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Asunto:[dxcolombia] radiaficionados pobrecitos.....$$$$ !!!!!
Fecha:Jueves, 5 de Octubre, 2006  13:19:24 (-0500)
Autor:Jham Salim <hk1nk.dx>

Lista de Radioaficionados que estan pensando en que desallunaran mañana.....
U.S. Callsigns Name Claim to Fame Notes & Sources

(US & Foreign)


****Astronaut and Cosmonaut hams **** ==============================================>

see astronaut hams

K1AC Keith Henney Author of many classic electronics texts.  (ex-K2BH); K1AC call re-issued to "Low Band DX Club" in Arizona; first licensed as 8ZD in Marion, OH in 1915; he was also an editor of " ELECTRONICS" magazine and of technical books at McGraw-Hill; article w/pix; wrote New Hampshire history books after his retirement; 11 of his technical books listed here. (SK) (died in 1990 at age 94); W2AAB; links & updates W2SG
K1ADJ Peter Guber One of the most successful and powerful producers and executives in Hollywood; see bio   K1VR
K1AKE James M. Moran Dr. Moran is the "Donald H. Menzel [W1JEX] Professor of Astrophysics" at Harvard, a leading researcher in the field of astronomical masers and black holes.  Received "2003 Fellow of the IEEE" award.  Links. W2SG
1ANB Phillip H. Smith inventor of "Smith Chart" used to calculate transmission-line impedance.  See bio.  See also IEEE oral history. W2SG
W1AST Harold Dorschug Also W8AST; was Chief Engineer for WTIC AM FM TV3, then VP of Engineering Research and Development; Dorschug was one of the two engineers on duty in Master Control the night  of Orson Welles' famous 1938 broadcast of "The War of the Worlds."  See obit with picture:  here. W2SG
W1AW Hiram Percy Maxim

Inventor, radio pioneer, early aviation pioneer; ARRL Founder also known as "The Old Man."  Full biography; short bio; a picture of Maxim's 1915 Station (1ZM); his card; picture of his invention, the firearms silencer (for which he may be more famous than ham radio); Burial site.

