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Asunto:[dxcolombia] RA3CO/HK3RA
Fecha:Lunes, 25 de Mayo, 2009  06:29:27 (-0700)
Autor:luis arango <hk6psg>

Me perdonan pero yo no se traducirlo


CQ WW Contest Committee Disqualifies 2008 RA3CO/HK3RA Entry; Rules CQ WW SSB Contest Operation in Colombia "Illegal"

By Jamie Dupree NS3T
Posted May 25, 2009

In a dispute that cuts to the heart of DX contest operations, the CQ World Wide Contest Committee has decided to reject the entry of Russian Contester Dimitri Kryukov RA3CO from the 2008 CQ WW SSB Contest, labeling it an "illegal operation" because of his failure to be properly licensed.

In an email sent this past week to the leader of a group of Colombian hams who had challenged Kryukov's operations in both 2007 and 2008, CQ WW Contest Director Bob Cox K3EST delivered the news of his contest committee's decision.

"I received all the necessary documentation concerning the operation of the Russian operator RA3CO," wrote K3EST in an email to Juan Camilo Rodrigues HK3CQ.

"He was notified that his operation was illegal and the entry will not be allowed," wrote Cox.

"The CQ WW Contest Committee supports the actions of the Colombia government," he added.

The decision calls into question any QSL's issued for the HK3RA operation, as well as QSL's sent out for Kryukov's HK1AR operation a year earlier in CQ WW CW.

That 2007 operation also sent out confirmations via the ARRL's Logbook of the World.

As reported first by earlier this year, the Colombian government had formally stated that no license was ever issued to Kryukov RA3CO, raising questions about the legality of his CQ WW contest operations in that country in 2007 and 2008.

Kryukov's operation as HK3RA in the 2008 CQ WW SSB test netted him a claimed score of 7.1 million, a strong placing in the Single Operator High Power category.

The problem was that he never obtained a license for his operation, as Kryukov was accused of pirating the call of HK3RA without permission, a charge that RA3CO sternly denied.

"I was operating under the assumption that my license had been approved and only found out about the error after the test," Kryukov told back in December.

"I don't particularly care what the Colombians think, I just want my name out of this mess."

But the Colombians who were after RA3CO kept up their demands for action, petitioning their government's communications ministry and pestering the CQ WW Contest Committee with emails.

"Mr. Kryukov did not file for a Colombian ham license when he was in Colombia or beforehand; therefore his operation in Colombia was illegal," Rodriguez told the CQ WW Contest Director.

Kryukov says he was given permission to use that call by Wolfgang Torres HK3RA.

But in a notarized letter sent to the Colombian Ministry of Communications on January 16, Torres flatly denied that he gave Kryukov the okay to use his call during the 2008 CQ WW SSB.

In 2007, RA3CO used the station of Tony Rogozinski HK1AR/W4OI in Colombia, signing as HK1AR, and finishing second in the world in Single Op Low Power category of CQ WW CW.

While that operation was not addressed by the CQ WW CC, according to Colombian amateur radio rules, it was also illegal, as HK calls cannot be "lent" to another ham for use.

"No permitir el uso de sus indicativos de llamada cualquier otra persona," says the rule.

"The policy of the CQ WW is to strictly enforce legal operations and to make sure a country's regulations are complied with completely," Cox told Colombian hams in an earlier email.

2008 CQ WW SSB Logs Now On Line
While the 2009 CQ WW SSB Contest may still be five months away, you can start doing your homework right now, as logs from last year's contest are now on the internet.
The CQ WW Contest Committee this past weekend mailed out passwords for the log checking reports in the 2008 SSB test - "formerly" known as the UBN reports, according to the CQ WW email.

While those remain password protected, the logs of every entry are available for anyone's review.

CQ WW remains the only major contest to allow for log review, though the option is available in the CQ WPX contest rules, but has not been pursued by CQ WPX Contest Director Randy Thompson K5ZD.

The on-line logs do include the HK3RA log at issue in our main story about Dimitry Kryukov RA3CO and his operation from Colombia.

His log can be accessed at

All of the 2008 CQ WW SSB logs can be found at

What The CQ WW Decision Means
The move to bar the 2008 CQ WW SSB entry by Dimitry Kryukov RA3CO will open up a Top Ten spot in the final standings of that contest when they are published later this year.
In terms of publicly known scores, the RA3CO entry as HK3RA was the fourth best, at 7.1 million points.

This would be the new CQ WW SSB top five, which could certainly change as entries are added that weren't put on the 3830 reflector:

HC8A (N6KT) - 14,935,140
CU2X (OH2UA) - 11,421,129
8P5A (W2SC) - 10,778,990
ES5TV - 7,106,764
SV9CVY (DL6FBL) - 6,982,015

The CQ WW Contest Committee's decision also raises questions about the final results of the 2007 CQ WW CW Contest, where RA3CO operated from the station of Tony Rogozinski W4OI/HK1AR.

Kryukov that time used the call of HK1AR, which also violated Colombia's licensing laws, but was not addressed by the CQ WW CC.

In that 2007 contest, RA3CO finished second in the SOAB Low Power category, narrowly losing out to Joseph "Bud" Trench AA3B, who won the LP battle from his post at V26K.

Another issue this ruling creates is the question of QSL cards generated by Kryukov's operations in Colombia.

RA3CO did send out QSL's for his 2007 CQ WW CW effort at HK1AR (your reporter has one in his shack) - but now it seems those confirmations would not be considered legitimate.

See Some of the Official Case Documents
The Colombian hams who have called for the disqualification of RA3CO have posted a number of documents online. Some are their own, others are from the Colombian government ministry that deals with HK amateur radio licensing.

You can find the documents about this at:

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