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Asunto:[dxcolombia] FW: Corrección fechas JOTA 21 y 22 de Octu bre de 2006
Fecha:Martes, 1 de Agosto, 2006  10:57:33 (-0500)
Autor:Luis Ramirez <hk3ovp>

Gracias a BOB,  HK1AA, 7/3   

From:  BOB <hk1aa.dx@...>
To:  hk3ovp@..., hk1aildx@...Corrección fechas JOTA 21 y 22 de Octubre de 2006
Date:  Mon, 24 Jul 2006 01:49:45 -0500

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Hola Luis H. Te envío este boletín de la Oficina
Scout Mundial, con las fechas oficiales.
Tambien tiene otros datos interesantes.
Tu amigo
BOB.  Roberto.  HK1AA.

49th Jamboree On The Air

21 & 22 October 2006

The largest annual WOSM event, the Jamboree-On-The-Air (JOTA) will be held this year for the 49th time
during the weekend of 21 and 22 October 2006.

The JOTA is an annual event in which about 500,000 Scouts and Guides all over the world make contacts with each other by means of amateur radio. It is a real Jamboree during which Scouting experiences are exchanged and ideas are shared, thus contributing to the world brotherhood of Scouting.

==> Download the latest JOTA info circular

For your contacts with the press, have a look at the JOTA Press Guide and other material in the on-line library.

Right-click the logo above and select "save as" to download a high-resolution picture (1200 dpi, size 15 x 10 cm, 2Mb) of the logo that you can use for your JOTA publications.

Radio waves travel over the internet

If you have an internet connection available at your radio station we recommend you to use Echolink. The Echolink system allows you to make radio contacts over very large distances, regardless of the propagation conditions, using even small handheld radio's. Echolink works via computers that are connected both to the internet and to an amateur radio station. By contacting one of these, your signals can go from the airwaves onto the internet and vice-versa. Echolink even allows PC users and amateur radio stations to directly communicate with each other. In fact, if you don't have amateur radio equipment you can still use it. You need a PC with a soundcard, speakers and a microphone. Your PC transmits your voice signals over the internet, to another Amateur Radio station. Suppose you are at a location that does not allow you to put up antennas. Or you have easy access to the computer class room in a school building. Now you have the chance to take part in JOTA from the school's PC's, simply by connecting to Echolink.
The World Scout Bureau's amateur radio station HB9S can also be reached by Echolink.

A musical relay-race on radio waves.

This year, for the 49th JOTA, you have a chance to use your musical talents and creativity. We will make a JOTA song together ! What is the idea? Together with several JOTA stations, we will make an international JOTA song. A small number of countries has already received a starting line for the song. Scouts in those countries will add the first strophe to that line and pass the entire song on by radio or echolink to Scouts in another country. They will in turn add another strophe and forward the entire song to yet another country, and so forth. Forwarding is done by singing the song of course. After a minimum of 4 countries have added a strophe to the song, your composition can be send to HB9S in Geneva. If it arrives before 22 Oct 12:00 GMT, it will enter the JOTA song contest.
How to prepare? You can already prepare yourself to join in this JOTA activity. Have a look at the melody that is printed in the circular and create a few lines for the song that match the melody. Preferably in English. You can also use your own language, but remember the song has to be transferred via another country.

Download the melody.

The radio-bridge experiment

During the JOTA weekend, a small-scale experiment will be held to transfer internet traffic over HF amateur radio. The idea is to provide a basic internet access in remote locations, at larger distances from an internet access point, typically a few hundred kilometres. The experiment aims to test the concept and verify if the available technology can be handled in a simple way by Scout stations and can be operated by Scouts for JOTA contacts. If this is successful, the concept may be used on a wider scale next year, in particular in those countries and areas where internet access is not readily available. If you wish to take part in the experiment, please contact the World JOTA Organizer.

Ask the Wizard

A great help in making a radio contact is the "propagation wizard", a free software programme that lets you calculate the best times and frequencies to contact a certain station anywhere on the globe. You need to enter your own map co-ordinates and those of the station or area you want to contact. The programme calculates the best times (in GMT) and frequencies for the contact. Also it calculates the distance and antenna direction.
Download and install this handsome propagation wizard.

The J-code

A group of National JOTA Organizers has presented a new idea to overcome the language barrier during the JOTA. The aim is to make a simple conversation possible between youngsters of different cultures and languages. Without having at least one language in common. How? Well, by introducing a small set of acronyms, very similar to the well-known Q-code used by the radio amateurs. For JOTA, it is called the J-code.
See it as a game and a challenge to try to communicate with Scouts that do not speak your language. We're curious to see and hear your experiments with the new J-code. The complete set of acronyms can be downloaded here:


Other languages will be uploaded as soon as available. Your translation is welcomed by email.


The translator machine: There is a free translation service available on the internet. You can enter up to one page of text in one language and ask it to translate it into another. It has over 20 different languages available. Last year, several JOTA groups used it to translate radio messages on the spot. It may not be very fast, but it is fun to do and it does help. You could even prepare a standard message for your Scouts in many different languages. Click here and it will get you to the translator machine.

Further details of the programme for the 49th JOTA can be found in the latest JOTA info circular.

Also check the JOTA on-line library on this web site for futher programme ideas.

Don't forget: your JOTA Story

With your help, the World Scout Bureau can compile a world-wide overview of the weekend and make it available to all participants. Of course, the information has to come from the participating Scout groups. Send a short story of your activities to your National JOTA Organizer (NJO) after the event. Good (colour) photographs will help to illustrate the event. Ask the help of a Scout photographer at your station. Please write us your ideas and comments, suggestions for future programmes and a description of the most exiting contacts.


World Organization of the Scout Movement
Box 91, CH-1211 Geneva 4, Switzerland

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