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Asunto:NoticiasdelCeHu VI International Conference of Critical Geography, Frankfurt, August 2011
Fecha:Jueves, 16 de Septiembre, 2010  16:55:12 (-0700)
Autor:Jeronimo Montero Bressan <jeronimo_montero>


First Call for Participation
6th International Conference of Critical Geography 2011
“Crises – Causes, Dimensions, Reactions”
Frankfurt, Germany, 16-20 August 2011

We are thrilled to announce that the 6th International Conference of Critical Geography will be held in Frankfurt, Germany, 16-20 August 2011. Following very successful conferences at Vancouver (1997), Taegu (2000), Békéscsaba (2002), Mexico City (2005) and Mumbai (2007), we will be meeting at Goethe University Frankfurt to discuss “Crises – Causes, Dimensions, Reactions”. The focus will be on critical and emancipatory discussion aimed at radical explanation and change, organized in (but not limited to) eleven themes (see below). The format is designed to enhance debate beyond the confines of national traditions and academic hierarchies. While the primary conference language will be English, we will explore creative ways to deal with the multiplicity of languages. In addition, Theme 9 will address language concerns and Theme 11 will be presented in German.
Call for Participation
We invite participation from a wide range of scholars, activists, artists, organizers and others interested in critical socio-spatial praxis. It is our aim to minimize formal paper presentations and encourage all forms of critical discussion. Please feel free to be creative when it comes to the form of your participation. Our goal is to ensure that at least 50% of conference sessions operate using alternative/experimental formats (workshops, movies, panel sessions, performance, art, poetry etc). Theme coordinators will organize ten 90 minute sessions each. Please voice your interest in participation by submitting a proposal by 1 December 2010 to one of the theme coordinators listed below:

Theme 1: Financial, economic and fiscal crisis
coordinators: Wendy Larner (Bristol) <w.larner[at]>, Jerónimo Montero (Durham) <jeronimo.montero[at]>
keywords: globalization, neoliberalism, political economy, financialization, credit ranking agencies, overaccumulation, bank bail out, state debt …

Theme 2: Urban crisis
coordinators: Anders Lund Hansen (Lund) <anders.lund_hansen[at]>, Kanishka Goonewardena (Toronto) <kanishka.goonewardena[at]>, Anne Vogelpohl (Berlin)
keywords: housing, infrastructure, right to the city, gentrification, (racialized) urban conflict, urban crime …

Theme 3: Ecological crisis
coordinators: Sybille Bauriedl (Kassel) <bauriedl[at]>, Nik Heynen (Georgia) <nheynen[at]>, Markus Wissen (Vienna) <markus.wissen[at]
keywords: global warming, “natural” disasters, hybridity, production of nature, “climate wars/refugees” …

Theme 4: Subjectivities – in crisis?
coordinators: Anke Strüver (Hamburg) <fgkv007[at]>, Iris Dzudzek (Frankfurt/Main), <iris.dzudzek[at]>
keywords: sexuality, gender, age, race, class …

Theme 5: Oppositional struggles worldwide
coordinators: Andy Cumbers (Glasgow) <acumbers[at]>, Dave Featherstone (Glasgow) <david.featherstone[at]>
keywords: identity, gender, labor, urban, migrants’ struggles, organizing …

Theme 6: Geopolitics, Biopolitics and the Critical Spaces of the Political
coordinator: Claudio Minca (Wageningen) <claudio.minca[at]>, Christian Abrahamsson (Wageningen) < abrahamsson28[at]>
keywords: critical geopolitics, biopolitics, borders/security, war on terror, camp(s), imperialism, military geographies, counter cartographies, critical theory and/in space, spatial theory and totalitarianism, critical spatial theory and planning, revolution and space

Theme 7: Mobilities in crisis
coordinator: Juanita Sundberg (UBC) <juanita.sundberg[at]>, Blanca R. Ramírez (Mexico) <blare19[at]>
keywords: migration, migration policies/management, criminalization, illegalization, mobilities…

Theme 8: Universities / geography in crisis
coordinators: Ulrich Best (York) <ubest[at]>, Lawrence Berg (UBC) <lawrence.berg[at]>
keywords: economization and neoliberalisation of universities and (higher) education, “excellence”, situation of critical and radical geographies, social movements and academia, radical teaching and pedagogy …

Theme 9: Babel-crisis – Critique through translation?
coordinators: Mélina Germes (Erlangen) <mgermes[at]>, Shadia Husseini de Araújo (Erlangen) <shusseini[at]>, Philippe Kersting (Mainz) <p.kersting[at]>, Jörg Mose (Münster) <mosej[at]>
keywords: science and the diversity of languages – problem or chance?, critical potential of translation, multilingual experimentation

Theme 10: Europe and its Others
coordinator: Luiza Bialasiewicz (Royal Holloway) <luiza.bialasiewicz[at]>
keywords: Questioning 'Europe' and 'Europeanization'; Europe's borders and beyond; European geopolitics/Europe in the World; Geo-histories of European imperialism and colonisation; Europe’s elsewhere and Europe's elsewheres

Theme 11: Forschungswerkstatt Kritische Geographie IV
coordinator: AK Kritische Geographie
keywords: sessions organized by and for German language students and everybody interested, building on and continuing discussions from previous meetings; language: German
About the Conference
The conference will include: 95 sessions on the themes listed above, local field trips (plus one to Berlin after the conference), keynote lectures, opportunities for networking and a series of plenary sessions to plan the future of the International Critical Geography Group and its associated conferences.

Fees (including coffee/tea/water for breaks, four dinners/dinner receptions, one party) will range from 25 to 200 Euros based on need and ability to pay.

The website for the conference can be found at:

We have worked with Tourism Frankfurt to create a list of hotels near the venue that have made special allocations for the conference. Conference participants, however, are responsible for booking their own accommodation. Please find a booking interface for hotels of different categories with easy access to the conference venue at:

There are also backpacker style-hostels close to the conference venue: or
Please note that Frankfurt is a popular tourist destination in the summer and it is very important to book your accommodations early.

For further information about the conference or to register your interest in attending, please contact Beth DeVolder <bethbickle[at]> or Levi Gahman <levi.gahman[at]> at the University of British Columbia.
We are looking forward to seeing you in Frankfurt!


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