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Asunto:[dxcolombia] CHISTE A Proposito de el Viaje a Malpelo
Fecha:Viernes, 14 de Octubre, 2011  22:07:15 (+0000)
Autor:Jorge L Prieto <hk1kyr>

Sharks on Duty

A boat

carrying ham radio operators to Malpelo ran into trouble last week about 100 miles off shore. Despite the efforts of everyone aboard, the boat was lost. The 

hams were left floating in their life vests.

The sharks were assigned to the case.

The two responding sharks were father and son. As they approached the 

hams, the father told his son to stop a moment for instructions. He said, "Son, we need to go about this in a methodical way. First, we circle the people with just a bit of our fins showing."

The son replies, "Uh, huh. And then?"

"And then, we circle again but with half of our fins showing."

"Okay. Then what?"

"Then, we circle a last time, with our fins fully out of the water and displaying our teeth and huge mouths."

The son asks, "But Dad, isn't it easier to just go straight in and eat them all up?"

"No, son. Trust me on this. They taste much better with all the poop scared out of them."


Let's all be careful!

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