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Asunto:[dxcolombia] Ohio/Penn DX Bulletin No. 748
Fecha:Domingo, 19 de Febrero, 2006  17:53:04 (-0500)
Autor:Oscar A. Gaviria <hk6dos>

Ohio/Penn DX Bulletin No. 748

DX Bulletin No. 748
February 20, 2006
Editor Tedd Mirgliotta, KB8NW

3Y0X NEWS...........
   PETER I ISLAND DXPEDITION QRT. As your editor was putting the final
   touches on this week's bulletin, the 3Y0X DXpedition went QRT at 1813z
   on December 19th (Last contact was with K8LTG on 17m CW). According
   to their Web page the Peter I team reported at 1900z, February 18th:
   "The weather cleared sufficiently to offload even more of the 'ready to
   go' gear -- and four Team Members! Gary/K9SG, Carlos/NP4IW, Wayne/KU4V
   and Robert/SP5XVY are all safely aboard the ship. The rest of us are
   working in consolidating loads for the helicopter and trying to elevate
   the QSO count even higher than the 81.9K Qs uploaded as of 1400utc today.
   Even though Gary/K9SG (our Team physician) is no longer on the island,
   we were able to persuade him to leave the defibrillator behind (just in
   case)!"  QSL via N2OO. Remember, updates, pictures/videos and logs can
   be found on the 3Y0X Web page at:
   ADDED NOTE: Just before going to print, your editor checked the Peter
   One Web page one more time and saw the following: "This ham radio log
   contains 86,522 QSOs from 8-Feb-2006 0550Z through 19-Feb-2006 1100Z."

                    3Y0X QSO Statistics Band/Mode Breakdown
                           Band    SSB   CW   RTTY
                           160m      2  1312     0
                            80m   3358  2502     0
                            40m   5735  7117     0
                            30m      0  9053  1101
                            20m  13767 10373  1374
                            17m   7003  5949   689
                            15m   6339  3851   848
                            12m   1726  2034     0
                            10m   1602   782     1
                             6m      0     1     0
                             2m      0     1     0
                          Total  39532 42975  4013
            (ed. GREAT JOB GUYS! Where are you going next?)

   WHAT DXING IS ALL ABOUT? Congrats to John, W1BIH, a veteran DXer, for
   working the 3Y0X. "Why" you say does John get a special mention in the
   OPDX? John is 90 years old. He lives in a retirement community and sold
   his complete station last year when he moved. For John, Peter One Island
   is the last country John needs for DXCC, and he missed the last two Peter
   One Island DXpeditions. However, on Thursday, February 9th, Don, N1DG,
   picked up John and took him to his station. About thirty minutes later
   there was a big smile on John's face. You see, John has now worked his
   last country (335 current), and he can now get back on the top of the
   honor roll. "Oh", by the way, Peter I was his country number 390
   (including deletes)! WOW!!!! Since then, John has worked 3YØX from his
   retirement community station on 20M CW with 100w and a G5RV strung from
   his window 20' above the ground. See John's QSO with 3Y0X at:

   Congrats to the 3Y0X team for having a QSO with Commander Bill McArthur
   on the International Space Station, NA1SS, on February 13th. The 3Y0X
   QSO pushed McArthur's count of DXCC entities worked from space to 104.
   Read the story at:

6W, SENEGAL. Peter, HA3AUI, continues to be active as 6W/HA3AUI until
March 31st. His main focus will be on 20/17 meters SSB, with some PSK
and RTTY. However, he has also been heard on 15 meters. His operating
does vary, but watch 20 meters after 1100z, 17 meters after 1600z and 15
meters after 1300z. QSL via his home callsign, direct or by the bureau.

