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Asunto:NoticiasdelCeHu 427/09 - SCAR Open Science Conference
Fecha:Jueves, 2 de Julio, 2009  00:31:37 (-0300)
Autor:Noticias del CeHu <noticias>

NCeHu 427/09

Dear SCAR participants:

By now we hope that you are aware that the fourth SCAR Open Science Conference (OSC) will be held from 3-6 August 2010 in Buenos Aires, Argentina. The theme for the OSC is “Antarctica - Witness to the Past and Guide to the Future”. On behalf of the International Organizing Committee for the OSC we solicit from you a list of session titles, names of potential session conveners, and names of potential keynote speakers by 10 July 2009. Please note that this OSC will not focus on IPY, which will be the theme for the 8-12 June 2010 IPY meeting in Oslo.

Please submit the requested information to Carlota Escutia Dotti ( and John C. Priscu (, who co-chair the organizing committee for the OSC. We would like to produce a draft of OSC session titles, names of potential session conveners and keynote speakers based on community input by July 20 2009.

Thank you in advance for your involvement and anticipated input to this conference.


Carlota Escutia Dotti

John C. Priscu



Rosemary Nash

Administrative Assistant

Scientific Committee on Antarctic Research

Scott Polar Research Institute

Lensfield Road




Tel: +44 1223 336550

Fax: +44 1223 336549





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