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Asunto:[dxcolombia] For Immediate Release Malpelo 2012 DXpedition
Fecha: 10 de Enero, 2012  04:15:13 (+0100)
Autor:HJ1RRA-JulioCésarDC <hj1rra>

For Immediate Release Malpelo 2012 DXpedition
January 09, 2012

The advance team to Malpelo, commonly known as the "Fantastic Four"
are working very hard and doing a great job on the island, despite several
days of heavy rain and wind. All camp infrastructure and antennas for
CAMP B (low) is complete and the guys have tried all the antennas. They
I seem to be working as planned with good reports about signal
world, including Asia by the stride
The next step in the project is to install the security line for promotion to the top of the
mountain where OPA (HIGH) will be located. The security lines are being
installed along the most treacherous sections of the trail.
Once installed, it will start construction. There will be a communications tent
with four radios, amplifiers of 500 watts and six antennas. There will be a
Bedrooms tent, as has been decided to send a team with 48-hour shifts to operate at the top and so
minimize the risk of traffic up and down.
Under the current plan devised by W0GJ programming, each team member
served in four shifts of 48 hours during our stay on the island.
From 0001 Zulu, January 10, 2012 the advance team will begin to use
the call sign HK0NA call.
Please understand that your main objective is to prepare the island
all equipment that comes in about 10-12 days. In his spare time or when it rains,
can be QRV.

The contacts made by members of the art equipment using their own indicators, will be valid as Malpelo contacts and QSL manager will be confirmed by QSL team
Note that your records will not be sent until after the N2OO
DXpedition and QSOs in the log will not appear online HK0NA
The team has asked two experienced hams to act as "pilots". San K5YY
is a pilot and all communications chief for the team to go through it. COL,
MM0NDX European act as the pilot. See Web site for
"Guidelines". And please do not contact them before the beginning of the
DXpedition to be on the evening of January 21 if all goes
We thank all our sponsors for their generosity. This includes
Foundations DX, DX clubs and hundreds of individual radio amateurs who have
contributed to our expenses. Contributions may be made through our website

We plan regular loads of pictures and updates of the island. Please visit periodically the
expedition's website ( in the latest news section

Thank you,
Jorge Prieto, DXpedition leader HK1R
Bob Allphin, and Gregg K4UEE Marco, W6IZT