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Asunto:Re: [fondos] Renta Fija
Fecha:Martes, 13 de Julio, 2004  17:44:14 (+0200)
Autor:Rafael San José <rsanjose>
En respuesta a:Mensaje 577 (escrito por Juan M Maza)

He obtenido las siguientes definiciones (en inglés).

All-in fee: This fee is charged to the fund’s assets and covers all expenses incurred in the management, administration and safekeeping of the fund’s assets as well as costs incurred in the distribution of the fund (printing prospectuses, annual and semi-annual reports, costs for auditing and publication of prices, fees charged by the supervisory authority, etc.). The only costs not covered are transaction costs incurred in the administration of the fund’s assets (brokerage fees in line with the market, fees, duties etc. as well as any applicable taxes). UBS’s all-in fee is comprehensive and very customer-friendly. It cannot be compared with similarly named fees from other fund providers, because these often only cover part of the investor’s effective costs. Also refer to "management fee". The all-in fee is not charged to the investor, but directly to the fund.

Duration: The duration represents the length of time for which capital is "tied-up" in a bond investment. In contrast to residual maturity calculations, the concept of duration takes account of the time structure of returning cash flows (such as coupon repayments). The average duration of the portfolio is derived from the weighted average duration of the individual securities. The "modified duration" is derived from the duration and provides a measure of the risk with which the sensitivity of bonds or bond portfolios to interest-rate changes can be estimated. A 1% increase (decrease) in the interest level accordingly produces a percentage fall (rise) in the price in proportion to the modified duration. For example: the modified duration of a bond fund is 4.5 years, the theoretical yield to maturity is 5.3%. If the yield drops by 1% to 4.3%, the fund price increases by around 4.5%. For bond and asset allocation funds, the duration is given for all fixed-income instruments.
Me gustaría que comentásemos un poco su significado pues mi inglés no es demasiado bueno, y me consta que en la lista hay gente que habla inglés a la perfección.

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