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Asunto:Re: [dxcolombia] Fwd: ARLD008 DX news
Fecha:Jueves, 24 de Febrero, 2011  18:57:56 (-0500)
Autor:Alvaro J. Gomez H. <hk5nlj>

Ok Hector, las adjunto (resalté la parte de RTTY), pero si quieres mas detalle puedes verlas en:
(Revised December 24, 2010)
pdf version of rules

Contest Managers:
CW/SSB - Bruce Horn, WA7BNM (email)
RTTY - Mark Aaker, K6UFO (email)

  1. Eligibility: Any licensed radio amateur may enter.

  2. Object: To work as many North American stations as possible during the contest period.

  3. North American Station: Defined by the ARRL's DXCC list with the addition of KH6.

  4. Contest periods:

    January/February 2011 Contests:

    CW: 1800Z January 8 to 0600Z January 9, 2011 (Second full weekend in January)
    SSB: 1800Z January 15 to 0600Z January 16, 2011 (Third full weekend in January)
    RTTY: 1800Z February 26 to 0600Z, February 27, 2011 (Starts on last Saturday in February)

    July/August 2011 Contests:

    RTTY: 1800Z July 16 to 0600Z July 17, 2011 (Third full weekend in July)
    CW: 1800Z August 6 to 0600Z August 7, 2011 (First full weekend in August)
    SSB: 1800Z August 20 to 0600Z August 21, 2011 (Third full weekend in August)

  5. Entry Classification:
    1. Single Operator:
      1. One person performs all transmitting, receiving, spotting and logging functions as well as equipment and antenna adjustments.
      2. Access to spotting information obtained directly or indirectly from any source other than the station operator, such as from other stations or automated tools, is prohibited.
      3. Only one transmitted signal allowed at a time.
      4. May operate 10 out of the 12 hours of the contest. Off times must be at least 30 minutes in length.
    2. Multi-Operator Two-Transmitter:
      1. More than one person performs transmitting, receiving and logging functions, etc.
      2. A maximum of two transmitted signals at any given time, each on a different band. Both transmitters may work any and all stations.
      3. Shall keep a separate log for each transmitter.
      4. Each transmitter must have at least 10 minutes between band changes.
      5. May operate for the entire 12 hours of the contest.

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2011/2/24 hector dario goicoechea gonzalez <>
necesito las beses del contes de rtty

2011/2/24 Alvaro J. Gomez H. <>
---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: ARRL Web site <>
Date: 2011/2/24
Subject: ARLD008 DX news

ARLD008 DX news

DX Bulletin 8  ARLD008
From ARRL Headquarters
Newington CT  February 24, 2011
To all radio amateurs

ARLD008 DX news

√Ālvaro J. G√≥mez Hern√¡ndez
Lic. HK5NLJ Min. Tic.
Cel. 316 6843444