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Asunto:[dxcolombia] Boletin
Fecha:Jueves, 22 de Julio, 2004  08:10:55 (-0500)
Autor:Francisco Hennessey Jr. \(Laptop\) <hk3sgp>

Hello Siso,

Don't know what happened yesterday.   I sent QRZ DX three times and many readers did not get it at all and others got all three.... some kind of problem...

Here it is for you.....

Hello DXers:
Great numbers on the Solar Flux this morning.  175. A=9 and K=1 & 20 sounded quite good this morning.  Chuck, DU3NXE and Yul, VR2MY were both booming into the east coast around 1200Z.  Each had a huge pileup going for some time.  Around 1300Z, Lin-YL, HS1OVH was also running a good pileup on 20 CW. 
Remember that website to keep up with the latest propagation forecast.
Marc, K9PET and some W3's are on board the Linblad Expedition cruise ship-Endeavor- in the north Atlantic.  They are operating /MM from the ship but are hoping to go ashore on Svalbard and operate at least for a short time.  Look for them between 18130-140, around 2000Z.  Marc says, "Weather and bears will determine our ability to be on shore."
We can't be sure what propagation will be like this weekend for the IOTA contest, but Wim, ON6TZ will be active from Kompong Som, CAMBODIA as XU7TZG until August 2.  Watch for him on 14213 and/or 21213.  Note that during the contest he will be signing XU7POS from Koh Pos Island.
Another SILENT KEY to report.  Many of you will remember the call  - W8JK, John Kraus.
John was 94 and is credited with "inventing" the corner reflector, helix and the famous W8JK antennas.
Remember the IOTA Contest this weekend will generate a lot of activity. 
The middle of next week we'll see the much anticipated AVES ISLAND - YV0 DXpedition.  And, the African DXpedition from Lesotho, Swaziland and Mozambique will be on the air as well.
October is shaping up to be an interesting month with DXpeditions slated from Lord Howe-VK9L;  Chesterfield-TX/C; Cameroon-TJ;  Kiribati-T30;  Tuvalu-T20 and St Pierre & Miquelon-FP.  All that and the CQWW Contest too should make for an exciting month of activity.
Until next week, enjoy the chase and above all HAVE FUN !

Francisco "Siso" Hennessey -HK3SGP-
Movile Phone (+57) (300) 5545360
Home Phone  (+57) (1) 6918605
Of: (+57) (1) 3419850
P.O.BOX: 170.030
Bogotá D.C.
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