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FW: For sale: Many David J.
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Asunto:[dxcolombia] FW: [CQ-Contest] For sale: Many Antennas
Fecha:Lunes, 20 de Agosto, 2007  15:13:07 (+0000)
Autor:David J. Sourdis <hk1kxa>

Este señor está vendiendo una cantidad de antenas, por si acaso a alguno de 
los subscriptores está interesado...


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From: "superberthaguy" <superberthaguy@...>
Reply-To: superberthaguy <superberthaguy@...>
To: <cq-contest@...>
Subject: [CQ-Contest] For sale: Many Antennas
Date: Sat, 18 Aug 2007 06:37:27 -0400

Hi All,

I am in the process of clearing out three (3) groups of my extra inventory
of BIG HF monbanders (Group 1 are all brand new and were never unpacked)
selling to make room for a new, big and exciting project at W3TX. Please
E-mail me, or,
If you are very serious about buying an entire group please call me 24/7 at

Here is your chance to buy exceptional HF monobanders without the 4 to 6
month factory wait!  Prices listed do not include shipping (I have a truck
guy that is very cost effective and will drive anywhere...well, not overseas

Special Incentives:
A). If you buy an entire group I will pay for 50% of the group's shipping!
B). If you buy group 1 and group 2 I will pay for the shipping!
C). If you buy all three groups we will figure out a discount!!

Group 1:  Available immediately: All New M2 HF Monobanders from the Survivor
Series. These yagis were custom made for me by M2...the Survivor Series is
rated for125mph.

10M7-125mph Survivor Series new $1840

15M6-125 Survivor Series new $2319

20M6-125 Survivor Series new $2798

40M3FS-125 Survivor Series new $4752

Two (2) 40M1FS-125 Survivor Series extra element  (I bought these to convert
the 40M3FS-125 to an OWA) new $1000 each

40M3L-125 Survivor Series new $1900

Group 2:  Available immediately: Used legacy Telrex Monoband Yagis. In good
shape.  Very heavy duty antennas.

Two (2) 10M6

Two (2) 15M6

Two (2) 20M6

Also I have somewhere between three to six (3 to 6) other Telrex yagis that
are probably four or five element monobanders...can't remember

Make me an offer for any or all of this group

Group 3:  Available soon: Used and in excellent condition, most are
currently mounted on my SuperBertha130:  M2 HF Monobanders from the Survivor
Series. These yagis were custom made for me by M2...the Survivor Series is
rated for 125mph.

Two (2) 10M7-125mph Survivor Series... $1380 each

Two (2) 15M6-125 Survivor Series...$1739 each

Two (2) 20M6-125 Survivor Series...$2098 each

40M3FS-125 Survivor Series...$3564

40M3L-125 Survivor Series...$1425

Two (2) 6M7...$294 each

73, Scott W3TX

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