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Fecha:Domingo, 21 de Mayo, 2017  07:33:05 (+0500)
Autor:albtranslation <albtranslation>





I wanted to share with you something important, I guess I really and truly am in love this time! Take a look at some pics of us open link


In haste, albtranslation


From: elmistico []
Sent: Saturday, May 20, 2017 10:33 PM
Subject: Better off Ted.


That would depend on how into graphics you are. This would be more of an arty purchase than a book purchase. Lovely set of covers but many, if not most, of those books are out of copyright and can be bought for very little or downloaded for free to an ebook reader.


Since you say you haven't heard of most of them, I will assume you are rather young and perhaps this would not be a wise investment at this time. Maybe start an investment account with that $400.


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