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Asunto:NoticiasdelCeHu 354/03 - Conference at Botswana University
Fecha:Miercoles, 23 de Abril, 2003  02:26:10 (-0300)
Autor:humboldt <humboldt>

NCeHu 354/03
 University of Botswana Khoe San Conference 
 10th-12th September 2003
 The University of Botswana is planning to host an international Khoe and San 
 conference on 10th-12th September 2003. 
 This conference will follow in the steps of the 1991 Bleek and Lloyd: 1870-1991

 conference in Cape Town, the 1994 Khoisan Studies: Multidisciplinary 
 Perspectives conference in Tutzing and the 1997 Khoisan Identities and Cultural

 Heritage conference in Cape 
 The theme for this conference will be Research for Khoe and San Development. As

 the title suggests, it will be an academic conference, but with an applied 
 focus. We envisage that on the morning of each day of the conference there will

 be a number of parallel thematic sessions at which researchers can present
 papers. In the afternoon there will be a plenary 'policy dialogue' at which the

 issues raised in the morning papers will be addressed by a panel of Khoe and
 representatives, development practitioners, and government officials. 
 The topics to be covered in the conference will be:  
 Leadership and representation  
 Culture and Art  
 Natural resources and conservation  
 Economic empowerment  
 Majority - minority relationships  
 History and archaeology  
 Gender and human rights  
 We see this as an opportunity to allow academic work with San to inform 
 understanding of important issues faced by San, and to encourage academic 
 agendas to be more closely directed by the priorities and concerns of San 
 A planning committee, headed by Dr. O. Selolwane, Head of the Sociology Dept. 
 at UB and by Dr. Michael Taylor has been laying the groundwork. Session leaders

 from the international academic community have now volunteered to organise the

 contributions for the themes listed. Should you be interested either in 
 participating, or in attending, or should you wish any further information 
 Mrs. H. Hudson, Administrator, Collaborative San Research Programme, UB 
 ubtromso@... or (26/fax: (267) 355 5034. 
 For Additional Information, Please Contact: Mrs. H. Hudson 
 e-mail: ubtromso@... Tel: 2673555034 

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