(SK) 17-FEB-1936 (66); N8EE; updates & links W2SG
K1AYA Walter "Pee Wee" Hunt musician, band leader and recording star; bio; MARA Newsletter article and another; ham radio mention; some albums; other recordings (SK) 22-JUN-1979 (72) ; W8SU; update W2SG
K1BFG Robert A. Payne Retired Air Force Brig General, WW II B-17 pilot, POW.  See ARRL article; W2SG
W1BKR William F. Baker President of flagship public television station WNET, Channel 13 in New York City; see also QRZ! profile; he previously served a dual role as President of Westinghouse Television, Inc. (from 1979) and Chairman of Group W Satellite Communications (from 1981). W2SG
W1CCN Maj. Gen. Elmer P. Yates (Ret.) Nuclear power pioneer in U.S. Army.  See article. W2SG
KA1FZQ Lawrence S. Bacow President of Tufts University.  See "Tufts Online Magazine" article. W2SG
WB1GCE Arthur B. Beal At the age of 18 became Naval aviation ordnance chief, one of the youngest to ever achieve this rank. He served on the "USS Ranger" (CV-4), a unique World War II aircraft carrier and infamous "ghost ship" that sank five German ships after Axis U-Boat commander Otto von Bulow believed he had "sunk" her in 1943.  Links. (SK) 04-July-2004 (80); W2SG
W1JEX Dr. Donald H. Menzel Leading Harvard astrophysicist, author, and Director of the Harvard College Observatory for many years.  Links. (SK) 14-DEC-1976 (75); W2SG
K1JT Dr. Joseph H. "Joe" Taylor Ph. D. in Physics; co-winner with (Russell Alan Hulse, ex-WB2LAV) of 1993 Nobel Prize in Physics for discovery of binary pulsars. Scientist/Princeton University Dean of Faculty (1997-2003)/James S. McDonnell Distinguished University Professor of Physics; see Nobel Autobiography;  Author of "WSJT" and "JT44" weak signal mode software; official web site.  Bill, KP3O, recently retired from the Arecibo Observatory in Puerto Rico, designed the filter bank and receiver that Joe used (and still uses) in his research. KP3O
N1JZS Monroe Y. Mann, Jr. Author and actor who has appeared in TV series "Third Watch" and "100 Centre Street" ; official web site. W2SG
W1KFG David W. Borst Founder of student-run college radio and the Intercollegiate Broadcasting System (IBS), at Brown Univ. (WBRU ); IEEE Fellow in the field of power semi- conductor devices. (ex-W2IAU); article w/picture; granddaughter's eulogy; Brown University Alumni Magazine Online obituary. (SK) 08-DEC-2000 (82); W2SG
W1KOO Paul E. Hope Radioman of the "USS Dorchester," WW2 casualty of the famous Four Chaplains who gave their life jackets to other servicemen.  Interesting links and story about the US postage stamp here. W8SU and KK8W
K1OKI Dr. Michael P. "Mickey" Schulhof Former Chairman and CEO of Sony America now runs a private investment firm in New York according to ARRL article; Ph.D. in Physics; commercialized CD music; interesting "Red Herring" article; "Business Week" article on his ouster from Sony; updates NE2Q and W2SG
KA1SA Richard S. Lindzen Alfred P. Sloan Professor of Meteorology at MIT; "a leading expert in the physical processes of the atmosphere"; widely published and written about for his contrarian views on global warming and related issues (see, e.g., The New York Times (6/18/96), Newsweek (7/23/01)); elected to both the National Academy of Sciences and the American Academy of Arts and Sciences at age 37.  Links. W2SG
W1UHI Ernest Wheatley Was once known as the "oldest living US ham," died at age 106 in 1993; see "Amateur Radio Newsline" article. (SK) 1993 (106);  W2SG
1XS Reginald Aubrey Fessenden Scientist; prolific inventor; wireless pioneer; licensed in 1928 for 20 meter station in Newton, MA ; made first radio broadcast of human voice and music on Christmas Eve 1906 from Brant Rock on Massachusetts coast; spent final days in Bermuda. Articles and pictures:  here, here, here , here, here, here, and here;  See VP9F below. (SK) 22-JULY-1932 (65);  W2AAB; update & links W2SG
W1ZE Irving Vermilya "the first licensed radio amateur in the U.S.A."  See "Boston Radio Archives" article; co-founder of OOTC and its first President in 1948; operator at old "CC", original Marconi wireless station on Cape Cod at South Wellfleet, MA; "Worldradio" article; his original spark call was "VN"; Another interesting link:  "Amateur Number One," by "VN" from February 1917 QST. (SK) JAN-1964 (73); links W2SG
N1ZSU Ted Ts'o Linux kernel developer; personal web site VE7RJT
KA1ZY Dr. Gary B. Ruvkun Professor of Genetics at Harvard Medical School and Massachusetts General Hospital; widely reported groundbreaking researcher in the field of genetics and aging using C. elegans worm, the first live creature to be completely gene-sequenced; Ruvkun Lab web site, including CV /w pix; personal home page ; description of research at Massachusetts General Hospital; "Harvard University Gazette" article; WA2NGB; links W2SG
W2AFX Donald G. Fink Former President of IRE; first General Manager and Executive Director of IEEE; prolific author and editor of electrical engineering books.   bio; obit; (SK) 03-MAY-1996 (84); W2SG
K2AGZ David A. Mann Composer, born David Freedman; wrote hundreds of songs, his most popular perhaps was "There I've Said It Again"  -- "was the last #1 hit in the USA before The British Invasion. It was knocked out of 1st place by The Beatles' hit ' I Want to Hold Your Hand.')" according to his "Composers/Lyricists database entry;" "NY Times" obituary requires registration. (SK) 01-MAR-2002 (85); W8SU; update W2SG
W2ALS Frank Gunther Established first mobile two-way police communications system in 1932, opening up VHF mobile spectrum; FM pioneer with Armstrong.  See ARRL article. (SK) 31-MAY-1999 (91);  W2SG
K2AMH Robert A. "Bob" Moog Founder and President of RAMCO (1953), builder of theremins, as well as many other electronic wonders.  His "Moog Synthesizer" became the ad-hoc standard for composers in the electronic media for many years.  The landmark album, "Switched on Bach," was composed/performed on his device.  See fascinating company archives site.   Links. (SK) 21-AUG-2005 (71); via N1ND; KC5EXU; updates W2SG, Jeff Winner (
WB2AQC George Pataki No, not THAT George Pataki!  This prolific traveler/writer ham is responsible for lobbying Senator Barry  Goldwater to sponsor the legislation that eliminated the rule that limited licensing to US citizens only.  He also helped supply information that led to the publishing of the first callbook (American Flying Horse) of Soviet radio amateur callsigns.  This encouraged other Eastern European radio clubs to send their lists to the CallBook and the secrecy and prohibition was ended!  official web site; refer to my Rumors page for more information. WB2AQC
W2ATW George W. Rogers Famous (infamous) as the chief radio operator on the ill-fated S.S. Morro Castle.  First hailed as a hero, he later came under suspicion for starting the fire.  See Thomas Gallagher's highly-detailed account, " Fire at Sea."  Later convicted of a double murder, Rogers died in prison in 1958.  See article. (SK) 10-JAN-1958 (61); W2AAB; link W2SG
W2BML Dr. Harold H. Beverage Inventor of the Wave antenna, more commonly known as the "Beverage antenna."  Consulting engineer for RCA for years.  Philip B. Peterson Article.  Oral History. W2AAB; articles W2SG
W2BWC Leslie J. Fitzgibbon Longtime tennis official and champion; won the National Father and Son Tennis Tournament in 1967; inductee of the Eastern Tennis Assn. Hall of Fame. Links. (SK) 19-SEP-2003 (90);W2SG
2CVJ Robert Hart Ham who received in his Hartsdale, New York, cellar first transatlantic TV signal transmitted by its inventor, John Logie Baird, from amateur station 2KZ in London on February 8, 1928; three days later, The New York Times compared the feat to Marconi's first transatlantic transmission of the letter "S" in 1901.  Links. W2SG
K2FX (1) Durwood "Dee" Finch One of the team of "Klavan and Finch", radio personalities on NYC station WNEW.  , W2AAB says "Dee was a super CW op, usually on 40 or 20 meters." (ex-W2SJH); " DCNY Radio" listing; (K2FX call has been re-issued). (SK) 29-MAR-1983; W2AAB; W2SG sent this W2SJH QSL
K2FX (2) Capt. Paul Kolacki Coincidence?  Paul currently works for the #1 rated Radio Station in Rochester, NY where his show is also the top rated show on the station; Radio Station web site; nice personal web site K2FX
K2GL Hazard E. Reeves Invented the stereophonic sound system used with Cinerama; avid radio contester; #1 on "CQ Magazine Contest Hall of Fame."  See biographical notes.   (SK) 23-DEC-1986 (95); NN4X
KB2GSD Walter Cronkite Former TV Journalist, long-time CBS correspondent, avid sailor.  Has an asteroid named after him!  ARRL CD-ROM -
K2HEP John Sculley former CEO of Apple Computer.  (Callsign lapsed) -
WA2HVM Ronald A. Swoboda New York Mets baseball player from long ago.  (Callsign lapsed); picture at site with those of many CBS retirees. from Winter "Callbook" magazine 76-77; link W2SG
W2IBO Robert Miller former Chief Engineer, RCA Astro Electronics; now retired. K2RCG
KC2IJI Casey W. Raskob III Attorney specializing in traffic violations, featured in "The Learning Channel" documentary "Speed Traps," official web site; "National Motorists Association" web site. ("NY Times" article (28-MAR-2003) by Dana White requires registration.) K2GW; links W2SG
K2JK Elmer C. Easton former Dean of the Rutgers College of Engineering when W2SG and I went to school there; elected Fellow of ASEE in 1983; received ASEE Centennial Medal in 1993; W2SG
WA2JXX Gerson Strassberg Inventor of the plastic pocket protector.  Newsday mini-bio . W2SG
W2KFB Julian D. Hirsch Longtime audio and stereo equipment journalist and engineer, whose consumer reviews often appeared in "Popular Electronics," "Stereo Review" and "Sound & Vision."  Links. N3IJW; W2SG
KC2KNU Daniel J. Peng Princeton University Class of 2005 student who ran afoul of the Recording Industry Association of America and settled with them to the tune of US$15,000; if you would like to help, Dan has put a link online; "Trenton Times" article ; picture and article from "Daily Princetonian."  Interesting trivia/note:  N2GJ was on the Volunteer Examiner team when Dan passed his ham license!  google search
WB2LAV Russell Alan Hulse co-winner with K1JT of 1993 Nobel Prize in Physics for discovery of binary pulsars; See Nobel Autobiography .  See also note on web site of Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory.  (Callsign lapsed) W2SG
KB2LHI Joe Walsh "Guinness Book of World Records" lists him as the "World's Fastest Shooter."  See ARRL article.   (SK) 28-FEB-2000 (60)
W2LX Stuart Dubois Cowan Co-authored numerous antenna books with Bill Orr (W6SAI); during WWII, following graduation from Princeton, bunked with motion-picture star Robert Montgomery while serving as communications officer aboard flagship destroyer USS Barton (DD-722) on 06-JUN-1944 (D-Day) screening for invasion fleet at Normandy and supporting troops ashore at Omaha Beach using 80 meter amateur band. Princeton University Class of 1939 obit/memorial; books; article by Cowan regarding his USN service;  (SK) 18-NOV-1999 (82); W2SG
K2LYS Mark Rudd Self-styled revolutionary, Students for a Democratic Society  (SDS) leader and member of the "Weather Underground" in the late '60's and early '70's.   Documentary nominated for 2003 Academy Award.  (Callsign lapsed)  Links. W2SG
W2MEZ Raymond Scott Prolific composer/electronic-music pioneer/inventor (patented a
scanner radio)/musician/bandleader; official web site; actual clips of some Scott music played on radio broadcasts by K2ORS; (ex-W6TMH in the '70's); "Director of Electronic Music R&D" for famed music mogul Berry Gordy's Motown Record Company; the method of coding that
Raymond Scott developed (claiming it was faster & more efficient than other modes of that period) was called "MorseMatic."
(SK)  08-FEB-1994 (85); W2AAB; links and email from Jeff Winner to W2SG
W2MFW Jerome H. "Jerry" Schatz Child actor who played the "spoiled rich kid" in the "Our Gang" comedies (credited as Jerry Tucker); see Hiram's Hams Amateur Radio Society web site; survived injuries sustained on 14-APR-1945 while serving aboard USS Sigsbee (DD-502) when struck during a Kamikaze attack off Okinawa; see bio; pix; XYL is Myra, WA2FIW; recent picture. K2TV; links W2SG
W2MGE Martin Block Radio personality known for "Make Believe Ballroom" in New York (various listings have it on WABC, WOR, WNEW); "Radio Hall of Fame" bio; a book entitled "The Hits Just Keep on Coming" by Ben Fong-Torres contains stories, interviews and photos of Block and others from the "Golden Age of Radio."  In phone conversation, son Gene told me his father used to identify himself by saying "Wasting 2 Much Good Energy!" (SK) 18-SEP-1967 (~64); W8SU
WA2MKI Lazarus Louis "Larry" Ferrari Musician/TV personality; bio;  posthumously inducted into the "Hall of Fame of the Broadcast Pioneers of Philadelphia" on 16-NOV-2000. (SK) 20-NOV-1997 (65); W2SG
K2MLT Walter Steven Taylor Vintner/artist/inventor/aviator/poet/auto racing enthusiast and distant relative of P.T. Barnum; interesting "Vineyard & Winery" article; obit; official web site; court decision barring his use of "Taylor" wine trademark here; stories behind the lawsuit here and here; Greyton H. Taylor Wine Museum web site. (SK) 20-APR-2001 (70); links W2SG
WA2NGB Paul H. Ginsparg Professor of Physics and Computer and Informational Science at Cornell University; 2002 fellow of MacArthur Foundation ("Genius Award"); creator of on-line system for distributing scientific research results, widely known as ""; as a theoretical physicist, he has made substantial contributions in quantum field theory, string theory, conformal field theory and quantum gravity.  Pictures:  link1, link2; MacArthur Fellowship ("Genius Award") article; "Physics Today" article.  (Callsign lapsed).   May 2003 " Scientific American"; links W2SG
W2OJW F. Gerald "Jerry" Powell New Jersey Ham who is the subject of a book published in April 2003 called "Hello World:  A Life in Ham Radio," by Danny Gregory (KC2KGT) and Paul Sahre (KC2KHN); the project grew out of the authors' purchase of  his QSL collection at a flea market in Manhattan, after more than 70 years of operation; OOTC # 2964.  Book reviews here, here and here; we recently received PDF versions of the "New Yorker" review, the "New York Times" review, "QST" review.   Links. (SK) 27-FEB-2001 (92); W2SG; click here for my own mini- review
