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Asunto:NoticiasdelCeHu 1237/03 - Studying at the Institute for Practical Research and Training
Fecha:Martes, 2 de Diciembre, 2003  00:25:47 (-0300)
Autor:Humboldt <humboldt>

NCeHu 1237/03
     The Institute for Practical Research and Training (IPRT) is a non-profit,  independent research, and  training educational institute.  
operates an independent research center where Somali and non-Somali scholars conduct research on selected post-war reconstruction issues.  

Among IPRT's goals are:

To attract skilled and educated Somalis back from the Diaspora and engage them fully in reconstruction and development activities
To prepare sound studies to guide reconstruction policies and to facilitate in-depth and serious discussions among government, media and non-governmental organizations
To explore new avenues for integrated regional development and appropriate innovative technologies.

In addition, IPRT manages :

A documentation center to house reference and library materials.
A center for Somali and non-Somali scholars to conduct original field research on targeted issues.
A training center for civil servants.

Tel:  252-828-5785
FAX: 252-213-6990