9H, MALTA. Members of the Texas DX Society (TDXS) are pleased to announce
their DXpedition to Malta (IOTA EU-023), March 1-8th. Team Malta members
are: Cal/WF5W (9H3W), Steve/W9DX (9H3DX), Madison/W5MJ (9H3V), Don/N5DD
(9H3RY), Bill/K5WAF (9H3WF), Mike/K5UO (9H3UO), Paul/W5PF (9H3PF) and
Keith/NM5G (9H3KD). They will participate in the ARRL International DX
Phone Contest, March 4-5th, as 9H3DX. During non-contest periods all 9H3
callsigns may be used, but primary activity will be 9H3DX on SSB, 9H3V on
CW, 9H3RY on RTTY, and 9H3WF on PSK. They will be active on 80-10 meters
and possibly 160m. QSL Manager is W5PF for all callsigns. Visit the TDXS
Web site for more details and online log searches at:

C6, BAHAMAS. Peter, W2IRT, will be in Nassau operating as C6/W2IRT for
the week of March 4-10th. He plans to be on 17/20 meters for the most
part using 100w and a dipole. This is a spare-time holiday operation.
QSL via his home callsign; direct, by the bureau and LoTW.

CQIR (Ireland Calling: Preliminary Announcement: Win a trip to Ireland!).
In 2007, the Irish Radio Transmitters Society (IRTS) celebrates their 75th
anniversary of its founding in 1932. As part of its jubilee celebrations
the Society is organizing an International Radio Contest, "CQIR - Ireland
Calling". For this contest, references to Ireland means the island of
Ireland and its offshore islands - both EI and GI. CQIR is a once-off
event with a difference - overseas entrants with 75 or more QSOs have the
opportunity to win a trip to Ireland. CQIR is a 24-hour, single-operator
HF CW/SSB contest on the weekend of 29/30 September 2007.  As this is the
fifth full weekend in the month, there is no clash with any established
event. CQIR is a celebration of both the IRTS Jubilee and the "Irish"
amateur-radio community worldwide.  It's where the Irish, at home and
abroad, work the World - and where those of Irish descent identify
themselves by including their ancestral county in the exchange, for
example: County Limerick, County Antrim etc. Full rules and county codes
will appear on the IRTS Web page at:
Also, free software will be provided to support CQIR.

CN2, MOROCCO. Brad, K7ZSD, will be active as CN2SD from March 20-28th.
He will also be active in the CQ WW WPX SSB Contest (March 25-26th) as
a Single-Op/Single-Band (20m) entry. QSL via K7ZSD.

DAYTON HAMVENTION NEWS. George/W8UVZ and George/K8GG cordially invite
all 160 meter enthusiasts to the Topband dinner gathering during the
2006 HamVention in Dayton on Friday night. This annual event brings
together 160 meter operators from around the world for food, drink and
camaraderie. This year please note that the dinner location has changed
due to the unexpected closing of Neil's Heritage House in Dayton. Here
are the particulars:
  Date:   May 19, 2006
  Time:   Social Hour 6:15 PM (cash bar), Dinner 7:30 PM
   QTH:   The Barnsider Restaurant  (Near Hara Arena and Hamvention)
          5202 North Main Street  (Highway 48 just north of Needmore)
          Dayton, Ohio   (937) 277-1332
  Fare:   Salad, rolls and butter, dinner entree, dessert and beverage.
          Dinner entrees will include Grilled Salmon, Grilled Chicken
          Breast, Grilled Pork Chop and Tenderloin Beef Tips. (It will
          not be necessary to choose entree until arriving at restaurant).
  Cost:   29 USD each, in advance, which includes complete dinner, taxes
          and gratuities.

  Reserve a seat and pay dinner cost to: George Taft W8UVZ, 271 Parkshore
Drive, Battle Creek, MI  49014 (E-mail ). Reserve now
and pay dinner charge by May 1st. Overseas visitors may pay at the door
but need to reserve by E-mail (or airmail) now.  This restaurant has
limited space, so please make your reservations ASAP (have only 100 seats).

DXCC NEWS. Bill Moore, NC1L, ARRL DXCC Branch Manager, informs OPDX that
the following are approved for DXCC credit:
  R1MVC and R1MVW - Malyj Vysotskij Island (M-V Island)
                    Operation from 15-28th November (2005)

EI, IRELAND. Laci, HA0HW will fly to Ireland on February 24th and will
spend a week near Dublin. He informs OPDX that he will try to operate
with his "good-old travelling radio (FT-840) and well-tried fishing pole
verticals." QSL EI/HA0HW via the HA Bureau or via address.

