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Asunto:[dxcolombia] LoTW Contest
Fecha:Domingo, 15 de Julio, 2007  16:24:22 (-0500)
Autor:SERGIO HENAO <hk4kdo>

Home Page of the Logbook of the World Contest

Sponsored by B&B Cyber Software and Bill, N5RR

This contest is not affiliated with the ARRL.

The LOGBOOK OF THE WORLD (LoTW) is a trademark of the American Radio Relay League (ARRL)

Although the time periods are not exactly the same, this contest runs concurrently with the Oceania DX Contest and the California QSO Party we are attempting to come up with an exchange that will for for both contest so that QSOs can be used for either or both contests.

Updated 11 May 2007



LoTW Contest

Contest Periods:


PHONE:  0000 UTC Saturday 6 October 2007 to 2359 UTC Saturday 6 October 2007

CW:  0000 UTC Saturday 13 October 2007 to 2359 UTC Saturday 13 October 2007

CW and PHONE portions of the contest are considered separate contests and must be submitted separately.

All operators may use spotting networks, either RF or internet, as long as the use of the spotting network is open to the general public.



Single Operator CW
Single Operator SSB



AB -- All Band (no WARC 12M,17M, or 30M) band QSOs allowed)
S160 -- Single band-160M
S80 -- Single band-80M
S40 -- Single band-40M
S20 -- Single band-20M
S15 -- Single band-15M
S10 -- Single band-10M



HP -- Greater than 200 watts
LP -- 200 watts or less



Report plus serial number starting with 001 (e.g. 599 001).  THIS IS PROBABLY GOING TO CHANGE

Report is only used for logging purposes to make it compatible with the Oceania DX Contest being run during the same time period.






Total States, Provinces, and Countries counted once per band.  Alaska and Hawaii count as US states. USA and VE QSOs count as either province or state multipliers, and do not count as additional country multipliers. The ARRL's DXCC countries list is used for this contest. Note multipliers (countries, provinces, and states) will be automatically determined by the sponsors log-checking software.



Total Points X Total Multipliers



Contest logs in either Cabrillo Format or ADIF format should be uploaded to LotW any time after the contest, but no later than 30 days after the contest.  No hand-written logs or any other format will be accepted.

  Elgible Operator:


You must be a LotW member to be listed in the results.  Non-LoTW member stations may operate, but must join LoTW as soon as possible after the contest, but no later than 30 days after the contest in order to have your LoTW QSLs count for the other members and to be included in the results listings..



Your contest submittal is your LoTW QSL download report for the contest period (lotwreport.adi file) and should be downloaded no sooner than 30 days after the contest and no later than 45 days after the contest.  Your download report is your contest entry and should be uploaded to anytime between 30 days and 45 days after the contest.  To make this fair to all entries, our log checking software will only count QSLs that are awarded within the 30 days immediately following the contest period.

Name your lotwreport.adi file as: "Callsign_Category_Band_Power.ADI".
Examples:  N5RR_CW_AB_HP.ADI or N5RR_PHONE_S160_LP.ADI .

Contest loggers use existing setup for Oceania DX Contest and disregard score for the LoTW log. Scoring for the LoTW Contests will be automatically generated by the sponsor once your log is submitted.

There will not be any penalty for duplicates since our log checking software will automatically zero out the duplicate contacts on the same band.

Busted calls will not be a factor, since there will not be a match and no LoTW QSL will be generated. Same thing goes for non-LoTW participants which can make QSOs, but would their logs would have no way to get submitted into LoTW, hence no QSL generated.



Certificates for High World, High State, High Province, and High Country.  Second and Third place will be awarded as participation requires.  All stations making more than 500 QSOs will receive a certificate.



We are looking for sponsors for the Plaques. If there are enough sponsors, there will also be Plaques for the Low Power classes.

High World-CW-- donated by: 
High World-PHONE-- donated by: Jerry Keller, K3BZ
High USA-CW -- donated by: 
High USA-PHONE -- donated by: 
High Canada-CW -- donated by: 
High Canada-PHONE -- donated by: 
High US Single State-CW -- dontated by:
High US Single State-PHONE -- dontated by:

Entries will only be elgible for one Plaque award, if World High is won by a Canadian or US operator, then the World High Plaque would go to that operator and the USA High in the same category would go to the second place US operator.

Check this site regularily for changes. We are looking at making this compatible with the California QSO Party which would run the same weekend as the Phone portion of this contest. Additional information will be added to this page as needed to clarify any area where questions warrant.

Constructive comments are welcome.

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Copyright (c) 2007
B&B Cyber Software

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