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Asunto:Re: [dxcolombia] VK0EK
Fecha:Domingo, 3 de Abril, 2016  22:48:33 (-0300)
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Bueno, parece que se dieron cuenta ...
VK0EK HEARD ISLAND DXPEDITION NEWS. As of March 31st, the VK0EK team has
reported that they have 6 stations on the air from Atlas Cove. However,
the team reported on April 2nd: "From early in the conception of this
project we planned to activate two sites, a main location with all bands
at Atlas Cove, and a limited operation for a short period from Spit Bay
on the other side of Heard Island. The Spit Bay operation was designed to
improve our ability to make contacts to western and central North America,
which from Atlas Cove is the other side of Big Ben, the 9000-foot volcano
in the center of Heard Island. However, now that the operation from Atlas
Cove is well underway, we are finding good openings to the west coast on
many bands. We are VERY aware of the areas that still have a huge need -
and will work hard to work you in these areas.
  Furthermore, Matt, the captain of the Braveheart, has been looking for
a reasonably safe weather opportunity to land and deploy a radio team at
Spit Bay, but so far we have not had one. As we enter the second half of
the expedition, we have to consider what will be the most productive
strategy, and it seems to us that continuing the operation with a full
complement of operators from the Atlas Cove location will be more effective
than dispatching part of the team to Spit with uncertain weather openings.
  Please use our support team to inform us of propagation windows we might
be missing so that you can get your ATNO. They will analyze this input and
where they see trends they will pass it on to the operating team."

 Here is a list of several important/interesting press releases that were
again sent out and posted on their Web page over past week. This includes
many pictures being posted. All of the press releases can be viewed at:
The dates and titles of the press releases are as follows:
   March 30th: Bob, KK6EK on W5KUB Amateur Radio Roundtable
   March 30th: Huge Thanks to HDT Global for AWESOME Tents and Flooring . .
   March 30th: Big Ben and The Camp
   April  2nd: The Word on Spit
   April  2nd: 50 THOUSAND QSO's With More Than a Week to GO!
   April  2nd: Heard Island
"Nothing in all the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity"
"Nada en todo el mundo es más peligroso que la ignorancia sincera y la estupidez consciente"
Martin Luther King, Jr.
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Sent: Saturday, April 02, 2016 4:20 PM
Subject: [dxcolombia] VK0EK

Saludos colegas y amigos, ha sido completamente imposible trabajar la estación VK0EK, incluso desde la estación Jumanji, ruido, condiciones, y demás factores han hecho que ni se escuche el mas mínimo murmullo por estas latitudes....

Algún Colega lo ha Logrado trabajar??  bueno obviamente desde un transmisor y un receptor instalado en Colombia.....  

En lo particular No me considero un Dxsista, pero si me interesa mucho el tema de condiciones, propagación y estado actual de las comunicaciones en general de HF...




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