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Asunto:NoticiasdelCeHu 570/03 - About Estonian Agricultural University
Fecha:Martes, 27 de Mayo, 2003  13:27:39 (-0300)
Autor:Humboldt <humboldt>

NCeHu 570/03



Kreutzwaldi 64, 51014 Tartu
Tel: 372 7 313 061
Fax: 372 7 313 300

Tiiu Ohvril, MSc


1. Agricultural Economics and Marketing
2. Rural Sociology and Co-operation
3. Informatics
4. Accounting and Finances


Agricultural Economics and Entrepreneurship
This course places a strong emphasis on agricultural manufacturing, co-operation, marketing and elaborating pricing policy. Graduates also acquire skills in business development, management science and development as well as in business communicative skills and commercial planning.

Agricultural Accounting and Financing
Commerce demands people who can see industrial and financial problems in a wider context and who have the necessary skills to apply sophisticated methods in decision making. The courses we offer aim to provide students with a firm grasp of the economic principles concerning book-keeping, financing, accounting, taxation and banking. The graduate also has a good knowledge of management, marketing, foreign trade and business development and has excellent computer skills.

Management of Rural Economy and Cooperation
This course aims at helping entrepreneurs to recognise the economic, technologucal and social factors influencing the economic result of enterprises and to understand the procedures related to decision-making and production activity. Special attention has been given to the methods of planning, controlling, accountancy and analysis.

Environmental Economy
This course provides an opportunity to develop an interdisciplinary approach to the matters of economics and environment and regenerate and develop them in such a way that it might contribute to more sustainable development. The themes treated include economic behaviour and the quality of environment, environmental hazards, profitability of spending and macroeconomic models, interrelations between environmental stability and economic growth.