KC2ONX Dr. Gregory H. Olsen Space Tourist and entrepreneur, Dr. Olsen has a Ph.D. in materials science from the University of Virginia. He founded Sensors Unlimited in 1991 and sold it five years ago for $700 million.  Photo see also: astronaut hams
KA2ORK/J3 Mark Barettella Medical student who was sole source of communication from Grenada during U.S. invasion on October 25, 1983 (now licensed as N2MD).  Links. W2SG
K2ORS Jean Shepherd Author/Actor/Radio/TV personality.   Links. (SK) 16-OCT-1999 (78); W2SG
KB2PNN Matthew Ahearn New Jersey Assemblyman (D-38th District); NJ official site; sponsored NJ amateur radio legislation; W2SG
NE2Q Jay Kolinsky In 1969, invented and manufactured the electronic sirens used on most burglar and fire alarm systems throughout the world . U.S. Trademark "Earsplitter". Holds a number of other U.S. patents. (ex-WV2BLX, WA2BLX).  See Jay's OpEd on p. 95 of Feb. 2003 "QST";  Greater Norwalk ARC; Malm's official web site W1FXQ
W2QBO Wilson Greatbatch Inventor of the cardiac pacemaker; article.  "Mars Society" interview.  (Callsign lapsed) W2SG
W2RID John F. Rider CEO of John F. Rider Publications, publisher of many radio, electronic, and technical textbooks; books; more books; picture of "Rider's Perpetual Troubleshooter's Manual" from John Dilks' antique radio web site. W2AAB; links W2SG
WA2SGC Robert M. "Bob" Cusumano Jazz trumpet great who played with many big bands and on the Merv Griffin TV show.  Links. (SK)  ??-SEP-1987 (73) W8SU  and KK8W; W2SG
W2SGG Stan Danko co-inventor of printed circuits; Smithsonian Web site; Philip B. Peterson article. W2SG
W2SKE William "Bill" Leonard former President of CBS News; wrote famous "Sports Illustrated" article, "Battle of the Hams ." (SK) 23-OCT-1996 (78); W8SU and KK8W
K2SSQ Henry R. Feinberg Designed "E.T.'s" communicator in Steven Spielberg's 1982 movie "E.T."; has had a long career as "interpreter of science and technology for the public."  See QRZ! profile; official "E.T." web site w/Feinberg credit; W2SG
KH2TD/KH2TE Jacco & Jannie van Tuyl Father and mother of 13-year old Willem; family was attacked on 28-MAR-2000 by pirates wielding AK-47 machine guns off the coast of Honduras; Willem was paralyzed and his emergency care was provided for by K4TCV.  ABC News story; Jefferson City News Tribune article ; "Cruising World" pieceK4TCV "Champ" Award; ARRL one article and another. W2SG
WB2TED Ted David co-anchor of CNBC's "Morning Call"; former ABC News correspondent; CNBC article. W2SG
KA2WEU Dr. Ulrich L. Rohde From the Rohde & Schwarz company; neat QSL; article on appointment as professor; press release:  elected IEEE fellow; official web site; publications; ARRL book review; KF7E; links W2SG
W2YHO Herman Gross Recognized, at age 86, as the World's Oldest Active Scuba Diver.  Interesting undersea slide show.  (as of 2003)
KX2Z Anthony Bongiovi, Jr. Cousin of Jon  "Bon Jovi" Bongiovi.  NJ Rock Star!  QRZ!  Profiled in March 1990 issue of QST at page 46. VE7RJT; W2SG
K2ZCZ George Pataki Governor of New York 1994-present.  (Callsign lapsed; now re-issued).  His brother, Louis, is K2PRB . Confirmation of Pataki's ham status and call as K2ZCZ" via "ARRL Letter" article and Amateur Radio Newsline " article. links W2SG
W2ZGU John W. Campbell, Jr. Named Publisher of "Analog" magazine in 1938.  (See Vol. 1, No. 1, of "73" magazine for highly interesting article on amateur radio); official web site; article; Click "Search" and enter his name at this URL for a very complete bibliography (ignore message 'No data found'; another interesting link (SK) 11-JUL-1971; W2AAB; links W2SG, KAĜAZS
W2ZH Dr. E. Stuart Davis Personal Telegrapher to President Franklin D. Roosevelt.  Telegraphers museum.  Station & personal effects are on rotating display at the Smithsonian.  He was a personal friend of W2WU & resident of Union, NJ when he became a SK; original spark call was "4IV"; interesting article; K2AVJ recollections W2WU; links W2SG
W2ZK Amory "Bud" Waite Radio pioneer, inventor, and Polar explorer, after whom the Waite Islands and Cape Waite are named; rescued Admiral Byrd in 1934.  Links:  W2DME article; William L. Fox article; autograph.  Postage Stamp.  Google search. W2SG
W2ZXM Capt. Kurt Carlsen Survived sinking of the Flying Enterprise, which sank in storm near Falmouth in 1952.  Later sailed the world, operating maritime mobile on Flying Enterprise II.  (Callsign now re-issued to Wayne, ex-N4OJY); interesting article.  George Csahanin, ex-WB2DYB
now W2DB wrote to say "I can confirm Capt. Kurt Carlsen W2ZXM was a ham, worked him many times after he retired to his home in Colonia (Woodbridge Twp., NJ). He was a member of the Woodbridge Radio Club ( 146.22/82 repeater). Saw him many times at meetings. He kept daily skeds with Ben Stevensen W2BXA for many years ."
(SK) 07-OCT-1989; W2DB; N1VP
NR3A Michael D. Griffin Eminent physicist and space scientist nominated by President George Bush on 11-MAR- 2005, to be the 11th Administrator of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA). Ex-AA6BM. Links. W2SG
W3ACE Armin H. Meyer Former US ambassador to Japan, 1969-1971 - oral history; also former Ambassador to Iran, held EP2AM in 1969. He was also the Ambassador to Lebanon. W8SU and KK8W; EP2 info from K9UE; link W2SG
WZ3AR Nathaniel T. Heatwole Guilford College student from Damascus, MD, who is widely reported to have allegedly committed acts of civil disobedience during the third week of October 2003 by leaving skyjack materials (including box cutters and simulated plastic explosives) on two Southwest Airlines planes, resulting in inspection of all commercial US airlines; July 2003 recipient of Foundation for Amateur Radio (FAR) $1000 Scholarship; his father is N3FX (ex-KB3ENM). (WZ3AR is ex-KB3CBW).  Links AA5VU; W2SG
W3ATN Jules Helzner Noted musician, composer/arranger and band leader. credited on a video called "Life Was A Lark"; UPENN listing; W3ATN
3BEC Arthur M. Young Inventor of the first commercially practical helicopter (Bell Helicopter), as well as philosopher, poet and painter; official web site. (SK) 30-MAY-1995 (89); W2SG
N3BIZ Dr. Winthrop M. Leeds High-voltage circuit-breaker designer and developer at Westinghouse Electric for 44 years; inventor with 100 patents; Fellow of the IEEE; designed the circuit breakers for the Hoover Dam. Haverford College obituary. (SK) 11-MAR-1998 (92); W2SG
W3BW Brian F. Wruble (ex-W4BIE); one of 15 original crew in 1969 of "NR-1", secret Cold War submarine, capable of diving 3000', powered by Navy's smallest nuclear reactor; subject of recently published book; original crew also included LCDR (Ret.) Robert T. Lunt, N3IFF (ex-WA8LBY); ARRL book review; QRZ! picture W2SG
W3DCL Dr. Michael S. Brown Recipient of the Nobel Prize in Medicine in 1985 for discoveries concerning the regulation of cholesterol metabolism; "An amateur radio operating license obtained at age 13 led to a life-long fascination with science."; (callsign lapsed and re-issued);  Nobel Award article; Nobel bio; University of Texas Hall of Fame inductee; Cheltenham High School Hall of Fame inductee. W2SG
KB3DE Lawson P. "Red" Ramage "Red" earned the Medal of Honor after a submarine that he commanded, the USS Parche (SS 384), attacked a heavily-escorted Japanese convoy in the South China Sea off Taiwan on July 31, 1944, sinking two enemy vessels and damaging several others. The Parche's crew received a Presidential Unit Citation, and President Franklin D. Roosevelt personally presented Ramage with the Medal of Honor on January 10, 1945.  Links. (SK)15-APR-1990 (81); W2VX, WE4C, W2SG
W3DEF Stephen Aug broadcast and print journalist (now semi-retired); former business correspondent for ABC News and "Good Morning America"; "Old Radio" column.  (ex-K2EOF) update W2SG
W3GV Frank Dawson Bliley founder of Bliley Electric Co., manufacturer of amateur radio, military and commercial RF crystals beginning in 1930; W3GV now club call.  See interesting company history by Charles A. Bliley, K3NAU.  (ex-8AGR, 9AXT, 8XC) (SK) MAY-1955 (49); W2SG, K3NAU
W3HRD William R. "Bill" Ruth Chief Warrant Officer 4, Maryland Army National Guard soldier who died in the hijacked-jetliner attack on the Pentagon; flew medevac helicopters as a Marine officer during Vietnam War; Gulf War veteran.  US Army obituary.  Memorial site. (SK) 11-SEP-2001 (57); W2SG
KA3IAX Rebecca T. Mercuri internationally-known expert on electronic voting & computer security; has been interviewed numerous times in various media; interactive resume -
K3ISR Dr. John H. Joseph President of the University of Maine at Machias (UMM); credited with helping to raise the enrollment at UMM during his relatively short tenure (from 2000).   Links. (SK) 10-MAY-2003 (60); K2GW
WA3MFH Lt. Col. Pierre A. Finck, MD Forensic pathologist, one of three doctors who performed the controversial autopsy of John F. Kennedy shortly after JFK's assassination.  See transcript of oral history of Dr. McMeekin (K4MUT) referring to Finck's interest in amateur radio, at page 9.  Finck's signed statement re autopsy.  Finck's testimony to the Warren Commission. W2SG
KD3P Scudder Georgia Medal of Freedom recipient, WWII OSS operative, founding member and senior communications chief of Central Intelligence Agency.  Links: Maury Peiperl W3EF remembrance here; ARRL article; obit. (SK) 26-DEC-2000 (86); W2SG
W3PTB Perry T. Blum WWII POW in Stalag 17.  "Stalag 17" was a famous 1953 movie starring William Holden, and the TV series  "Hogan's Heroes" was also based on Stalag 17.  See Montgomery Newspapers Online article.   W2SG
W3QKT John M. Wolfskill Inventor in field of crystal-controlled RF and chief engineer for Bliley Electric Company. See W3GV. bio here.  (ex-W8QKT) (SK) 15-DEC-1981 (73); W2SG, K3NAU
WA3SWS Stephen E. Uhrig Surveillance expert who appeared with Gene Hackman in 1998 movie "Enemy of the State" ; "Business 2.0" calls Steve "one of the most respected surveillance and technical countermeasure specialists in the world."   Links. W2SG
WA3VJB Paul Courson broadcast journalist, reporter, producer -- see "Amateur Radio Newsline" article. AE6J
W4BUG Charles D. "Chuck" Ritchie Served two US presidents during his US Army career with the White House Army Signal Agency, where he headed the Press Radio and Television section. (ex-K2GRM).  Links. (SK) 13-FEB-2004 (79); W2SG, W4RIS
W4BW A. Prose Walker former head of FCC's Amateur and Citizens Division (1971-75), co-authored CONELRAD plan, IEEE Fellow, and "godfather" of the WARC bands; see ARRL article (SK) 08-AUG-2002 (92); W2SG sent this W4BW QSL 
N4CBC Lt. Col. John H. DeWitt Completed first moonbounce (Earth-Moon-Earth/EME) transmission from Fort Monmouth, NJ, on 10-JAN-1946.  Links. (SK) 25-JAN-1999 (92); W2SG
W4CGP Chet Atkins Singer/Composer/"Certified Guitar Picker"; (ex-WA4CZD); ARRL obit; (SK) 30-JUN-2001 (77)
KD4CKM Veronica L. "Roni" Bowers Baptist missionary killed, along with her infant daughter, when her Cessna 185 float plane was shot down over the Amazon jungle by the Peruvian Air Force, mistaking them for narcotics traffickers; her husband, Jim, (KD4CKN), and their young son survived; various reports are here, here, here, and here. (SK) 20-APR-2001 (35); W2SG
WA4DSY Dale A. Heatherington PC modem pioneer and co-inventor of "smartmodem" on a dining-room table in 1977 with Dennis Hayes; co-founder of Hayes Microcomputer Products in 1978; subject of detailed article in "The Atlanta Journal-Constitution" 23-NOV-2003. Links. W2SG
K4EB Larry Junstrom Bass Guitar player for the rock group 38 Special; official web site; K4GZZ; link W2SG
K4FW Albert R. "Al" Kahn Founder of Electro-Voice, which derived its name in an interesting way:  Legendary Notre Dame football coach and Professor of Chemistry Knute Rockne needed a device to amplify his voice during practice so his players could clearly hear him. In the late 1920's, Mr. Kahn built him a public address system which Knute referred to as his "Electric Voice."  The name stuck. Electro-Voice grew and emerged as a leader in professional audio equipment.   K4FW was also instrumental in the founding of Heathkit, supplying it with WWII surplus parts in the late 1940's; in 1968, he founded Ten-Tec with Jack E. Burchfield, K4JU, now Ten-Tec's President.  See biography.  Official web site. (ex-W8DUS, QSL via W2SG) W2SG
K4GIO Col. Jack G. Hines (ret.) Retired Army Signal Corps soldier who was signal security officer for President Franklin D. Roosevelt at the Yalta Conference in February, 1945, (where the fate of post-war Europe was decided); signal adviser to Military Assistance Command--Viet Nam a (MACV) in early 1960's; Hines' role is discussed in a book about the subject; received Legion of Merit (SK) 04-APR-2003 (83); W2SG
N4HX James R. Bullington Peace Corps Director in Niger; holds 5U7JB; as former ambassador to Burundi (ex-9U5JB); Letter from Niger w/ham pix; President Reagan making Burundi appointment; Henry Kissinger re Viet Nam service KF7E; links W2SG
N4HZP Henry M. Harrison, Jr. aka "Uncle Henry" -- Announcer/emcee of Jim Bakker's "PTL" TV show; See article . W8SU and KK8W; link W2SG
K4IC Lt. Gen. Thomas H. Miller Former head of Marine Corps Aviation; before his retirement in 1979; very highly decorated combat pilot in WWII, Korea and Vietnam, set world's speed record on 5 September 1961 of 1216.78 mph in F-4 Phantom II, for which he received Distinguished Flying Cross.  Links. W2SG
K4ICA Vera Mayree Tallman Founder/past president YLISSB System; she also was a nurse and one of the first airline stewardesses for American Airlines in Little Rock, Arkansas; see official YL International web site; links. (SK) 19-JUN-2001 (99); W2SG
WA4IUM Samuel G. "Sam" Brown Broadcast TV and radio news journalist who has received numerous national awards, including the first ARRL Media Excellence Award.  "Newstalk99" article; ARRL article; Columbia University item (with picture). W2SG