FR/G, GLORIOSO ISLANDS. Didier, F5OGL, informs that the Glorioso expedition
(IOTA AF-011) previously planed from March 16th to April 7th is one more
time postponed but still not cancelled. A TV reporter team could join the
expedition. A new scheme is under work, and they will update their Web site
as soon as possible at:

FY, FRENCH GUYANA (IOTA Op). Operators Steve/MW0ZZK and Florent/F4CYZ
will be on the air from the Island of Royale (SA-020) with the callsign
TO7IR between February 23-27th. Activity will be on 80-6 meters on CW/SSB
and the Digital modes. QSL via IZ8CCW (Antonio), direct or by the Bureau.

FY, FRENCH GUYANA. Operators Marc/F1HAR, Olivier/F5MZN, Laurent/F6FVY
and Herve/F5HRY will be active as FY5KE in the ARRL DX SSB Contest (March
4-5th) as a Multi-Single entry. QSL via the Bureau or direct to CBA.

IOTA NEWS...................
  AS-046.  (Update OPDX.746) XYL Aniko, HA5TAA, from  Budapest, Hungary,
           was rewarded a Far East trip by the company she works for and
           is expected to activate Tioman Island for about seven days out
           of her 14 day and 12 night trip between February 27th and March
           12th. Look for 9M2/HA5TAA to be active on 20 meters SSB around
           March 3rd. Aniko has been a radio amateur for about four years.
           Her husband is also a radio amateur (5 years). His callsign
           is HA5AZZ. QSL via the HA QSL Bureau or via the address on

JD1, OGASAWARA ISLANDS. Remember to look for operators Toru/JI5USJ and
Makoto/JI5RPT to be active from the Island of Chichijima (AS-031) from
now until February 28th. Activity will be on 160-10 meters signing JD1BLX
(Toru) on SSB/RTTY/CW and JD1BLY (Makoto) on CW. Suggested frequencies are:
  CW - 1821, 3511, 7011, 10114, 14040, 18098, 21040, 24920 and 28040
 SSB - 3795, 7050/7227, 14255, 18128, 21260, 24960 and 28460 kHz.
QSLs via their home callsign, Bureau is OK. More information is available
online at:

QSL INFO AND NEWS.............................
  and 5N0W), informs OPDX that he has done the last bundle of QSLs for
  the 5N0/OK1AUT, 5N0ZKD, 5N99ZKD and 5N0W operations during his stay in
  Nigeria. He mentions that anyone needing a QSL for these activities
  should send them in because this is the last call for them. PLEASE NOTE:
  David can ONLY confirm QSOs for his 5N0W operation for contacts between
  1999 and May 2000. Contacts/QSOs made later belong to Vasek, OK1DXE.
  ALSO NOTE: David is not a member of OK QSL Bureau; therefore, send QSLs
  with a SAE to his postal address: David Klimosz, Paprskova 1339/10a,
  14000 Praha 4, Czech Republic.

  NEW ADDRESS. Charles Harpole, K4VUD, has announced that he has a "CHANGE
  OF ADDRESS - PERMANENT - EFFECTIVE FEB.23, 2006". The change will also
  effect the following callsigns: HS0ZCW, 9N7UD, 9N1UD, A52UD, XW1UD,
  KG4FPK, AC4TT, VU3CHE, V26V and K4VUD. His new address is:
  Charles Harpole, 5900 Baywater Dr., #506, Plano, TX  75093. He also
  mentioned, "Soon, I will file an alternate address in Thailand where
  I will be living for the indefinite future."

  K7C QSL STATUS. Bob, KK6EK, K7C Expedition Leader, released the following
  statement about the K7C QSLs this past week: "Thanks for asking about the
  K7C Kure QSL cards. The cards are going out as we speak. Tom, N4XP, has
  worked through about 8 of the 40 trays. It will take several more weeks
  to complete it. If you have not yet sent in your cards, I strongly suggest
  the following: Go to the K7C website and check your QSOs against the
  online log using DXA (, click on the map and then log
  in with your callsign). If there is any discrepancy between your personal
  log and what shows on DXA, I suggest you write to me. While I cannot
  change the K7C log, I can give you some good advice for submitting your
  requests for QSL cards. If you logged onto DXA to watch the activity in
  real time, I would very much like to hear of your experience. Please go
  to the link, and click on '2005 DXA SURVEY.' This will
  bring up a page with instructions and a small set of questions. If you
  will send your comments to me (, I'll send you a nice
  certificate for being a "CHARTER DXA USER." Here is the QSL route:
  K7C KURE DXPEDITION 2005, c/o K4TSJ, Box 1, Watkinsville, GA 30677
  Thanks to all for helping make K7C a great experience!"

