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nuevo en la lista Edgar Al
Hola amigos, ojala Victor
Fw: Va el libro de Victor
Va el libro para e Netyzen
:El Mendigo y el D Jesus Be
El Poder de decisi Jesus Be
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Dedicado a todas l Jesus Be
La nueva mística e Victor
Va el libro para e Netyzen
Las Siete Leyes Es Netyzen
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Hola el libro de l Netyzen
es hoy ? Natalia
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Hola amigos Netyzen
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More SEO Tips; Edi Webprone
definitivamente m.p.
Hola estimados ami Victor
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Asunto:[elmistico] More SEO Tips; Editor Learns a Lesson...
Fecha:Martes, 1 de Octubre, 2002  13:58:29 (-0400)
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More SEO Tips; Editor Learns a Lesson

Search iEntry News:
More SEO Tips; Editor Learns a Lesson
By Garrett French,
Staff Writer, iEntry, Inc.

First of all, I thank all of you who wrote in to remind me about the difference between "there," and "their." This typo is especially embarrassing because my boss had already pointed it out to me. Wow. So, by way of rebuilding everyone's trust in my editorial abilities, I'll spend the weekend copying from The Chicago Manual of Style.

As Mr. Somerville, of, said: "too much coffee and 3am keypounding trying to make deadline?"

Responses to the content, "Free SEO Tools That Work," had two distinct flavors.

Edy, of, writes:
"At the moment we are going through an ecommerce nightmare: Internet fraud!

"Our credit card processor is actually robbing us blind, draining our business account and refusing to take our calls...voice mail only. If we don't find answers in the next few days we are going to lose it all!"

Click Here to advise on fraud.

David Long, of, writes:
"Are there any tips or techniques that we can employ to Optimise our frames-based site - or are we going to have to reproduce it in a non frames format?"

Click Here to Advise on Optimizing frame-based sites.

We'll publish the best advice with a link to the advisor's website.

The first flavor, I'll call it the approval flavor, went like this:
"Just read your article on SEO. Very useful and I will be following up on all these tips." -David Long,

"Thanks for your article! It was very informative and enlightening." - Thomas E. Long (any relation to David?),

"Thanks for the useful links to several tools." Chuck Somerville.

Nice responses, thanks!

OK, now that my I've buffered my esteem, I'm ready to tell you about the other type of response.

I think I can identify with Luke Skywalker from "Star Wars: a New Hope" - he had raw talent, but he needed the tutelage of Obi Wan Kenobi to shape him. Well, I've found my Obi Wan, and her name is Beverly Bean.

She started off by saying: "Free SEO Tools that Work - THIS IS PURE RUBBISH!" Whew. When she finished humbling me, she went on to share some valuable information on search engine optimization.

Here's what else she had to say:

" Meta Tags -- Altavista was the last big engine hold-out that used Meta Tags -- and they dropped them in May.

Meta Tag Robot - useless for increasing bots indexing of web pages. USEFUL FOR MANAGING SEARCH ENGINE INBOUND REFERRAL PAGES. (stops internal PageRank drain so that your most important pages gets the greatest percentage of internally transferred PageRank)

As for Richard Lowe, Jr., he actually missed the point of his own article.

Link anchor text, and tag attributes when associated with a domains of similar description have more value (ranking value). The object of multiple domains, subdomain etc. is to theme content to a specific set of topics such that other sites with similar content will link not just to the site, but also to extend "your theme" making you more of an authority on those specific topics and provide the content (keyword) as the link anchor text.

This is the value (noted in his article) for multiple/subdomains and not just for ranking but for the easy understanding of site content - if the domain has "homemaking" in it -- it's more likely than not that the site is about Home-Making..., therefore it attracts "TARGETED VISITORS" to click through.

There are only 3 primary issues with optimization today:

Using W3C STANDARDS to your advantage - this obviously requires some reading skills but not much more... all quality optimization techniques are clearly spelled out and with real EXAMPLES.

FILE SIZE -- have you ever seen a 200K web page at number #1 for any competitive keyword? Most 5K sites (pages) are high in ranking and without any optimization techniques what-so-ever.

But the number #1 most important optimization technique is...? WELL... YOU KNOW, business is business. I tend not give qualified advice away for free either."

Ms. Bean, your comments help our readers, and that's WebPro's only editorial goal. Thank you, humbly, for your response.

If you haven't read the article, click here. But be warned - if you have any comments you just might get them published!

21 Truths About Generating Qualified Leads
by Lee Marc Stein
Contributing Writer

Over the past 35 years, I have been involved in the development and deployment of scores of business-to-business lead generation programs. Here are the 21 most significant truths I've learned.

1. Separate suspects from prospects.
Too many advertising/promotion dollars - and too much time - are spent on people who will never buy. Unless your lead generation advertising weeds these people out, it's not working effectively. It's putting a strain on those who process and follow up on leads. The media you select, the offers you make, your creative strategy, and even your tone all play key roles in drawing out high potential prospects and screening out suspects.

2. Sell the next step harder than you sell your product or service.
The whole objective of lead generation programs is to begin the sales process, not to complete it. Your initial direct mail or e-mail should push for action on the next step - sending for more information, a free sample, a free analysis. Once you have qualified prospects, you can concentrate on a full presentation of product benefits, features, and applications.

3. Construct meaningful, actionable tests.
No direct response program - whether executed in direct mail, e-mail print, online or broadcast - can be improved without valid testing. Make sure you test the most significant factors first - lists/media and offers. Once you have a read of results, react quickly and incorporate them into your program. Your results analysis should not only include number of leads and cost per lead, but cost per appointment and per sale. Making decisions on lead costs alone can be disastrous.

For the full article click here.

Retailer Sues Over Misdirected E-Mail
Misrouted emails caused losses of $120,000, claim Mark and Tammy Axford, owners of an online antique dealership. They're suing their ISP, along with Bergstrom & Company Ltd., to whom the messages went. Mark and Tammy claim Bergstrom & Company should have sent them the misrouted emails long before 9-21 of last year, six months after the ISP started bungling.

For the full article Click Here

3B Personal Firewall Pro?
Personal Firewall Pro delivers world-class intrusion detection and security to your PC. Firewall Pro guards your Internet connections looking for hacker attacks and other suspicions activity. When treating activity is detected, Firewall Pro alerts you and automatically protects your connections, keeping your PC and personal information safe. Firewall Pro runs seamlessly in the background and will not slow down your PC or Internet experience.

For the full article Click Here

Google Eyes the Next Innovation
Google recently announced plans to enter the Web Services arena. They've conducted several searches, and now claim to understand what "Web Services" actually means. Industry analysts expect this insider information to boost Google's chances for success. But seriously, Google's opening up their search capacities to major companies, and their eyes are on the IPO.

For the full article Click Here

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