Sakura M. Christmas

"USA Today" 2003 High School All-Stars, first team, Sakura pens two nationally syndicated comic strips, "Bad Advice From Bagnana" and "Laissez Faire," and publishes monthly cartoons in " Seventeen" magazine; national cartooning winner, "Quill & Scroll Society for High School Journalists;" Presidential Scholar; science club president; math club secretary; teen court defense attorney; does volunteer work with Red Cross as a licensed ham radio operator.   Links.

N4KC Don Keith Birmingham, AL-area ham will soon publish his eleventh novel, a techno-thriller set aboard a nuclear submarine and in the jungles of South America.  (ex-WN4BDW, and WA4BDW). Official web site.  New book web site. W2SG
WB4KCG Ronnie Milsap Singer/Songwriter; Spoke at Dayton Hamvention, MAY-1998; official web site; VE7RJT
N4KET David T. French TV journalist; formerly with CNN; current whereabouts unclear. -
KD4KMQ George B. "Byron" Hill Country music songwriter, whose hit songs have been widely recorded by such singers as George Jones, George Strait, Ray Charles, Randy Travis, Anne Murray, Conway Twitty, and Clay Walker, among many others; 
official web site.
WB4KVB Paul Yandell Musician (with Chet Atkins) see also - brief bio AE6J
W4LAA Paul Kangas co-anchor and financial commentator of Nightly Business Report see NBR web site; see also ARRL article; Profile; K0CBA; links W2SG
K4LIB Arthur Godfrey TV personality (SK); See Arthur Godfrey K4LIB Fan Club; Radio Hall of Fame bio; (SK) 16-MAR-1983 (76)
KI4LUH Vice Admiral Donald C. Arthur 35th Surgeon General of the Navy; Chief, Bureau of Medicine and Surgery.   Links. AI4ME & W2SG
WD4LZC Larnelle Harris Country/Christian Music Singer.  Seven-time Grammy winner; official web site. K4GZZ & W2SG
WB4MCJ Carl Rochelle Former CNN and ABC news correspondent; Mini-bio on the McGinn Group web site.  Was seen filing a report on the military buildup in the Middle East on NBC Nightly News 08-MAR-2003. Recently under contract to MSNBC as a Pentagon correspondent.   W2SG, WA3VJB
W4MWW Kenley M. Lanter (ex-N4DTI), one of only 317 survivors of the torpedoing on July 30, 1945, of the cruiser USS Indianapolis (CA-35), which went down in the Philippine Sea with 1196 sailors and Marines, the worst naval disaster at sea in U.S. history, shortly after it delivered the first atomic bomb to Tinian Island, from where it was later dropped on Hiroshima, Japan,  by K4ZVZ. Lanter spent almost five days floating in the deepest waters of the Pacific, surviving unbearable heat, hunger, thirst, exhaustion, hypothermia, dehydration, shark attacks (which alone killed some 200 of the men), delirium, hopelessness and unimaginable hardship. God bless him and all his shipmates. The recent best-seller, " In Harm's Way," by Doug Stanton, is a definitive history of the disaster. Links. W2SG
WA4PBG Montie Fowler Cone Obituary in the Washington Post said he was a former assistant director of the American Radio Relay League (ARRL).  See Silent Key article from ARRL. (SK) 24-AUG-2002 (95); K2GW
KG4RGN Larry L. Wheeler Ham who saved life of 83-year old Walter C.Siebert (K3KBR) on 7/15/03, when Wheeler received Siebert's distress call on 75 meters, after a 911 call went unanswered; the story is being made into a segment for "PAX" network television show "It's a Miracle," which was scheduled to be televised in February 2004 (according to an article in the 12/15/2003 issue of the "Daily Press" Virginia).  Links. W2SG
N4RH Ralph A. Haller former FCC Personal Radio Bureau chief; currently a consultant with Fox Ridge Communications - see web site links W2SG
N4RJR Vice Admiral Frank O'Beirne Flew with Colonel Charles Lindbergh as member of Navy's early aviation stunt team; was squadron commander of 12 PBY-3 patrol planes at Pearl Harbor on 7-DEC-41, all of which destroyed or disabled; CO of carrier USS Midway after WWII; directed first test of air-to-air rocket missiles at Sandia labs in NM in 1957; member of Joint Chiefs Staff; commanded Atlantic Fleet's Naval Air Forces; obituary; official Navy picture as a Lt. (j.g.) on 16-AUG-1929;  Picture showing dramatic scenes of N4RJR and 1957 atomic tests ("Plumbbob") at Sandia. His wife Grace is buried beside Frank and their daughter, Anne, at Arlington National Cemetery. (SK) 19-OCT-1998 (94); W2SG
N4RVE Steven K. Roberts Author of the book "Computing Across America" and famous for his bicycle operations complete with "all-band" ham radio station. Lately he's been busy with other TechNomadic projects.  He got quite a bit of world- wide media coverage about a decade ago, when he was traveling around America with his monstrous recumbent bike; (ex-WN4KSW, KA8OVA).   Links. Ari OH7KA (Finland)
KD4SYB Carlos Luis Caceras One of three United Nations relief workers killed by a mob of militiamen in West Timor, Indonesia, on September 6, 2000; article. article official web site; see listing below for 9A4SP. (SK) 06-SEP-2000 (33); W2SG
KB4TM Michael R. Starling Vice President for Engineering at National Public Radio.  Official bio. W2SG
K4TPJ David Funderburk former US Congressman (R-2nd Congressional District of NC -- 104th Congress), former US Ambassador to Romania during Reagan Administration.  See bio W2SG
WB4TUN Duncan W. Mackiernan brother (and sometime colleague) of Douglas S. Mackiernan (also a ham), said to be CIA's first atomic spy, who was shot in 1950 by Tibetan border guards while fleeing Communist Chinese. Their story is the subject of recent book, " Into Tibet."  Check out this recent MIT article; and this, from the "NY Times". W2SG
W4TXL Zachary "Zach" Reynolds Son of R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Company founder; QSL card ; call re-issued to his brother-in-law, Bill, the current holder of W4TXL.  Bill reports that "Zach got me into ham radio in the early 60's."  Bill also told us that "Zach died in a plane crash in North Carolina in 1979." W8SU and KK8W; link W2SG from K0CX and email from W4TXL
WA4UDB Luke H. "Jack" Montgomery Co-founder of WSM radio in Nashville, TN, in 1922, and engineered first broadcast of the Grand Ole Pry in 1925; built first US commercial FM station in 1938; early pioneer of the pacemaker and IRE Fellow for developments in medical electronics; assistant professor at Vanderbilt University School of Medicine; (ex-WA4ADF);  obituary; (SK) 12-OCT-1998 (91); W2SG
W4USR Dennis J. Had Founder of Dentron Radio Company, Ameritron, and Cary Audio Design; picture at official web site.  (ex-K8KXK) W2SG
KG4UYY James L. "Lance" Bass 'N SYNC pop singer and cosmonaut wannabe.  "Amateur Radio Newsline" article. W2SG
W3VCG Martin L. Kaiser, III Electronic security and countermeasures expert.  Subject of interesting story at link. WA3SWS
KB4VJG Tommy Tucker Band Leader and network radio host; bios here and here; (SK) 13-JUL-1989 (81); W8SU; links W2SG
AC4VW Gordon Barnes Meteorologist (ret.); (ex-KC4OCA); see also biography. AC4VW
W4WRO Emory L. Gordy, Jr. Country music record producer and husband of country-music singer Patty Loveless (nee Patty L. Ramey, KD4WUJ).  See "Amateur Radio Newsline" article.; also ARRL Letter. N8PUU, AA7OA; links W2SG
KD4WUJ Patty L. Ramey AKA "Patty Loveless"; Country Music Singer (Her Agent) and (mini-bio); sang "You Don't Seem to Miss Me" w/George Jones at 1997 CMA Awards telecast; her husband is record producer Emory Gordy, Jr., W4WRO.  AA7OA; N8PUU
KR4XL Captain Richard R. Stark Assumed command of "Ohio"-class/"Trident" nuclear submarine " USS Kentucky" (SSBN 737) on 15-SEP-1994.  Very nice personal web site. W2SG
N4ZFM Robert E. "Zack" Turner Country music songwriter, who has been widely recorded, including "High-Tech Redneck," written with Byron Hill (KD4KMQ) and sung by George Jones.  Lyrics and audio clip for High-Tech Redneck (mentioning CB and shortwave but not ham radio!) W2SG
W4ZG Worth Z. Gruelle Son of John Barton " Johnny" Gruelle, the originator of the "Raggedy Ann & Raggedy Andy" series, and who continued the tradition, along with his siblings. (Callsign lapsed and re-issued).   Links. (SK) ??-APR-1997 (84); W2SG
K4ZVZ Brig. Gen. Paul W. Tibbets World War II Hero; Pilot of "Enola Gay" the B-29 aircraft which dropped an atomic bomb on Hiroshima, Japan at 8:16 AM on 06-AUG-1945, resulting in the end of World War II.; (callsign lapsed "due to hearing problems" according to Gen. Tibbets' email.) official web site; Jacob Beser, ex-W3NOD, was the radar countermeasures officer on the mission. AA7OA; link and email W2SG; W3NOD citation via AA7OA
W4ZVZ Colonel William M. Long World War II Hero; P-51 pilot who was credited with shooting down 3 ME-109's over Germany after becoming separated from his squadron; he also led a successful B-24 bombing raid over an airport south of
Paris just before D-Day (article); later became the US military attaché to Turkey before retirement; awarded the Legion of Merit and 2 Distinguished Flying Crosses; avid MARS member.
(SK) 24-MAR-2003 (83); K2GW; links W2SG
W5ACT Andrew J. Wallace TV weatherman who played NOAA Weather radio operator in Warner Brothers' movie "Twister"; ex- KC5GHH; Mini-bio .  According to AD5WS, "Andy's previous call sign was WX5LAW when he lived in Lawton, OK and worked for KSWO-TV (from 1992 to 2003). He now lives in Waco, TX and works for KXXV-TV and KRHD-TV." W2SG; AD5WS
W5BQU Byrl H. "Tex" Burdick, Sr. Reputed to be "oldest [living] ham in the US"; turned 103 years old on 25-SEP-2003.  Links. W2SG
W5CY Howard Robard "Sonny" Hughes, Jr. Inventor, Pilot, Hollywood producer, America's first billionaire; IMDB says his nickname was: "The World's Greatest Womanizer"; biographical links:  here and here;  1927 film produced by Hughes, "Two Arabian Nights," is one of only 3 Academy Award winning films unavailable for viewing.  Click here to see why! (SK) 05-APR-1976 (71); N8EE and W8SU; links W2SG
KK5DON Donald A. Smith High-profile Texas cameraman/reporter/producer for NBC and CBS News; was CBS News cameraman who shot the burning of the Branch Davidian compound in Waco, Texas, where AB5KZ and AB5LA died.  Links. W2SG
WD5DVR Mike Ross US Congressman (D-Arkansas), believed to be only other
ham now in U.S. Congress (with WB7OCE) (as of 3/7/2003); see ARRL News article; official web sites here, here and here
NT5E Curtis W. Robb President and Chief Executive Officer for Delta Technology, Inc., serves as Chief Information Officer for Delta Air Lines, Inc. at its world headquarters in Atlanta, GA.  Corporate bio. NE2Q
K5FLU Martin F. Jue President of MFJ Enterprises, Inc., which he founded in 1972.  Official web site. Pictures here (speaking), here (Martin on left), and here (plant). W2SG
KA5IFV John McCalmont Actor who appeared in movies "Acts of Love" and "The Evening Star," and on the TV series "Walker, Texas Ranger"; resume. W2SG
N5IN Dr. Ronald A. Stordahl Founder, CEO and Chairman of Digi-Key Corp., one of the top ten U.S. electronics distributors, named for the digital electronic keyer that he developed and marketed while obtaining his Ph.D. in electrical engineering. (ex-K0UXQ); official web site; Corporate profile; Dayton 2002 Hamvention picture W2SG
W5IXP Col. William A. Gresham Army Colonel who retired after 34 years, with three Legion of Merit medals; postings included Army Attaché in Argentina, as well as Military Attaché in Nepal, where he was base radio contact with Father Marshall Moran (9N1MM) in 1963 for first successful U.S. Mount Everest expedition; co-founded America Nepal Society on 05-JAN-1967; obituary; (SK) 21-DEC-1998 (79); W2SG
W5KL Brig. General Leland W. Smith U.S. Marine Corps. (retired); President Emeritus of QCWA; President of OOTC; first licensed in 1930 as W4AGI, later as W4YE while serving in Atlanta, GA; both former calls now held by his sons!  Links. (SK) 15-FEB-2004 (90); W2SG, AG4ZB
AB5KZ Jeffrey C. Little Branch Davidian who died during FBI/BATF raid at Waco, TX; See FBI report; "QST" article; pathology report (in PDF format); (ex-KJ5HJ). (SK) 19-APR-1993 (31); W2SG
