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Asunto:NoticiasdelCeHu 74/09 - Antipode. 40 años de geograqfía radical
Fecha:Lunes, 9 de Febrero, 2009  00:01:57 (-0300)
Autor:Noticias del CeHu <ncehu>

NCeHu 74/09

40 años de geografía radical

( 1969-2009 ) 


To celebrate this anniversary we are delighted to offer you free access to a range of key articles published in Antipode from 1969-2009. Some of the most influential social scientists have published in the journal - such as David Harvey, Mike Davis, Doreen Massey, Neil Smith, Linda McDowell and Cindi Katz - and its average citation impact over the last decade places it within the top 7 journals in Geography and the Environmental Sciences. The journal is distinctive not only because of the radical scholarship it publishes, but it also contributes to the wider project of critical social science in a number of ways, including offering annual Graduate Scholarships and running biannual Summer Institutes for young researchers.

We hope you enjoy reading them!

With all best wishes,

Noel Castree (Manchester University, UK)
Wendy Larner (University of Bristol, UK)

40 key articles celebrating over 40 years of radical geography!

A New Left Geography
J. Richard Peet

Geographic Models of Imperialism
J. M. Blaut

The Detroit Geographical Expedition and Institute Experience
Ronald J. Horvath

Revolutionary and Counter Revolutionary Theory in Geography and the Problem of Ghetto Formation
David Harvey

Towards a Critique of Industrial Location Theory
Doreen Massey

The Geography of Capitalist Accumulation: A Reconstruction of the Marxian Theory
David Harvey

The Marxian Theory of the State
David Harvey

Theses on Pleasantry
Ben Wisner, J.M. Blaut, Kirsten Haring and Phil O'Keefe

Marx, Malthus, and the Concept of Natural Resource Scarcity
Michael Perelman

Geography, Marx and the Concept of Nature
Neil Smith and Phil O'Keefe

The Spatial Fix Hegel, Von Thunen, and Marx
David Harvey

Hunger: A Polemical Review
Ben Wisner, Dan Weiner and Phil O'Keefe

Hazards and Crises: A Political Economy of Drought and Famine in Northern Nigeria
Michael Watts

Abstraction in Marx's Method
K.D. Gibson and R.J. Horvath

Introduction to The Life and Thought of Karl Wittfogel
Richard Peet

Patriarchy: Towards a Reconceptualisation
Jo Foord and Nicky Gregson

Gender Relations as a Particular Form of Social Relations
Lawrence Knopp and Mickey Lauria

Post-Modernism and Marxism
Julie Graham

Levels of Abstraction in Locality Studies
Andrew Mair and Kevin Cox

Theory and Essentialism in Marxist Geography
Julie Graham

Social and Spatial Patterns Under Fordism and Flexible Accumulation
Ann M. Oberhauser

Local Political Practice in Response to a Manufacturing Plant Closure: How Geography Complicates Class Analysis
Andrew Herod

Multiple Voices: Speaking from Inside and Outside the Project
Linda McDowell

Postmodernist though in Geography: A Realist View
Andrew Sayer

Putting Women in Their Place: The Carnival at Greenham Common
Tim Cresswell

Los Angeles after the Storm: The Dialectic of Ordinary Disaster
Mike Davis

The Third Space as Critical Engagement
Paul Routledge

The Annihilation of Space by Law: The Roots and Implications of Anti-Homeless Laws in the United States
Don Mitchell

Nature and Fictitious Capital: The Historical Geography of an Agrarian Question
George Henderson

Community Unionism in Canada and Labor's (Re)Organization of Space
Steven Tufts

Cartographies of the Colonial/Capitalist State: A Geopolitics of Indigenous Self-Determination in Australia
Chris Gibson

What Kind of Economic Theory for what Kind of Economic Geography?
Ash Amin and Nigel Thrift

No Net Loss: Wetland Restoration and the Incomplete Capitalization of Nature
Morgan M. Robertson

Vagabond Capitalism and the Necessity of Social Reproduction
Cindi Katz

Neoliberalizing Space
Adam Tickell and Jamie Peck

The Scalar Production of Injustice within the Urban Forest
Nikolas C Heynen

Follow the Thing: Papaya
Ian Cook

Neo-Critical Geography, Or, The Flat Pluralist World of Business Class
Neil Smith

Denaturalizing Dispossession: Critical Ethnography in the Age of Resurgent Imperialism
Gillian Hart

Terror and Territory
Stuart Elden

Fuente: estargeo ( Argentina ).

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