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Asunto:NoticiasdelCeHu 370/04 - Dangerous Harvest
Fecha:Lunes, 22 de Marzo, 2004  15:34:18 (-0300)
Autor:Humboldt <humboldt>

NCeHu 370/04
Dangerous Harvest:
Drug Plants and the Transformation of Indigenous Landscapes

Edited by M.K. Steinberg, J.J. Hobbs, and K. Mathewson
Oxford University Press

Table of Contents 


Michael K. Steinberg, LSU, Department of Geography and Anthropology  

Background Issues

Chapter 1

Kent Mathewson, Louisiana State University, Department of Geography and Anthropology

Double Agents: Illicit Drugs, Cultural Identities, Indigenous Moral Geographies  

Chapter 2

Alfred McCoy, University of Wisconsin, Department of History

The Stimulus of Prohibition: A Critical History of the Global Narcotics Trade  

Case Studies

Chapter 3

Joseph Westermeyer, University of Minnesota, School of Medicine and Professor of Psychology

Opium and the People of Laos

Chapter 5

Harry Sanabria, University of Pittsburgh, Department of Anthropology

The State and the Ongoing Struggle Over Coca in Bolivia : Legitimacy, Hegemony, and the Exercise of Power  

Chapter 6

Michael K. Steinberg, LSU, Department of Geography and Anthropology

The Marijuana Milpa: Agricultural Adaptations in a Post-Subsistence Maya Landscape in Southern Belize  

Chapter 7

Clarissa Kimber, Texas A&M University, Department of Geography

Darrel McDonald, Stephen F. Austin University , Department of Geography

Cultural Uses of the South Texas Peyote Gardens



Chapter 8

Eric Perramond, Stetson University , Department of Geography and Environmental Studies

Desert Traffic: The Dynamics of the Drug Trade in Northwestern Mexico  

History and Drug Plants

Chapter 9

Jim Mills, University College Northampton, UK, Department of History

Cannabis in Colonial India : Patterns of Production, Consumption and State Intervention in Nineteenth Century South Asia  

Chapter 10

Yongming Zhou, University of Wisconsin , Department of Anthropology

Suppressing Opium and "Reforming" People: Anti-Drug Campaign in Ethnic Communities in the Early People's Republic of China  

Environmental Issues

Chapter 11

Kenneth R. Young, University of Texas, Department of Geography

Environmental and Social Consequences of Coca/Cocaine in Peru  

Chapter 12

Mark Merlin, University of Hawaii, Department of Biology

William Raynor, The Nature Conservancy

The Contemporary Use and Environmental Impact of the Kava Plant, Piper methysticum Forst. f., in the Tropical Pacific.  

Concluding Remarks

Chapter 13

Joseph Hobbs, University of Missouri, Department of Geography

Won’t Fade Away: Some Perspectives on the Global Matrix of Drugs Cultivation and Consumption