AB5LA Douglas Wayne Martin Branch Davidian who died during FBI/BATF raid at Waco, TX;  (ex-KJ5HK).  "QST" article ; pathology report (in PDF format); (SK) 19-APR-1993 (42); W2SG
W5MAP Robert A. Broding Leading inventor in field of oil exploration, who made major contributions regarding sonic logging; bio; (SK) 20-APR-2003 (86); W2SG
W5MUG Floyd Teetson Retired ARRL Delta Division Director and his wife Winnie, WN5YTR, (69) were slain in a robbery in Louisiana.  See "Amateur Radio Newsline" article. (SK) 22-FEB-1996 (74); W2SG
K5PSG Peggy Sue Gerron-Rackham The namesake of the late Buddy Holly's 1957 "rockabilly" hit "Peggy Sue"-- Rackham went to high school with Holly and later married the drummer in his band, "The Crickets." After participating in special event station W5B she was excited enough to want to get her ham license! (ex-KE5AKW)  Links. WA6FAH; W2SG
W5QN Wilbur "Bill" Dearing Member of the "oldest US ham" club, according to the ARRL, having replaced George "Dewey" Wilson, W7HF, who died at age 102 on 08-JUL-2000. The ARRL mistakenly (?) thought at the time that no other living US ham was born in the 19th century.  ARRL story. (SK) 20-SEP-2000 (101); W2SG
W5STD Leo J. Potvin WWII communications officer for Admirals Halsey and Nimitz.  See article on Northwest Louisiana Amateur Radio News. W2SG
KD5VNP Barbara R. Morgan Next NASA "educator astronaut" due to fly into space; her predecessor and best friend, Christa McAuliffe, was killed in the Challenger shuttle disaster in 1986; Morgan was McAuliffe's back-up; Morgan was licensed in March 2003.  Links. W2SG
KC5VWK Richard J. Abruzzo World famous balloonist.  Links. W2SG
K5ZC Jay Maynard That "Tron-suit" guy who keeps showing up on the "Jimmy Kimmel Show!"  Link. WD0ACD
5ZJ Ralph W. Goddard Cousin of pioneering rocket scientist Robert H. Goddard; first head of EE dept., and, later, dean at New Mexico State University where he created world's most powerful college radio station (KOB) in 1920, and first radio station in NM; electrocuted while working there on New Year's Eve. Station now named after him (KRWG-FM). NMSU history; Las Cruces history and timeline (SK) 01-JAN-1929; W2SG
WA6AAA Bryan K. Joseph writer/TV series creator of "Adam-12", "Three's Company", and others KK8O
6AE/6FT/6WH Frederick E. Terman Professor of Electrical Engineering at Stanford University for many years.  Author of  "Radio Engineering" - for many years the standard text.  According to article, Dr. Terman held the callsign 6FT.  He also held 6WH:  see Stanford Amateur Radio Club W6YX history.  Picture and memorial link. W2AAB; 6FT/6WH info W2SG
WB6ACU Joe Walsh Guitarist/Singer/Songwriter/Eagles; official site W2SG
WA6AEH John A. "Johnny" Zell Musician, solo trumpet player for Lawrence Welk.  He is still active in ham radio and has his own band in the LA area.  QRZ! profile /pix; KN6NS
W6AQ Dave Bell Movie producer;  (ex-W6BVN); See brief bio.  Dave's picture. W2AAB; links W2SG
K6ARO William A. Wilson first U.S. Ambassador to the Vatican.  At his suggestion, the Knights of Columbus donated new equipment to the Vatican amateur radio station HV1CN.  See article. W2SG
K6BBC Tony Randel Hollywood director of "Hellraiser II (1988)" among others; black belt in Kenpo Karate; His former callsign, WA6LGW, is heard over a shortwave radio in this and two other films he worked on!  see: IMDB KK8O
KB6BES Peter H. "Pete" Lovio Played tenor sax in early Frank Zappa band, "The Omens," circa 1958-62. (callsign lapsed) Story contained in 20-FEB-2004 edition of Los Angeles Daily News (Antelope Valley).  Frank Zappa link mentioning Lovio:  here W2SG
6BHI Dr. Harold A. Zahl Military electronics and radar pioneer who invented Zahl radar tube used throughout  WWII, beginning with early detection of attack on Pearl Harbor.  See:  SMECC article; "InfoAge" article; Philip B. Peterson article. W2SG
K6BJ John L. Reinartz Early radio pioneer, inventor, North Pole explorer.  Very nicely done memorial web site.  (ex-JL, 1XAM, 1QP) (SK) 05-OCT-1964 (70);  W2SG
WA6BND Stephen G. "Steve" Wozniak Co-founder of Apple Computer in 1976; bio; interesting "Q&A" piece where Wozniak confirms he had his ham license by 6th grade;  speech crediting "Tom Swift" novels and ham radio as early influences. (ex-WV6VLY (novice call); (callsigns lapsed); See also picture. W2SG; W4RIS
K6BP Bruce Perens Maverick software engineer with movie credits on "A Bug's Life" and "Toy Story 2"; Linux guru.  See "Linux World" article.  Claims to be driving force behind international "no-code" movement; official web site; (ex-WA2TNM) W2SG
KD6BUP James M. Treybig Son of former Tandem Computer CEO; father is W6JKV.  As of latest updaes, no longer listed in FCC database. KE6DIO; update W2SG
W6CGD Clyde E. Wiegand Renowned physicist who worked on Manhattan Project and present at first detonation of atomic bomb;  See obituary. (SK) 05-JUL-1996 (81);  W2SG
K6DGN Keith A. Wester Emmy Award-winning sound engineer; earned Oscar nominations for his work on "The Perfect Storm," "Armageddon," "Air Force One," "Black Rain ," "The Rock," and "Waterworld."  See Norwich (CT) Bulletin article .  See also IMDB details. (SK) 01-NOV-2002; W2SG
W6DOE Clarence Leonidas "Leo" Fender Prolific musical-instrument inventor, including the legendary Telecaster and Stratocaster Fender electric guitars. (callsign reassigned several times).  Links. (SK) 21-MAR-1991 (81); W2SG
K6DUE Roy Neal Late TV personality/producer;  retired NBC News correspondent; major expert in spaceflight and science; starred in ham radio videos. Links. (SK) 12-AUG-2003 (82); W2SG
K6DXK Ernest P. Lehman Writer, Producer, Actor, Director; won Honorary Academy Award for lifetime achievement 25-MAR-2001.  Links. (SK) 02-JUL-2005 (89) ; WBĜABM; WR6WR
K6EWP General Eugene E. Habiger (Ret.) Former commander in chief, United States Strategic Command, Offutt Air Force Base, NE.  See official bio. KK8O
WB6EWU John Draper In the late 60's and 70's he was known as the notorious 'phone freak' "Captain Crunch" aka "Crunch."  Famous for his use of the telephone 'blue box' - a device for defeating the telephone company's long distance billing equipment (the device was built by an engineer friend of his.) While serving a sentence related to his phone freaking activities, John wrote the EasyWriter word processing program - the first popular word processor for the IBM PC.  John has remained close to his longtime friend, Steve 'the Woz' Wozniak.  Co-founder of ShopIP.  Official web site.   (Callsign lapsed) K0RGR; confirmed by email from John!  Additional info from "C.R."
W6EZV General Curtis LeMay Military legend - also held callsigns K3JUY/K4RFA/K0GRL; see also SAC archives note. Neat article about his callsigns!  official bio; LeMay was also an unsuccessful vice presidential candidate on the 1968 ticket with George Wallace.  Famous quote:  "The President can make you a General, but only communications can make you a Commander." (SK) 03-OCT-1990 (84); update W2SG
N6FUP Stu Cook Bass player with Creedence Clearwater Revival. Married to N6GGM.  See article. K4GZZ
W6FZZ Samuel F.B. Morse III great-grandson of the inventor of Morse Code, as well as a famous painter of the time; still listed as licensed, although born in 1902! W2SG
W6FY Ben Moses Emmy-winning writer and TV/movie director and producer, who produced 1987 movie "Good Morning, Vietnam" (ex-W6TJR, W2GGV).  QRZ! profile/pix; personal Web site; movies; W2SG
WD6GBZ Chris Justice Inventor, holder of several patents; Chief Engineer of C. Crane Company in Fortuna, CA; biographical info Leman Marcus
N6GGM Laura Cook XYL of N6FUP. K4GZZ
WA6HHQ Eric Swartz COO and co-founder of Elecraft LLC in 1998 with Wayne Burdick, N6KR.  Member of ARRL Industry Advisory Council (IAC); official web site; brief bio. W2SG
N6IWP Anthony Ray reportedly rap star Sir Mix Alot; see official web site KB2NOW
AE6J Timothy "Gaines" Hagelganz Bass Player in the world famous rock group Stryper; (ex-K6WLS).  Interview. AE6J; W2SG
KC6JCQ John H. Reynolds Professor Emeritus of Physics at Berkeley; "father of extinct radioactivities," who worked at the intersection of physics and geology, applying the use of isotopes to make fundamental advances in plate tectonics and the pre-solar origins of meteorites, including "stardust"; developed widely adopted potassium-argon dating methodology, which, among many other things, permitted accurate construction of the timeline of human development from the fossil record at Olduvai Gorge in Africa. Memoriam (SK) 4-NOV-2000 (77); W2SG
W6JKV James G. "Jimmy" Treybig Founder and former CEO of Tandem Computers (1974-1996);  current Chairman of the Board of ClearCommerce - site ;  W6JKV official web site; brief bio with picture; son is KD6BUP; W2SG
K6JLY Larry Josephson Long time Public Radio host/producer/manager/engineer, Peabody Award Winner, and producer for "Bob & Ray" radio shows.  The Radio Foundation article.  (Callsign lapsed) W2SG
W6KHJ Beau Weaver Radio Personality and voiceover specialist - brief bio & picture; see official web site; AE6J
WQ6L Steven H. Goldberg CEO of Arcwave, Inc.; company web site; bio and picture; W2SG
KB6LQR Jeana Yeager Pilot/Adventurer; Voyager 'round the world flight 1986; bio; NASM picture. links W2SG
KB6LQS Dick Rutan Pilot/Adventurer; Voyager 'round the world flight 1986;  Also Vietnam Ace, after Voyager flight, ran unsuccessfully  for Congress; See "Amateur Radio Newsline" article update/links W2SG
KC6LXQ Anthony S. "Tony" Valdez Award-winning TV and radio journalist in Los Angeles.  B io W2SG
AI6M Barry Friedman 2-time World Champion Juggler with Raspyni Brothers -
KI6M Stewart B. Gilliam Comic and TV personality, (ex-WD6FBU).  Unexplained mystery:  FCC listing has Mr. Gilliam born 10 years earlier than his publicity releases have him!  Contrast QRZ!; (born 1933), his IMDB listing, and this from TV TOME . W8SU and KK8W; W2SG
WB6MID/8R3 Albert Touchette Member of Peoples Temple at Jonestown, Guyana, who reportedly took part in the airport ambush of California Congressman Leo J. Ryan, killing him and four others, before dying with Rev. Jim Jones and over 900 others in mass suicide on 18-NOV-1978.   Links. (SK) 18-NOV-1978 (24); W2SG; QSL K8CX
WA6MOS Joseph Pevney Director of numerous movies (e.g., "Man of a Thousand Faces"; "Away All Boats"; "Tammy and the Bachelor") and many TV shows (e.g., "Star Trek"; "The Munsters"; "Mission: Impossible"; "Bonanza"; "Fantasy Island"; "The Fugitive"); also an actor ( e.g., "Street With No Name").   Short bio; IMDB entry; Movies; TV Shows. W2SG
W6MRC Donald S. Passman Entertainment lawyer who represents Janet Jackson, Mariah Carey and R.E.M. See Harvard Law article. W2SG
K6MYC Michael B. Staal Pioneered many ham designs and products, especially, antennas, as 1960s-80s owner of now-defunct KLM.  Known for excellent antennas, amplifiers and other radio products.  Now with (since 1980s) M2 Inc. antenna company; M2 Systems KM6CE
W6NAZ Lenore Jensen NBC radio drama actress; World Radio columnist; founding member of YLRL; appeared in ARRL films (ex-W9CHD, W2NAZ).  See KA7ITT.  See obit. Very interesting mini-bio at "Where Are They Now?" site. (Listed under 1st married name, Lenore Kingston.) (SK) 05-MAY-1993 (79); W2SG
N6NHG Kevin Mitnick once known as the infamous "Darkside Hacker" recently released from prison; official web site; VE7RJT
W6NL Dr. David B. Leeson Founding Chairman and past CEO of California Microwave, Inc.; Consulting Professor of Electrical Engineering at Stanford University; IEEE Life Fellow; author of "Physical Design of Yagi Antennas ," published by ARRL; (ex-HC8L, ex-W6QHS).   Links. W2SG
KO6NM Michael L. "Mike" Dorrough Audio engineer and inventor, recipient of many awards in the music industry; has developed new techniques for high-quality enhanced AM audio ("Advanced Modulation System"); official web site; entertaining RealAudio clip; brief story w/pix after winning the NAB award in 2000; brief bio w/pix after winning Emmy for lifetime achievement in 2000. W8SU; W2SG
