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Asunto:[dxcolombia] Rebote Lunar. Current WSJT Release Version 5.9.7
Fecha:Viernes, 7 de Septiembre, 2007  17:37:40 (+0000)
Autor:HK1AA . <hk1aa>

  WSJT Home Page

                                                   July 12, 2007

                                Current WSJT Release Version 5.9.7

                           MAP65 v0.8 is now available for Beta Testing 

Version History
Picture Gallery


WSJT is a computer program for VHF/UHF communication using state of the art digital techniques.  It can decode fraction-of-a-second signals reflected from ionized meteor trails, as well as steady signals more than 10 dB weaker than those required for conventional CW.  One of its operating modes, JT65, is particularly optimized for amateur EME (Earth-Moon-Earth) communications.  WSJT is open source software and is licensed under the GNU General Public License.  It has an active development group: for details see MAP65 is a new (July 2007) computer program designed to provide the "back end" of a semi-automated, wideband, polarization-matching receiver for JT65 signals.  In works together with Linrad (by SM5BSZ) and suitable RF hardware to receive and decode all detectable JT65 signals in a 90 kHz passband.  MAP65 runs under Windows or Linux.  Its principal intended application is EME or "moonbounce" on the amateur VHF and UHF bands.  A MAP65 status report is available, as well as a MAP65 Quick Start Guide for users who who wish to participate in beta testing.  Click here to download the installation file for MAP65.

To use WSJT you will need a computer equipped with a sound card and running the Microsoft Windows, Linux, or FreeBSD operating system.  It should also run on Macintosh OS X, but this has not yet been confirmed.  Volunteers for this task are welcome!

To use MAP65 you need a functioning Linrad system, a dual-polarization antenna, and a second computer with at least 1.4 GHz CPU and 1 GB memory. 
The current version of WSJT is version 5.9.7.  Changes from earlier versions are described here.  You can obtain the program from the download page (link at left).  A new WSJT6 User's Guide and Reference Manual is also available, and translations into many other languages can be found on the Documentation page.

A Windows-based WSJT simulator called SimJT (version 0.9.5) is also available.  You can use this program to test performance of the JT65 modes of WSJT, and to compare them with CW.  Be sure to read the SimJT User's Guide, included with the distribution on the download page.

A number of amateurs have volunteered to make CD-ROMs of the WSJT installation and tutorial files available at very low cost.  To find a volunteer in your region, click here and then send an email to enquire.

If you would like to help with future development of WSJT, or perhaps to contribute in other ways such as by translating the WSJT6 User's Guide into another language, please send me email (k1jt at arrl dot net).  Translations into French, German, Italian, Japanese, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Serbian, and Spanish are now available on the Documentation page.

We (the WSJT developers) hope you will enjoy using WSJT.
                                         -- Joe Taylor, K1JT

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