  QSL T40C via N1KI. Activity was by Winston/CO2WF and Dercel/CO2UG from
  Ciudad Habana, Cuba, during the ARRL International DX CW Contest.

RK2, KALININGRAD. Members of the "UA2 Contest Club" will be active as
RK2FWA during the CQ WW 160 SSB Contest (February 25-26th) as a Multi-Op
entry. QSL via DK4VW.

SPECIAL EVENT. Look for Australian special event stations to be active
during the 18th Commonwealth Games in Melbourne, Australia, with some
4,500 athletes from 70 countries competing. To celebrate this event,
two special event callsigns will be aired: AX3MCG and AX3GAMES.
   AX3MCG  - (Melbourne Commonwealth Games) will be active daily between
             March 1-31st, by operators David/VK3EW and Peter/VK3QI; aiming
             to achieve at least DXCC.

  AX3GAMES - A multi-operator roster will also activate this callsign
             generally active daily on all bands.

  Special Commemorative QSLs for both callsigns will be available via the
VK3 Bureau. AX3MCG and AX3GAMES are the only special event callsigns
issued by Australian Communications and Media Authority to celebrate the
Commonwealth Games. Individual VKs may also substitute the AX prefix during
the games period.

SPECIAL EVENT. To commemorate 128th anniversary of the liberation of
Bulgaria from Ottoman yoke by Russia, the Balkan Contest Club LZ1KZA (LZ5A)
will operate with special event callsign LZ128LO from March 1-31st. Also,
the special event callsign LZ128LO counts 10 points for "St. Teodosii
Tyrnovski Award" (For details, visit: ).
QSL to LZ1KZA via the Bureau or direct to: P.O. Box 36, 4300 Karlovo,

SV5, DODECANESE. Willi, DJ7RJ, will be active as SV5/DJ7RY from the Island
of KOS (EU-001) between February 26th and March 18th.  Most of the activity
will be on the lower bands. QSL to his home callsign.

T68, AFGHANISTAN. Johnny, LA5IIA, is back in Kabul and is active again as
T68G. He was heard this past week on 20 meters SSB and 17 meters CW. The
length of his stay is not known. QSL via LA4YW.

TG, GUATEMALA. Operators Francisco/TG9ANF and Sergio/TG8AOV will be active
as TG9ANF in the ARRL DX SSB Contest (March 4-5th). QSL via TG9ANF. Visit
Francisco's Web page at:

TG, GUATEMALA. Operators Mario/TG9ADQ, Sergio/TG9SM, Marcos/EA1APV,
Julio/TG9ATG, Edgar/TG9AXF and Francisco/TG9ANF will be active as TG7M
in the CQ WW WPX SSB Contest (March 25-26th). QSL via EA1APV. Activity
will take place from the "Reserve of the Mayan Biosphere", which is
located in the north part of Guatemala, in the frontier zone with Mexico
and Belize. It is part of the Mayan Forest. Its biological wealth is
characterized by a complex cosystem of forest, with great flora species
and abundance of fauna.

V7, MARSHALL ISLAND. You have a few more days to work Ikou, JL1WQO, as
V73WQ until February 22nd. Activity will be on 160-10 meters CW/SSB/RTTY.
Most of his activity during the past weekend was on 20/17/15 meters SSB.
QSL is OK via the Bureau or direct.

VP2V, BRITISH VIRGIN ISLANDS. Just a reminder! Look for Jim/G3RTE and
Phil/G3SWH to be active as VP2V/G6AY from Anegada Island (NA-023) between
February 23rd and March 1st. Operation will be primarily CW on 80-10 meters
but with some SSB and the possibility of some 160 meters CW operation.
They will have two 100 watt stations and hope to be on the air as much
as possible, propagation permitting.  QSL via G3SWH with SAE and adequate
return postage, via E-mail for a bureau reply <> or
via the RSGB bureau.