W6OBB Art Bell Syndicated radio personality; (ex-W2CKS).  Links. Leman Marcus; W2SG; W6MKU
KB6OLJ Paul J. Cohen Stanford University mathematician; in 1966 he was awarded the prestigious Fields Medal at the International Congress of Mathematicians in Moscow for his fundamental work on the foundations of set theory bio; entry. (Callsign lapsed) -
N6OTW Sidney Padrick TV repairman who claims to have flown in an alien flying saucer on January 30, 1965.  Hey, what people won't claim to do to get on this list!  Picture, one account and another account. W2SG
KD6OY (or KQ6KA) Garry Shandling Actor/Comedian/Writer/Producer.  According to one correspondent "He no longer has an interest in ham radio." Another correspondent reports that Mr. Shandling is keeping his license current.  Shandling is reported to have studied Electrical Engineering in college.  See matching birthdays, here and here. K4GZZ - updated with callsign by W8SU and KK8W; W2SG
W6PUC George Teraoka US citizen kept in Japanese internment camp during WWII.  See Sacramento Bee article .  Amazingly, a 1996 poll revealed that 60% of Americans were unaware of the Japanese-Americans' internment. W2SG
WA6PUK Milton T. "Bill" Putnam, Sr. Widely recognized to be "father of modern recording."  Links. (SK) (1920-1989); W2SG
KE6PZH Marlon Brando, Jr. Actor; (pseudonym Martin Brandeaux) - (see also FO5GJ); bio; in this "Larry King Live" transcript from 07-OCT-1994, Brando confirms his interest in ham radio in response to a caller's question.  Links. (SK) 01-JUL-2004  (80); VE7RJT;  K4GZZ; links W2SG, G4DCV
W6QUT Freeman Gosden Actor; most famous role was "Amos" of the old "Amos 'n' Andy" radio show; Official web site; the show is a Radio Hall of Fame inductee; (SK) 10-DEC-1982
W6QYI Cardinal Roger M. Mahony Archbishop of Los Angeles, the largest Catholic Diocese in the U.S.  "Though he communicates with God through nature, prayer and celebrating the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, he often communicates with others on an amateur radio frequency as a ham radio aficionado with the call letters W6QYI" says article.   Picture of the cathedral and his residence with yagi antenna on tower.  Recent photo. W2SG
W6QYT Oswald Garrison "Mike" Villard, Jr. Renowned RADAR and SSB pioneer, RF engineer, Stanford University researcher, and technical author; son of the publisher of "The New York Evening Post" and "The Nation." (ex-W1DMV). Links. (SK) 07-JAN-2004 (87); W2SG
W6RCL Alan S. Kaul NBC News producer, including for NBC "Nightly News with Tom Brokaw," "Today" Show, and MSNBC.  Official web site.  His personal ham radio site highlighting his love of QRP operation.. W2SG
WB6RER Andy Devine Actor; Hualapai Amateur Radio Club in Kingman, AZ, adopted the callsign and operates a number of special events.  See official web site.  The Mohave Museum of History and Arts has an excellent bio. (SK) 10-FEB-1977 (71); links W2SG
N6RLM Joseph C. Antrim WWII C-47 pilot of lead plane that carried 101st Airborne ("Screaming Eagles") into battle on D-Day through darkness, fog and heavy ground fire to Drop Zone at Ste-Mere-Eglise, re-supplied "Operation Market Garden" in Holland, and brought desperately needed supplies to the besieged 101st Airborne at the Battle of the Bulge.  See the widely acclaimed HBO movie series "Band of Brothers." Obituary published in the 11 January 2004 issue of "The San Diego Union-Tribune."  Links. (SK) 22-NOV-2003 (88); W2SG
WN6RNR Priscilla Paris Member of the Paris Sisters -- recording artists in the 60's whose most famous song, "I Love How You Love Me" has become a favorite of many; fan web site; tribute site; bio with pictures; record reviews W8SU, KK8W; links W2SG
W6RR Gordon S. Marshall founder of Marshall Industries, philanthropist, WWII bomber pilot; recently gave $35M to USC.  See "Amateur Radio Newsline" article. W2SG
W6SP Col. John W. Browning decorated fighter pilot who was "father" of military satellites and former AMSAT board chairman; See "Amateur Radio Newsline " article. See AMSAT obituary; (SK) 03-JAN-1996 (72); W2SG
KB6TAM David B. Clark Oldest person to sail solo around the world, at age 77 in 2001.   Links. W2SG
WA6TWX D. Kent Cullers blind physicist portrayed in Warner Bros. movie "Contact," manages  "Project Phoenix" for the Institute for the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence ( SETI); People magazine article. W2SG
6UK John Huston  Famed film director, screenwriter, actor.  See Huston's autobiography, "An Open Book" - picture between pp. 88-89 shows Huston at his spark station.  The call "6U" is just visible on the picture!  A circa-1920 callbook confirms the call and name;  fan tribute; MSN bio; see also IMDB entry. (SK) 28-AUG-1987 (81); W2AAB; update/links W2SG
W6UK Alvino Rey Radio/TV/Records, reportedly invented the electric guitar; OOTC# 1047; ex-6UE; article with picture and bio; Walt Maxwell, W2DU, played trumpet in Rey's band in the 40's according to this article.  Obituary in the "New York Times"  27-FEB-2004.  QSL. (SK) 24-FEB-2004 (95); W8SU; links & updates W2SG; QSL from W8SU
KC6VHG Anthony J Thorsson aka "Desmond Crisis" on Cnet television program.  Links. W3RAZ; W2SG
N6VXH Charles H. "Chuck" Smith President and CEO of SBC Pacific Bell/Nevada Bell (now known as SBC West). See this and this.  (ex-KC6EFA).  Smith confirms he is a ham radio operator -- which got him his first job with the telephone company -- in a recent interview appearing in the November 2, 2003, edition of the "San Francisco Chronicle," where he also mentions his callsign, N6VXH. K2GW; updates W2SG
K6WLZ Irene Kelly Singer/Songwriter; official web site.  XYL of AE6J. AE6J
K6YBV Robert Scott "Bob" Ringwald Jazz pianist,  bandleader, father of actress Molly Ringwald; official web site. W2SG
KE6YGN Shari Belafonte Behrens Daughter of film great, Harry Belafonte; actress/model/photographer & author;  same date of birth; bio (confirming her married name as Behrens).  Official web site. W8SU and KK8W; link W2SG
N6YOS Priscilla Presley Actress.  She was listed in the 1990 call book under her maiden name Beaulieu. Held two calls KC6IWA & N6YOS. DOB checks out; interesting "Sunday Times (South Africa)" article in which Malcolm de Beer (ZS6MAL) claims to have "worked Priscilla Presley  in a pile-up!"  Links here and here that give same birthdates as QRZ! and Buck. (Callsign lapsed in 2000) confirmedK4GZZ andW8SU and KK8W; links W2SG
W6ZH Herbert Hoover, Jr. Son of U.S. President/Callsign now held by the grandson of the President, Herbert "Pete" Hoover; licensed in 1921 as 6XH at Stanford University and as 3ZH in 1922 in Washington, DC.  QSL cards here and here via NX7U. (Jr.: SK) Pete is alive & well in CA; update W2SG
6ZK Arthur E. Bessey very early ham pioneer in the 1900-1920s era; first ARRL Director from West of the Mississippi River; nice article that refers to KD6SU! KD6SU; link W2SG
W7AEA Max Bice Famous for work in radio and television/former National Association of Broadcasters board chairman and state chairman for the federal Emergency Broadcast System; see ARRL obituary; (SK) 18-NOV-2002 (86); W2SG
W7DUK Nolan Bushnell Inventor, Computer Pioneer, Founded Atari. entry.  (Callsign lapsed - info from 1958 Callbook); interview where Bushnell mentions his call; another interview w/picture, mentioning ham neighbor teaching him electronics; links W2SG
KD7ELR Charles W. Missler Founder of "Koinonia House" Ministries.  Religious author and speaker.  bio NX7U
W7EQI Greg Walden Oregon Congressman see (as of 3/7/2003) - believed to be only other ham now in U.S. Congress (with WD5DVR); see article. (ex-WB7OCE) K3ZO/HS0ZAR; W2SG
KA7EVD Donnie Osmond YES!  This is the Donnie of "Donnie and Marie" fame.  See "Amateur Radio Newsline" article.  (Callsign lapsed).  He is NOT WD4SKT, as cited by many other "famous hams" sites.  Please see my "Rumors " page for more info. W2SG
KA7ITT Cynthia "Cindy" J. Wall Prolific author of ham-radio related novels for young readers; stepdaughter of W6NAZ.  Some books:  here and here. W2SG
K7JIH Benjamin Hoskin Paddock Alleged bank robber; was on the FBI's Ten Most Wanted List (#302).  "QST" published an FBI warning about Paddock during the 1970's.  According to the FBI history at this link, Paddock was added to the list: 10-JUN-1969, and was arrested on 05-MAY-1977.  He was removed from the list because he no longer fit the criteria for the "Top Ten" list. Current owner of the call is a Presbyterian minister! W2AAB; email from K7JIH to W2SG
K7JPD Jeffrey P. Duntemann Author; (ex-KG7JF); official web site. K7KR; link W2SG
KE7LK Lt. Col. Francis J. Murray USAF pilot; flew high-altitude CIA spy planes; was first to photograph seizure of USS Pueblo by North Korean gunboats on 1/26/68. Connie Pardew article. W2SG
N7ML Craig M. "Mike" Lamb Founder of AEA Electronics.  See "Amateur Radio Newsline" article. W2SG
NA7NA Klein S. Gilhousen co-founder of QUALCOMM; inventor and pioneer in digital wireless technology; recently donated $5M (largest-ever gift) to Montana State University.  See MSU Foundation article.  (ex-WT6G) W2SG
KC7NHZ Col. Susan Jane Helms First female crew member of International Space Station and first female ham to operate from there.  bio link and picture w/credits:  here.  See also astronaut hams. W2SG
K7NYD Judge Roger G. Strand U.S. District Court Judge for Arizona, (Reagan appointee, 20-AUG-1985); see mini-bio. W2SG
W7PO Arthur W. "Bill" Guy Widely published and honored expert in field of bio-electromagnetics and microwave technology; Fellow of IEEE, International Microwave Power Institute and American Association for the Advancement of Science. (ex-W7KHC).  ARRL RF Safety Committee cv link. W2SG
K7TA Clifford P. Stoll Scientist/Author/Actor; See "A Cuckoo's Egg"; featured speaker at 1995 Dayton Hamvention;  See " Amateur Radio Newsline" href="" target="_blank">article; W2SG
NK7U Joe Rudi Baseball player; bio ; nice article from Stan Horzepa, WA1LOU. K2GW; W2QOB
WA7UBS Dr. Charles W. Polzer, S.J. Leading expert on Spanish colonial history and Jesuit missions in the Southwest (northern New Spain); curator of ethno history at the Arizona State Museum and faculty member at the University of Arizona; award-winning author of more than a dozen books.  Links. (SK) 04-NOV-2003 (72); W2SG
K7UGA Barry Goldwater late US Senator/vociferous friend of amateur radio.  (ex-6BIP and K3UIG - his Washington, DC, callsign); QSL card .  Special Event Station QSL card.  In China, QSL card . (SK) 29-MAY-1998 (89); QSLs K8CX & W2SG
WA7UKR Bary R. Bertiger VP & General Manager of Motorola's satellite systems group; inventor of Motorola's Iridium satellite mobile phone system; See article; Jim Barlow opinion piece.  (Callsign lapsed) W2SG
K7USJ Steven L. Herman Award-winning broadcast journalist, correspondent and author, now based in Tokyo; also holds calls 7J1AIL (Japan) and T88SH (Palau).  Official web site; bio and pix. W2SG
KB7UV Andrew "Andy" Funk Four-time regional Emmy Award winner for news-casting and technical achievements at Fox5 News (WAGA-TV) in Atlanta.  See resume; radio club W5AGA site. W2SG
NV7W Clark S. Robinson Professor Emeritus of Physics at University of Illinois; specialized in high-energy physics and made many significant contributions to the design and construction of particle accelerators; declared persona non grata by the Soviet Union, after becoming an expert on Soviet nuclear technology and spending much time in Russia and East Europe on scientific-exchange programs; worked on secret Radar project during WWII with Dr. Harold Zahl (6BHI). (ex-KA7YYH) (NV7W lapsed and reissued).   Links. (SK) 07-APR-1998 (80); W2SG
N7YA Adam S. Taylor bass player for the rock group "Industry"; official web site -
N7ZIM Gary W. Zimmerman Former Oregon U. football player whose stellar career with the Denver Broncos and Minnesota Vikings has earned him eligibility for the Pro Football Hall of Fame.  See Eugene, Oregon "Register-Guard " article by Ron Bellamy. W2SG
