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Asunto:[dxcolombia] Received from Jean Paul, F5BU
Fecha:Martes, 21 de Diciembre, 2004  15:17:26 (-0500)
Autor:Oscar A. Gaviria <hk6dos>

The log bookof the last A52CDX Buthan expedition by the Clipperton DX Club crew(October/November 2004),   is online at :
Received from Jean Paul, F5BU
Nicolas, F4EGX and I, F5BU will take part to a job/related mission on Crozet Archipelago (AF008 - DIFO FT009), at the beginning of 2K5. We hope having some ham activity at our spare time.
A problem with the ship, has hardly modified the first planning .
We will depart on January 2005, the 9th and our arrival is scheduled on the Possession island (AF008 - DIFO FT009), only around February 5th. The beginning of the activity is expected  on the 12th.
We will stay on the island until the end of March and our return to Metropolitan France is expected between the beginning of April and no later than the 15th.
At this time (Dec 21th) , we are always awaiting for our callsigns.
Nicolas, F4EGX, will not be active on HF bands, for the CMR03 directives about the possibility of using the HF Bands without Morse code proof exam have not yet been put into effect to the French overseas territories, which one is Amsterdam archipelago. Without this permission, he will be only on 6, 2 and 70cm bands QRP, using FM mode. QSL via F6APU. Nicolas has a web page at :
I(F5BU) will be active in SSB (main frequency 14278 as for ly last stay in 1998) and the QSL cards go to my callsign F5BU.
As for Nicolas as I, would you note that it will not be possible to ask for skeds.

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