisbane - Regional Responses to Global Changes ( 3-7 July 2006)
Fecha:Martes, 25 de Octubre, 2005  22:37:34 (-0300)
Autor:Centro Humboldt <humboldt>

NCeHu 1404/04

IGU 2006 Brisbane

Regional Responses to Global Changes
A view from the Antipodes

3-7 July 2006
Brisbane, Australia

International Geographical Union
2006 Brisbane Conference

and joint meeting of the
Institute of Australian Geographers
and the
New Zealand Geographical Society

Queensland University of Technology (QUT)
Gardens Point Campus
Brisbane, Queensland, Australia



Speakers Abstract Submissions and Registration  - click here

Delegate Registrations  - click here

IGU 2006 Brisbane will focus geographical attention on critical physical and human processes driving global change.  Complex, global-scale processes exert pressures on environmental, social, cultural and economic resources at regional and local scales.  It will look at regional responses in a changing world, with emphasis on tropical and arid zones, particularly in Australia, New Zealand, south-east Asia and the south-west Pacific.

Join us for challenging keynote addresses and a programme offering five days of Commission and Study Group symposia, excursions and tours.



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