8CR Powel Crosley Jr. A pioneer in radio broadcasting. His company became the world's largest radio manufacturer, he was known as 'The Henry Ford of Radio'.  At one time his radio station was the most powerful radio station in the world, WLW @ 500,000 watts, 1934.  Official web site. KZ8ZZ
WD8CUF George E. Terwilleger Former Ohio State Representative -- 2nd House District (Warren County) (1991-2000); official web site (and another); see Hiram's Hams Amateur Radio Society web site; W2SG
WA8DZP Dewayne L. Hendricks Wireless Internet pioneer; member of FCC's Technological Advisory Council; CEO of the Dandin Group.  See CV W2SG
W8GZ Loren G. Windom John Kraus, W8JK, actually invented the "Windom" antenna (see this "Buck" Rogers' update on the original 1929 article) but named it after his friend, W8GZ; Windom also held W8ZG;  licensed as 8ZO in 1922 in Columbus, OH.  OOTC #1758 (SK) W2AAB, updated W8SU, KK8W; link  W2SG
W8JK John Kraus Astronomer and noted antenna designer (8JK array, corner reflector, and circular polarized endfire helix; also author/publisher.  Picture and dedication; related books; His bio mentions that his first call was 8AFJ.  ARRL Obit here. (SK) 18-JUL-2004 (94); N8EE; links W2SG
W8KBF Samuel M. Hevener Avid WWII radio equipment collector who sold radios to MGM for use by Nicholas Cage in 2002 movie "Windtalkers."  See Sun Newspapers article.  IMDB added a "Trivia" item to their listing at our suggestion. W2SG
KC8KVF Sharon M. Spencer Sole member of the West Virginia state legislature (D-Kanawha, 30th District)) who is a ham.   Links. W2SG
8NH Emma Candler Reputedly first female radio amateur, licensed in January,1915 in St. Mary's, Ohio.  Links:  ARRL Web; Donna Halper article; Nancy Hall (KC4IYD) first YL's article; picture of station in 1916; W2SG
W8OK Francis J. "Frank" Schwab "Mr. Hamvention" -- Founded Dayton Hamvention in 1952 with John Willig, W8ACE; CQ DX Hall of Fame member; WWII radioman on destroyer USS Ingersoll (DD-652) for over two years; OOTC#2495 (ex-W8YCP).  Links. (SK) 30-MAY-2003 (77); W2SG
W8PAL Al Gross Communications Pioneer/Inventor of the "walkie-talkie";  inventor of the Citizens' Radio Service aka "Citizens' Band."  First CB was on 450 MHz, where GMRS and FRS are located now.  See " RF Design" article and 2) IEEE article; obit; QSL card and photo; (SK) 21-DEC-2000; W2SG; QSL K8CX
WD8PQS George A. 'Dutch' Leonard Late leader of the Kroger stores and Red Cross philanthropist; Cincinnati Post obituary mentions his interest in ham radio. (SK) 22-AUG-2002 original addition from K2GW; update W2SG
8XK Dr. Frank Conrad "Father of radio broadcasting," with first broadcast on 17-OCT-1919, from home in Wilkinsburg, PA; NPR broadcast transcript; Hammond Museum web site; Dr. Russell Naughton's article; James E. Brittain/IEEE article.  Philip B. Peterson article; Elizabeth McLeod article "Which Was the First U.S. Radio Station?" W2SG
K8ZDA Jeffrey T. Ferriell Professor of Law at Capital University Law School in Columbus, OH. Bio and official web site. W2SG
W8ZR James C. Garland President of Miami University (OH).  Avid collector of vintage amateur radio equipment.  See article. W2SG
9ALD Edgar F. Johnson Founder of E. F. Johnson Co. in Waseca, Minnesota, a leading manufacturer of amateur and commercial transmitters through the 1970's.  Links. (SK) 11-FEB-1991 (91); W2SG
W9DKI Dr. Donald L. Walters Professor at US Naval Postgraduate School in Dept. of Physics; trustee of J.S. Kilby Digital Millennium and grandson of Jack Kilby's "Elmer." See W9GTY listing and QRZ! profile; C.V. W2SG
9DRV David Packard Co-Founder of Hewlett-Packard.  Link. (SK) 26-MAR-1996 (84)
K9EID Robert G. "Bob" Heil Audio engineering guru; pioneered live-sound industry in 60's and 70's with the Grateful Dead, the Who, Joe Walsh (WB6ACU), Peter Frampton, et al.; awarded first "Pioneer Award" by Audio Engineering Society in 1995; founded Heil Sound esp. PROLINE Division devoted to high-performance audio products; QRZ! picture
KB7UV; links W2SG
N9FZX Dr. Paul A. Flaherty Co-inventor of the Alta Vista Search Engine; See QRZ!; Usenet post; ARRL Letter Vol 25, No 16 notes his passing. VE7RJT; (SK) 16-MAR-2006
W9GFZ Grote Reber One of the earliest pioneers of radio astronomy, died 20-DEC-2002 (SK) in Tasmania.  Pioneering paper at this URL.  W9GFZ is now held by the NRAO Amateur Radio Club in Socorro, New Mexico; brief bio and publications; obit; ARRL Letter; links W2SG
W9GTY Jack St.Clair Kilby Recipient of Nobel Prize in Physics in 2000 for invention of the integrated circuit; credits amateur radio for his interest in electronics leading to invention; call recently re-issued to J. S. Kilby Digital Millennium at U.S. Naval Postgraduate School in Monterey, CA, with grandson of childhood friend of Kilby's who was his "Elmer," Dr. Donald H. Walters (W9DKI), the trustee! Links:  bio; entry into ham radio - and here; oral history; Year 2000 Nobel Prize winners; Nobel autobiography W2SG
W9JS Clyde C. "Rich" Richelieu "The Banjo Man," famous banjo maker who was recently elected to the National Four String Banjo Hall of Fame, and who performed on national TV shows; as a ham, relayed re-supply requests for Admiral Richard Byrd during his trek to the South Pole in 1928-29.  (Callsign had lapsed by time of his death).  Links. (SK) 09-OCT-2003 (94); W2SG
KB9KV Edward J. Andrew Former Chairman, and son of founder (Dr. Victor J. Andrew), of Andrew Corporation, manufacturer of commercial, industrial and governmental communications systems and antennas; philanthropist; corporate history and profile; another profile; W2SG
N9LC George H. Sweigert Received patent for invention of cordless telephone in 1969 (ex-W8ZIS); obituary (SK) 23-FEB-1999 (79); W2SG
K9QVL Robert P. Hanssen Former FBI agent and convicted spy.  See links here and here. various sources; links W2SG
N9RHY William "Bill"  J. Ward Indiana policeman received "Radio Hero" award for arresting two youths suspected of murdering two Dartmouth College professors in 2001.  See ARRL article.  CNN story. W2SG
9TH Karl Hassel Founded Chicago Radio Laboratory in 1919 with 9ZN, Ralph H. G. Matthews;  CRL became Zenith Radio Corp. in 1923.  "Zenith" name derived from their call letters (Z-NiTH); story; W2SG
WB9VPG Delbert Neil Rapp Widely reported to have been the youngest licensed ham in the world (at age 5), as well as now youngest QCWA member (at age 32).  See QRZ!.  Picture and Illinois hamfest/QCWA article. W2SG
W9WNV Dr. Don Miller Intrepid DX-peditioner.  Check out interesting item on Miller at this URL.  Freed from prison, now has AE6IY. W2AAB, K3ZO/HS0ZAR
W9YZE Harry A. Turner Held Morse code speed record at 35 wpm set with a hand telegraph key on November 9, 1942, while in the U.S. Army Signal Corps, for which he was listed in the Guinness Book of Records beginning in 1981; OOTC# 1961.  Tony Smith G4FAI article; ARRL obituary; (SK) 21-DEC-1994 (88); W2SG
9ZN Ralph H. G.  Matthews Founded Chicago Radio Laboratory in 1919 with Karl Hassel, 9TH;. CRL became Zenith Radio Corp. in 1923.  "Zenith" name derived from their call letters (Z-NiTH). story; "InfoAge" article; picture of Zenith radio. W2SG
AA0AX Dr. William B. Morgan Tuskegee Airman; See article.  (ex-KA0ZNU). K2GW; updated links W2SG.
N0AX H. Ward Silver Author of  "Ham Radio for Dummies," expected to be available in 2004 from Wiley Publishing; a "QST" editor and author of the ARRL's "Radio Puzzler." (ex-WB0GQP).  Links. W2SG
W0BB Edward J. Bock Former President and CEO of Monsanto Co., who chose engineering over playing pro-football with the Chicago Bears, after being named All-American lineman at Iowa State University in 1938.  Elected to National Football Hall of Fame in 1970. Obit in 8/2/04 St. Louis Post-Dispatch.(ex-W0EKT).  Links. (SK) 31-JUL-2004 (87); W2SG
W0BC Wade H. Williams Jr. Founded Associated Radio right after WWII, retiring in 1991.  He had over 1000 hours of flight time over the Pacific routes in WWII and has contributed to amateur radio in many ways.  His last commercial product was the BC-Matcher a small mobile antenna matcher.  Official web site; QRZ! profile; (SK) 21-APR-2003 (81); Bill Williams (son)
W0CBL Lester Dent Prolific pulp-fiction writer of the 1930's and 40's.  See article about George Pal collaboration on " Doc Savage." Also:  collection. (SK) 1959 (54); W2SG
W0CXX Art Collins Founder of Collins Radio.  QSL card; Call adopted as Club Call; bio;  QSL card.  Memorial QSL card. links W2SG; QSL K8CX
KC0DNB Martin R. Burnham Christian missionary held hostage by terrorists with his wife, Gracia,  and others for more than a  year in the Philippines, before being killed during a rescue attempt by Filipino troops.  Articles here, here, here, and here. SK  7-JUN-2002 (42); W2SG
K0DQ John Scott Redd Ret. Vice Admiral, former chief of all Naval forces in Persian Gulf ('94-'96), responsible for withdrawal of UN forces from Somalia; licensed as A92Q in Bahrain.  He is the Chairman, President and CEO of the NetSchools Corporation, a high tech education company headquartered in Atlanta, GA.  See bio. Dayton Hamvention picture.  In 36 years of active duty, Redd commanded eight organizations, led the re-commissioned Fifth Fleet and held several senior policy positions at the Pentagon. W2SG
K0DWC Gen. Francis "Butch" Griswold Famous leader of the Strategic Air Command w/Curtis LeMay.  Helped get K0AIR on the air;  bio  link. W1JD.
N0EAJ Nicholas Johnson FCC Commissioner during the Johnson and Nixon administrations.  See official web site W2SG
W0FQY Carl E. Mosley Founder of Mosley Electronics Inc., long-time manufacturer of antennas; OOTC# 0480; ex-9BOJ; Official Mosley Electronics Inc. web site ; QSL card front and rear from K4BKD. (SK); K4BKD; link W2SG;
N0HFF William G. "Bill" Pierpont Author; wrote "The Art and Skill of Radio-Telegraphy" now available in several languages and considered by some as the definitive guide to radiotelegraphy; see SK info ARRL Letter. former Chief Scientist at Beech Aircraft and Biblical scholar; (ex-W9BLK); Google cached obituary. (SK) 20-FEB-2003 (88); W2SG
K0HWY Gordon L. "Tex" Beneke Lead tenor sax player for Glenn Miller orchestra/movie actor -- see also IMDB bio; (ex-W2CKD); his wife was W2EHR (Callsign lapsed); See ARRL article; (SK) 30-MAY-2000 (86)
KB0KUB William "Bill" P. Hyde Baptist missionary who was one of 21 killed by terrorist bomb at Davao City airport in the Philippines.  See Int'l Herald Tribune article; and Washington Times article; see SK info ARRL letter. (SK) 04-MAR-2003 (59); W2SG
W0LTE Andrew A. "Andy" Andros Co-founder of Hy-Gain Electronics in 1949 with brother Ted, W0URN.  ARRL obituary with picture here. (SK) 23-JAN-2001 (76); W2SG
KB0MDX Heather D. Hollenbeck Beauty contest winner, Miss Topeka 2000 and contestant and delegate for Miss Kansas.  ARRL story w/pix.   W2SG
K0SNW Harry J. Pearce Chairman of Hughes Electronics Corporation since May, 2001;  Mr. Pearce was elected vice-chairman of General Motors on 01-JAN-1996; bio with picture.  Hughes Electronics bio; W2SG
W0SX Kenneth J. Wessels Recently appointed Chairman and CEO of Strong Capital Management Inc., having some $40 billion under management, after controversial resignation of founder Richard Strong; former Chairman of the National Association of Securities Dealers (NASD) in 1990, and member of its Board of Governors; numerous personal details, including ham radio, reported in "The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel" of December 14, 2003. (ex-WW0W).  Links. W2SG
WB0TVL James A. Whittaker As WWII POW in Burma, he helped build The Bridge over the River Kwai. Minnesota American Legion article. W2SG
W0UGP Lt. Col. Edward Wiik, Ret. Pioneer in establishing standards for pollution control in Minnesota.  Obituary. (SK) 11-JUL-2003 (88); K2GW
N0UJR Greg Trook N0UJR Cartoons. Very funny, ham radio-related cartoons!  Greg N0UJR -


