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Asunto:[dxcolombia] FW: [CQ-Contest] RA3CO or "HK3AR"
Fecha:Martes, 9 de Junio, 2009  21:14:54 (-0500)
Autor:David J. Sourdis <hk1kxa>

Ya no recuerdo si era HK3AR o RA.
Se han demorado algo los de en publicar el mensaje, pero finalmente lo dejaron pasar. Es como el que traducí antes pero sin, aparentemente, señalar a nadie.

Respecto al libro en cuestión sobre los viajes del Mr. Weil, y sus problemas en Colombia con unos radioaficionados hace casi 50 años. ¿Hay alguien aquí que pueda arrojar una luz sobre el tema? A ver si algún "old timer" que conozcan y que sepa la historia nos pueda contar algo.


> From:
> To:
> Date: Sun, 7 Jun 2009 15:51:40 -0500
> Subject: [CQ-Contest] RA3CO or "HK3AR"
> Hello all.
> I hope that the moderator will let this
> pass and I offer my apologies to all if I it looks like I use this channel to
> remove the dirt around this HK3AR issue, but there are many things that cannot
> be left unsaid, specially when some ill-intentioned comments are said by
> people who don't have the moral authority to say anything about it. I have
> read comments in some ham forums and I decided not to answer them, but I had
> enough. Please let this words on behalf of some HK hams be read by all.
> Everybody has the right to defend themselves.
> Regarding visiting
> Colombia, I had no idea about Mr. Weil's travels and troubles with colombian
> hams. I must say that there´s always more than one version of every tale. I
> also understand it was a long time ago. Anyway, for a little more recent
> references and not half a century old news, we should ask K3ZO, N3JT or John
> J. Boucher whose callsign I've forgotten, he lived here during nine years, and many
> other hams who have visited SEVERAL TIMES HK land, what they think about
> it.
> Images speak better than words, please watch this video about taking the risk of going to Colombia:
> key words: risk, Colombia, riesgo
> Concerning the HK3AR issue I must say this:
> I agree with the complaint filed to the
> Communications Ministry of Colombia and agree with the decision taken by this
> institution and also agree with the decision taken by the Contest Comitee. I
> don´t know about the variety of possible reasons, suggested by some people, that they had to do so. For me and many others it was an illegal operation, period. And it is
> incredible that some hams outside of HK try now to show that the bad guys
> of this "movie" are the ones who took the initiative to do what they
> righteously did and who were supported by many other hams in Colombia,
> including myself.
> With my colleagues from Spain, the Torrent Contest
> Club, we worked that contest as M/S and HK3AR was the only one HK station we
> logged. When I learned that an illegal operation had taken place in
> Colombia I felt ashamed, I felt like I couldn't look to the faces of my
> spanish contest mates because this had happened. And more because this
> affected our score and we were in a foto finish with another spanish M/S
> group, and the difference on scores were less than half a multiplier for the
> first place in Spain. So in my case, there is no jealousy, it is just a matter
> of doing things right and about not doing invalid multipliers in a contest
> because somebody with the help and support of others, pirated a callsign, that
> applies here too and it doesn't make me happy scorewise.
> It is a matter
> of doing things right in a country were many of us are tired of the wrong
> doing, the corruption, and we dont want to look away anymore, even when this
> kind of attitude SOMETIMES can be very and totally hazardous to your health. We just try to put our grain of sand, or our two cents, to make
> this a better country, but some are afraid to take actions about this because
> it can be dangerous in a place where the voices who complain about wrong doing
> can be silenced by bullets or by others with obscure interests who try to
> ridiculize and calumniate these brave persons and deviate the public attention in other
> direction.
> It is insulting for all of the more than 20 colombian hams
> who supported with their signature the complaint against A CASE OF ILLEGAL USE OF
> HAM RADIO IN COLOMBIA, that there's has been some comments in some internet
> ham pages propped by a group of hams, trying to change the subject. Trying to
> make us look like the bandits, like just a bunch of jealous and envious hams,
> give me a break!
> So if there are individuals or groups that want to come to this country to
> support, or consider that is OK, breaking the law, if they come here to mock of
> and insult honest persons who try to do things right even when it can be
> dangerous in some cases. We don't want them here, and I guess that it would be the same feeling in any country.
> David
> Sourdis
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