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Asunto:[dxcolombia] Fwd: ARLD003 DX news
Fecha:Viernes, 23 de Enero, 2009  08:41:44 (-0500)
Autor:Alvaro Gomez <hk5nlj>

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: ARRL Web site <>
Date: 2009/1/22
Subject: ARLD003 DX news
Cc: ARRL Members <Subscribed>

ARLD003 DX news

DX Bulletin 3  ARLD003
From ARRL Headquarters
Newington CT  January 22, 2009
To all radio amateurs

ARLD003 DX news

This week's bulletin was made possible with information provided by
NC1L, the OPDX Bulletin, DXNL, 425 DX News, The Daily DX, Contest
Corral from QST and the ARRL Contest Calendar and WA7BNM web sites.
Thanks to all.

GEORGIA, 4L.  Team members 4L2M, 4L5DJ and 4L4CC will be QRV as 4L0G
in the CQ WW 160 Meter CW contest as a Multi Op entry.  QSL via
operators' instructions.

4U1UN in the CQ WW 160 Meter CW contest for a few hours late Friday
and for a few hours during the day on Saturday.  QSL via HB9BOU.

BAHAMAS, C6.  Tom, C6ANM is QRV until April 1.  He plans to be
active with other operators in the CQ WW 160 Meter CW contest.  He
is normally active on 160 to 6 meters.  QSL direct via WA2IYO.

CUBA, CO.  Look for Juan, CO8TW to be active in the CQ WW 160 Meter
CW contest.  QSL via HB9SVT.

MOROCCO, CN.  Team members CN8WK, IK2QEI, IV3ZXQ and IK1HJS will be
QRV as CN3A as a Multi/Single entry in the CQ WW 160 Meter CW
contest.  QSL via I2WIJ.

CANARY ISLANDS, EA8.  RD3AF plans to be QRV as EF8M in the CQ WW 160
Meter CW contest as a Single Op/All Band/High Power entry.  This
includes activity in the upcoming ARRL DX CW contest.  QSL to home

ESTONIA, ES.  Operators ES5TV, ES2RR, ES2MC, ES5JR and ES5RY will be
QRV as ES9C in the CQ WW 160 Meter CW contest as a Multi op entry.
QSL via ES5RY.

WALLIS AND FUTUNA ISLANDS, FW.  A small group of operators will be
QRV as FW5RE from Wallis Island, IOTA OC-054, from January 28 to
February 17.  Activity will be on 160 to 10 meters using CW, SSB and
RTTY with two stations active simultaneously.  QSL via HA8IB.

SAN ANDRES AND PROVIDENCIA, HK0.  Cal, WF5W, Mike, K5UO and Roberto,
HK3CW are QRV as 5K0CW from San Andres Island, IOTA NA-033, until
January 28.  This includes an entry in the CQ WW 160 Meter CW
contest as a Multi op entry.  Outside the contest they are active on
all bands using mostly CW and RTTY.  QSL via W5PF.

MINAMI TORISHIMA, JD1.  Masa, JA6GXK will be QRV as JD1BMM from
Marcus Island from January 24 to February 9.  In addition, look for
Kingo, JK1PCN to be QRV as JD1BND.  Activity is in their spare time.
QSL JD1BMM via operator's instructions and JD1BND via JK1PCN.

LUXEMBOURG, LX.  Look for DF1LON to be active from LX7I during the
CQ WW 160 Meter CW contest.  QSL via LX2A.

TURKEY, TA.  Look for TA3D to be a Single Op/Low Power entry in the
CQ WW 160 Meter CW contest.

GABON, TR.  Roland, TR50R is usually active on 30 meters during his
evening time.  QSL via F6AJA.

KALININGRAD, UA2.  Members of the UA2 Contest Club will be QRV as
RK2FWA from during CQ WW 160 Meter CW contest.  QSL via DK4VW.

BELIZE, V3.  Gerd, DJ4KW and Gisela, DK9GG are QRV as V31YN and
V31GW, respectively, until March.  They also plan to be active as
V31YN/p from Water Caye, IOTA NA-180, from February 26 to March 3.
QSL to home calls.

AUSTRALIA, VK.  Members of the Waverley Amateur Radio Society will
be QRV using special callsign VI2BV90 from January 24 to February 1
in celebration of the club's 90th anniversary.  QSL via bureau.

BERMUDA, VP9.  Jeff, N1SNB will be QRV as VP9/N1SNB from January 22
to 25.  This includes being a Single Op/Low Power entry in the CQ WW
160 Meter CW contest.  QSL to home call.

INDIA, VU.  Operators VU2FI, VU2LU, VU3ITI, VU2JHM and VU2ZUB will
be QRV as special event station AT8FD from Tamil Nadu from January
24 to 26.

MEXICO, XE.  Look for 160 Meter club station XE1RCS to be an entry
in the CQ WW 160 Meter CW contest.  QSL via operators' instructions.

in his spare time for about two weeks.  He is generally active on 20
meters using SSB and possibly CW after 0300z.  QSL to home call.

THIS WEEKEND ON THE RADIO.  The CQ World Wide 160-Meter CW Contest,
BARTG RTTY Sprint, NAQCC Straight Key/Bug CW Sprint, NCCC Sprint,
YL-ISSB SSB QSO Party, REF CW Contest, MIE 33 CW Contest, UBA SSB DX
Contest, SPAR Winter Field Day will certainly keep contesters busy
this weekend.  The SKCC CW Sprint is scheduled for January 28.
Please see January QST, page 82, and the ARRL and WA7BNM contest web
sites for details.

Álvaro J. Gómez Hernández
Lic. HK 5 NLJ Min. Com.
Cel. 316 6843444

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