Amateur Radio Operators with Callsigns from Foreign Countries (DX)



DX Callsigns Name Claim to Fame Notes

VE/VO Famous Hams


Canadian Ham of the Year; Canadian Radio Amateur Hall of Fame -
3BB Masaru Ibuka Co-founder Tokyo Telecommunications Engineering Corp., the company that became Sony Corp.  Note that 3BB is an early Japanese call!!!  Here are some interesting links:  JARL obit; Turkish obit. (SK) 19-DEC-1997 (89); W2SG
3BP Edward S. Rogers Canadian inventor of AC vacuum tube and battery-less radio; granted 1st TV license in Canada; see bio. (SK) 06-MAY-1939 (38); W2SG
9A4SP Pero Simundza One of three United Nations refugee workers killed by a mob of militiamen in West Timor, Indonesia, on September 6, 2000; memorial site. article official web site; see listing above for KD4SYB; (also 4W6SP, T98P, ZA/9A4SP) (SK) 06-SEP-2000 (29); W2SG
9K2CS Prince Yousuf Al-Sabah Royalty -
9K2DZ Abdul Jabbar Marafie Heroic ham who maintained communications from Kuwait during Iraqi occupation in August 1990; 1992 ARRL Humanitarian Award Winner --  article.  Also:  Philip B. Peterson article. W2SG
9N1MM Rev. Marshall D. Moran, S.J. "Father Moran" was a famous Jesuit missionary from Chicago who initially went to India in 1929, where he later befriended Mahatma Gandhi and J. Nehru while attempting to quell the Hindu-Muslim riots; he later became a Nepalese national, spending more than half his life there, including briefly serving as Nepal's Minister of Telecommunications; he founded numerous religious and secular schools and become the first and only permanent ham in Nepal in 1960; in 1963, with W5IXP, he was the base radio contact for first successful U.S. Mount Everest expedition.  Jet Propulsion Lab article and QSL card; reviews of Father Moran's bio, "Moran of Kathmandu" are here and here; history of his founding of St. Xavier's Godavari Jesuit school in 1951 in Nepal; obit with pix.  ARRL video.  QSL card. (SK) 14-APR-1992 (86); W2SG
CN8MH King Hassan II (Moulay Hassan) King of Morocco (SK) 24-JUL-1999 (70)
EA0JC King Juan Carlos King of Spain; QSL card link.  His Majesty's MV Agusta motorcycle, as seen in the Guggenheim Museum's "Art of the Motorcycle" show. W2SG; Curtis Jurrens
EI7EQ Manus McClafferty Donegal ham whose  communications with Russian cosmonaut formed the basis for 1999 Irish movie "Mir Friends."  See video clip . W2SG
F5VBY Tony Dolby brother invented Dolby Noise Reduction System; (ex-G3TZH); near Toulouse, France; XYL: Anne F5VBX -
FO5GJ Marlon Brando, Jr. Actor; (pseudonym Martin Brandeaux) - (see also KE6PZH); bio; in this "Larry King Live" transcript from 07-OCT-1994, Brando confirms his interest in ham radio in response to a caller's question.  Links. (SK) 01-JUL-2004  (80); VE7RJT;  K4GZZ; links W2SG, G4DCV
G2DQU Sir Brian Rix Actor/Philanthropist -
G2YL Nelly Corry 2nd licensed YL in England.  QSL with station photo. W2SG; QSL K8CX
G3SDN 'Doctor' Emil Savundra Savundra, Emil, originally Michael Marion Emil Anecletus Savundranayagam
(1923 - 1976). Convicted swindler and fraudster, born in Sri Lanka. He gave
himself the title of 'Doctor', and perpetrated huge financial swindles in Costa
Rica, Goa, Ghana, China and Britain. He is best known in Britain for the crash of his Fire, Auto and Marine Insurance Co, which left 400,000 motorists without
insurance coverage in 1966.  Links.
G3YLA Jim Bacon TV Meteorologist -
G6YL Barbara Dunn 1st European YL operator, SWL in 1925 and licensed as EG6YL in 1927. Of course, she was also the 1st British YL op also.  QSL with picture. W2SG; QSL K8CX
G0OAN Feargal Sharkey lead singer Irish punk band in 70's G4KFK
GM3ITN Les Hamilton Scottish printer who first alerted England of Argentine invasion of the Falklands on April 2, 1982.  See article. W2SG sent this GM3ITN QSL 
HI8MMJ Manny Mota Famous baseball player with the Pittsburgh Pirates and LA Dodgers great.  Links. W8SU and KK8W; links W2SG
HS1A Bhumiphol Adulayadej King of Thailand K3ZO/HS0ZAR
HS1D Maha Chakri Sirindhorn Princess/Heiress to throne of Thailand (second-in-line) K3ZO/HS0ZAR
I0FCG Francesco Cossiga former President of Italy XE1MN
JI1KIT Keizo Obuchi served as the 84th Prime Minister of Japan; official web site; BBC obituary (SK) 14-MAY-2000 (62)
JA5FHB Katsutsugu Sekiya Minister of Construction and Minister of State for the National Land Agency JH6MHO
JY1 King Hussein King of Jordan; was very active ham before his passing; touching memorial here.  QSL card. (SK) 07-FEB-1999 (63)
JY1NH Queen Noor Queen of Jordan; American-born Lisa Halaby -
JY2HT former Crown Prince Hassan King Hussein's brother -
JY2RZ Prince Raad The late King Hussein's cousin; Chairman of the Royal Jordan Radio Amateur Society -
LI2B Kon Tiki Raft Expedition Callsign used on raft.  (Thor Heyerdahl was the leader of this famous expedition (SK) 18-APR-2002 at age 88). Article in "QST" online.  There's a very good documentary on the "History Channel" about this expedition, which shows Raaby operating the Hallicrafters radios on board! LA3KY, and Torstein Raaby (ops)
LU1SM Carlos Saul Menem President of Argentina (1989-1999). LW7EMN
M0SDX Sergey Rebrov Professional soccer player; (ex-UT5UDX); reportedly, Rebrov is now playing for a Turkish club and using call TA2ZF; QRZ! profile. QSL card.  G4AHJ; G4EAN; W2SG
RAEM Ernst Krenkel Famous polar explorer; saved the lives of 104 people, for which he was named "Hero of the Soviet Union"; here's an interesting memoir that explains his unusual callsign, which was originally the callsign of the "s/s Chelyuskin"; he also operated as UPOL from the North Pole. K8CX
SP3RN St. Maximilian Kolbe Roman Catholic WW II martyr/canonized saint; see also Patron Saint of Hams; Detailed bio (in Polish); picture.  Some people have speculated that St. Kolbe was sent to Auschwitz because the Nazis believed his ham radio activities somehow involved espionage. See, e.g., letter by C.B. Miller in the August 6, 2004, issue of the Marshfield News-Herald (Wisconsin). WB9RXJ; W2SG
SU1VN Prince Talal Saudi Arabian royalty -
UA1LO Yuri Gagarin First Cosmonaut; - died in jet crash - Click here to read a very nice note, reprinted with permission, from Yuri, YL2DX.  See also bio and entry on my Astronaut Hams page. (SK) 27-MAR-1968 (34);YL2DX
VE2AHZ/ VK2AHZ Robert W. Lane Also known as "Tex Morton" - Very colorful country and western singer-songwriter born in New Zealand, was well known as a performer throughout North America and Australia in the mid-20th century,
recording over 300 songs; known as the "father of Australian country
music."  Links.
(SK) 23-JUL-1983 (66);  W2SG

Bryce Clarke Eckstein One of the best-known broadcasters in Saskatchewan, a veteran of CBC Radio and TV in Saskatchewan since 1968.  Links . (SK) 13-DEC-2003 (75); K2GW
VK2FV Florence V. McKenzie Australia's first female electrical engineer and first female certified telegrapher; trained over 10,000 servicemen in use of code; founded and directed in 1939 the Women's Emergency Signalling Corps, which became the Women's Royal Australian Naval Service, for which she received the OBE; Links. (SK) 1982 (90); VK3DMS; W2SG
VK2KB Sir Allan Fairhall Statesman -
VK3JU Ross A. Hull Australian radio pioneer, particularly in VHF; co-inventor of first publicly demonstrated R/C aircraft with Clinton Desoto (W1CBD); one-time Associate Editor of "QST"; electrocuted while switching on power supply of his homebrew TV receiver -- story; (ex-3JU; ex-OA3JU); "Model Airplane News" reprint; Eric Jamieson, KO1K, " QST" article (SK)  13-SEP-1938 (36); W2SG
VK4HA Harry Angel Was Australia's oldest radio amateur.  See article. (SK) 14-DEC-1997 (106); link W2SG
VP9F Reginald Aubrey Fessenden Scientist; prolific inventor; wireless pioneer... See 1XS above. (SK) 22-JULY-1932 (65);  W2AAB; update & links W2SG
VR6TC Tom Christian Lives on Pitcairn Island,  in the South Pacific.  This famous ham is most notable as the ancestor of Fletcher Christian, the man who led the famous mutiny on "H.M.S. Bounty."  National web site; picture. W2YHO
VU2RG Rajiv Ghandi late Prime Minister of India; victim of assassination/bomb explosion. (SK) 21-MAR-1991 (47)
VU2SON Sonia Ghandi XYL of VU2RG -
XE1GC Guillermo González Camarena Invented color television picture tube (Tri-Color Tube that made viewing the color signal possible U.S. Patent 40235 (17-AUG-1940) (SK) 18-APR-1965 (48);XE1ZVO
XE1GGO Enrique Guzman Singer XE1ZVO
XE1K Walter Cross Buchanan ex-Minister of Communications and Public Works (SCOP) (SK) XE1MN
XE1MMM Jorge Vargas Singer XE1ZVO
XE1N Manuel Medina Built first spark transmitter in Mexico (SK) XE1MN
YU1RL Radivoje "Rasa" Lazarevic Yugoslav ambassador to Brazil; (as of March 2001) -
YU4ZU Goran Bregovic Actor, Musician.  See IMDB; (Callsign lapsed)  VE3ZIK/4N1DX