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Re: Saludos de Jim Pedro J.
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Re: Re: De los 11 luis enr
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2006 ARRL Contest oscar ed
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wwyc colombia oscar ed
Re: wwyc colombia German D
Re: A Eduardo gavi correo d
Re: Alvaro , correo d
Re: para HK3CW correo d
Re: para HK3CW HK3CW
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Asunto:Re: [dxcolombia] wwyc colombia
Fecha:Jueves, 23 de Febrero, 2006  19:53:20 (-0500)
Autor:German Duran <hk3jff>
En respuesta a:Mensaje 2340 (escrito por oscar eduardo reyes salazar)

Oscar: no nos hafas fieros. Esto es para los "teenagers". Suerte. 73 German

2006/2/23, oscar eduardo reyes salazar < >:
please we need help from all colombian radio amateurs, in this moment in
colombia group we have 2 radio amateur  registered:
to more information please contact at oscar eduardo reyes hk6pro via e_mail:
thank you.

What WWYC is?

World Wide Young Contesters (WWYC) is an amateur radio contest club that was
created in November 1999. Club has been created by the idea of few teen
contest friends, OZ1AA, LZ5AZ, 9A6XX, YT7AW, SM3WMV. Whole point was simple
and clear, to gather together and encourage all the young HF or VHF
contesters in the world, and to help them to become more active and more
competitive. Untill today our club has over 300 members and it's quite well
known among the whole contesting world. What is most important some members
established beautiful friendships and unforgetable moments with their club
colegaues, as well as great challenges and rivalships pushing them to the
limits they never tought they'll pass.

WWYC activies

First activities in our club became and remained mostly based on our mailing
list, where we usually exchange some toughts on contests, our contest plans
or even some other activities. We can say this list is something each real
WWYCer read and takes part in. Those that are some kind of a contest freaks
beside reading our list usually hangs out on our WWYC chat channel in
Internet Relay Chat (IRC). WWYC Chat grown quite a bit and you can really
find sometimes quite a number of WWYCers there.

WWYC Mailing list:
Port: 6667
Channel: #wwyc

How to become a WWYC member?

When we talk about young contesters first we had to make an age limit to our
members. This age limit is 30. That's why those contesters that are older
cannot join our club but our mailing list is welcome to just anybody willing
to contribute and help us. If you didnt reach this age limit and you really
like contests you can join us anytime. Just fill out the form which is given
on our JOIN IN page and in few days you'll get your WWYC number.

Members that crossed age limit

Those members that crossed the age limit are no longer active members of the
WWYC. They remain their WWYC number and enter the Hall of fame.

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