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Asunto:[dxcolombia] HK6DOS // 3Y0X and NA1SS Log Historic QSO
Fecha:Domingo, 19 de Febrero, 2006  09:41:08 (-0500)
Autor:Oscar A. Gaviria <hk6dos>

3Y0X and NA1SS Log Historic QSO

NEWINGTON, CT, Feb 14, 2006--Completing an overhaul of the International 
Space Station's exercise treadmill cut into Expedition 12 Commander Bill 
McArthur's ham radio time from NA1SS. But when he did get on the radio 
February 13, he made excellent use of the time remaining.

"Only one contact," McArthur reported. "3Y0X! Thanks!" The 2-meter contact 
between the space station and the Peter I Island DXpedition in the 
Bellinghausen Sea near Antarctica occurred during a barely viable 2-degree 
pass. The 3Y0X QSO pushed McArthur's count of DXCC entities worked from 
space to 104. McArthur already has worked all states and all continents 
during his duty tour aboard the ISS.

      Expedition 12 Commander Bill McArthur, KC5ACR, at the helm of the 
NA1SS Phase 2 ham radio equipment.

On the Peter I Island end of the contact was 3Y0X DXpedition team member 
Gordon Hardman, W0RUN. McArthur, who's KC5ACR, reports he and Hardman 
enjoyed "a brief, but nice chat."

Because the Amateur Radio on the International Space Station (ARISS) Phase 2 
gear is in crossband repeater mode for SuitSat-1, McArthur used the 
lower-power Phase 1 Ericsson 2-meter gear for the contact. He reported good 
copy on 3Y0X, which was using its moonbounce equipment and array for the 
event. The 3Y0X team already was celebrating the nine moonbounce contacts it 
had made over the weekend.

"We're going to keep working in case other members of the team are 
interested," McArthur said. "Gordon mentioned that one of their team members 
is Russian, so I've asked Valeri [Tokarev] to be on tomorrow. Also will 
allow them to log RS0ISS."

Topping the Peter I Web site I is the comment, "More people have flown in 
outer space than have set foot on Peter I Island!" ARISS Ham Radio Project 
Engineer Kenneth Ransom, N5VHO, notes that the 3Y0X DXpedition is the first 
to work someone in space from that location.

      Remote Peter I Island. The Yagi graphic shows the approximate location 
of the 3Y0X DXpedition.

McArthur already had worked the 3Y0X DXpedition team while it was still 
onboard the ship heading for Peter I and operating as XR9A/mm. Previous 
tries at a 3Y0X-NA1SS contact had been unsuccessful, but Ransom thinks a 
recent change in the space station's orientation may have contributed to 
this week's success.

The Daily DX reports the 3Y0X team has been able to send more logs for 
posting on the Peter I Web log search site. For those earthlings who have 
yet to put 3Y0X into their logs, plans call for the DXpedition to continue 
at least through this coming weekend--when the ARRL International DX Contest 
(CW) takes place.

"If you need it, don't put this one off," The Daily DX (and QST "How's DX?") 
Editor Bernie McClenny, W3UR, advised. He said a number of "little pistols" 
in the US have reported working 3Y0X late at night or very early in the 
morning on 30, 40, and 80 meters.

"My advice would be to put in the time now before the weekend, as there will 
definitely be more DXers trying to work them this coming weekend," he added. 
According to The Daily DX, the 3Y0X team continues to keep six or seven 
stations on the air around the clock on various bands and modes from 160 
through 15 meters.


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