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Asunto:[dxcolombia] Fwd: ARLD032 DX news
Fecha:Viernes, 3 de Agosto, 2007  07:23:27 (-0500)
Autor:Alvaro Gomez <hk5nlj>

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: ARRL Web site <>
Date: 02-ago-2007 17:33
Subject: ARLD032 DX news
Cc: ARRL Members <Subscribed>

ARLD032 DX news

DX Bulletin 32  ARLD032
From ARRL Headquarters
Newington CT  August 2, 2007
To all radio amateurs

ARLD032 DX news

This week's bulletin was made possible with information provided by
NC1L, YV4GMG, QRZ DX, the OPDX Bulletin, DXNL, 425 DX News, The
Daily DX, Contest Corral from QST and the ARRL Contest Calendar and
WA7BNM web sites.  Thanks to all.

CROATIA, 9A.  Leonardo, IW0QO is QRV as 9A/IW0QO from Losinj Island,
IOTA EU-136, until August 10.  Activity is holiday style on 80 to 10
meters.  QSL to home call.

AZORES, CU.  Jorge, CT1FMX, Mary, CT1YTS and CU3EQ are QRV as CU3F
from Terceira Island, IOTA EU-175, until August 9.  Activity is on
80 to 6 meters using CW, SSB, RTTY and PSK31.  QSL via CT1FMX.

GUADELOUPE, FG.  David, F1JXQ will be QRV as FG/F1JXQ from August 4
to 10.  Activity will be on 10, 6 and 2 meters using SSB from 1000
to 1600z.  QSL direct.

ITALY, I.  Special event station IY6GM will be QRV from Monte
Cappuccini from August 5 to 9 to commemorate the 103rd anniversary
of experiments carried out from here by Marconi.  QSL via I6GFX.

SARDINIA, IS0.  Tano, IZ8GCB is QRV as IS0/IZ8GCB until August 19.
Activity is on 40, 20, 15 and 10 meters using CW and SSB.  QSL to
home call.

JAPAN, JA.  Special event station 8J1A is QRV until August 26 during
the Amateur Radio Festival 2007.  QSL via bureau.  In addition, the
Japanese foxhunters are QRV with special callsign 8J3ARDF until
October 21.  QSL via bureau.

ALAND ISLANDS, OH0.  Jurgen, DJ3KR will be QRV as OH0/DJ3KR from
August 7 to 12.  This includes an entry in the upcoming Worked All
Europe DX contest.  QSL to home call.

CRETE, SV9.  Marc, ON7SS will be QRV as SV9/OO9O/p from August 7 to
17 during his holidays.  QSL to home call.

UKRAINE, UR.  A group of operators are QRV as EM15B until August 31
to mark the 15th anniversary of the founding of the Ternopil Amateur
Radio Club.  They are also active as EM15B/A from various parts of
the Ternopil region.  QSL via operators' instructions.

CANADA, VE.  Members of the Amateur Radio Club of Central
Newfoundland are QRV as VO1GAM until August 31 to commemorate the
70th anniversary of the first transatlantic experimental commercial
flight between Botwood, Newfound, and Foynes, Ireland.  Activity is
on all bands.  QSL via VO1MX.

PITCAIRN ISLAND, VP6.  Tom is QRV as VP6TD and has been active on 20
meters SSB around 0300z and 20 meters PSK after 2300z.  He may soon
be active on 80 meters as well.  QSL via ZL2HGR.  In addition, look
for Al, ZL1UFB to be QRV as VP6AL for the next six weeks.  Of late,
he has been active on 20 meters using SSB.  QSL to home call.

BERMUDA, VP9.  Kyle, WA4PGM is QRV as VP9/WA4PGM until August 7.
Activity is on 160 to 6 meters using CW, SSB and RTTY.  QSL direct
to home call.

LAOS, XW.  Larry, XW1A has been active on 20 meters at various
times.  QSL via E21EIC.

VENEZUELA, YV.  Look for Hector, YV4GMG/5 to be QRV in the TARA Grid
Dip Shindig using PSK31.  QSL to home call.

OPERATION APPROVED FOR DXCC CREDIT.  The following operation is
approved for DXCC credit:  Guinea-Bissau, J5UAR, 2007 operation.

Shindig, The 10-10 International Summer SSB Contest, National
Lighthouse Weekend QSO Contest, European HF Championship, North
American CW QSO Party, RSGB RoPoCo 2 CW Contest and the SARL HF
Phone Contest will certainly keep contesters busy this weekend.  The
ARS Spartan CW Sprint is scheduled for August 7.  Please see August
QST, page 96 and the ARRL and WA7BNM contest web sites for details.

Álvaro J. Gómez Hernández
Lic. HK 5 NLJ Min Com
Cel. 316 6843444

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