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Asunto:[dxcolombia] Colombian Government Says RA3CO Not Licensed For Contest Operations
Fecha:Martes, 3 de Marzo, 2009  22:11:23 (+0000)
Autor:HK1AA . <hk1aa>

Colombian Government Says RA3CO Not Licensed For Contest Operations; HK Hams Again Ask CQ WW For '07 & '08 DQ

By Jamie Dupree NS3T 
Posted March 2, 2009

Next Move On 2008 CQ WW SSB RA3CO Operation Up To CQ WW Committee

Now that the Colombian government has stated that RA3CO did not have the proper license or authorization to operate in contests from that nation, the question of whether that impacts the 2008 CQ WW SSB Contest will be up to the CQ WW Contest Committee. Rule XII of the 2008 CQ WW Contest rules clearly states that "Violation of amateur radio regulations in the country of the contestant...will be deemed sufficient cause for disqualification."
Late last year, CQ WW CC Chair Bob Cox K3EST said he would need to see concrete action by the Colombian government before taking any action to disqualify RA3CO.
"In order for us to act, the CQ WW committee needs an official PTT/regulatory body letter declaring the operation(s) as illegal," said CQ WW Director Bob Cox K3EST in an email to HK3CQ.
A review of the documents from the Colombian PTT shows that may now exist.
"Por lo que no es legal que el senor DIMITRI KRYUKOV - RA3CO, quien no posee ni permison ni licencia de radioaficionado por parte de este Ministerio, opere desde Colombia con indicativos otorgados a otras personas," states the response of the Ministry of Communications.
A rough English translation would be, "it is not legal that DIMITRI KRYUKOV - RA3CO, who does not possess neither permission nor a ham radio license on the part of this Department, operate from Colombia."
Kryukov's operation as HK3RA in the 2008 CQ WW SSB test netted him a claimed score of 7.1 million, a strong placing in the Single Operator High Power category.
In 2007, RA3CO claimed 7.4 million points in his CQ WW CW effort from HK1AR. He finished second in the world in the SOAB Low Power category.
"Mr. Kryukov did not file for a Colombian ham license when he was in Colombia or beforehand; therefore his operation in Colombia was illegal," Rodriguez told the CQ WW Contest Director.

See Some of the Official Case Documents

The Colombian hams who have called for the disqualification of RA3CO have posted a number of documents online. Some are their own, others are from the Colombian government ministry that deals with HK amateur radio licensing. You can find the documents about this at:

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