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Acerca del bureau Oscar A.
Ohio/Penn DX Bulle Oscar A.
Re: Acerca del bur jesus an
Re: Acerca del bur SERGIO H
HK6DOS // Acerca Oscar A.
Re: Acerca del bur HK3CW
Vendo Alexis D
de HK6DOS Oscar A.
Hey ;) Anibal M
4 2 5 D X N E W Oscar A.
Ohio/Penn DX Bulle Oscar A.
ISS SPace Station Pedro Cl
RE: ISS SPace Stat faber mo
RE: ISS SPace Stat jorge be
Re: ISS SPace Stat Ing. Jos
Fw: cell phone rem Pedro J.
Re: ISS SPace Stat German D
RE: ISS SPace Stat faber mo
Re: ISS SPace Stat faber mo
Re: ISS SPace Stat armando
Re: ISS SPace Stat Ing. Jos
cadenas luis ara
Re: ISS SPace Stat faber mo
Para Faber Oscar A.
4 2 5 D X N E W Oscar A.
CALENDAR 425 Oscar A.
ARLP002 Propagatio Oscar A.
3Y0X 2006 ATENTOS Jose M.
Ohio/Penn DX Bulle Oscar A.
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Asunto:[dxcolombia] 3Y0X 2006 ATENTOS TODOS.
Fecha:Domingo, 15 de Enero, 2006  21:53:48 (-0000)
Autor:Jose M. Valdes R. YV5LIX <yv5lix>

Faltan aproximadamente 23 dias para que Peter I, 3Y0X, este nuevamente en el aire,

3YX DXpedition
Peter I Island

More people have flown in outer space ..
than have set foot on Peter I Island!

Countdown timers:

Peter I

This photo of Peter I was taken in 1987 by Trond Eiken of the
Norwegian Polar Institute (NPI).  This is a head-on view of
Eva Odden (Cape Eva) and Radiosletta (Radio Plains), with
Lars Christensentoppen (Mt.  Lars Christensen) in the background.
(We added the antenna at our proposed campsite).

Click HERE for our latest press release Last updated: January 10, 2006

Press Releases and Bulletins

Team members backing us up from home

Logisitics Manager

Dave, K4SSU has worked tirelessly getting everything packed, unpacked, catalogued, moved and shipped for the DXpedition; thanks, Dave!

    Dave, K4SSU


    Our DXpedition employs the use of regional pilots to keep the operators in touch with their audience.  If you need to get a message to the team on missed openings, etc.  please feel free to contact your pilot.  They do not have the ability to correct log data or inquire about missing QSOs.  If you are not in the online log we suggest you work us again.  We are not concerned about dupes.  We want you in the log before we return.  You may click on a pilot's name below to view his biography and to email him:

    Don, N1DG

    Klaus, DL1XX

    Toshi, JA1ELY

    Lee, ZL2AL

    Lance, W7GJ


      Our Graphic Designer

        Randy Juhl

        Randy is the fella who designed our terrific LOGO and our several QSL cards including the beautiful "3YX Souvenir QSL".

        Our QSL Manager

          Bob, N2OO


          Bob Schenck, N2OO

          PO Box 345

          Tuckerton NJ 08087-0345

            NOTE: Bob handles only the QSL cards!
                          Click HERE to learn how to get your 3YX QSL.

          • To contribute to the Peter I DXpedition click HERE.
          • To purchase Peter I memorabilia click HERE.
          • To comment on this website click HERE to email Chaz, W4GKF
          • For any other inquiries please click HERE to email Bob, K4UEE.

          Our Webmaster

          Chaz, W4GKF

          Our Photo Album

          Here you can see pictures from the beginning of planning through preparation -- and photos from Peter I (when we get there!)

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          This page designed and maintained by W4GKF
          Last updated: Friday -- January 13, 2006

          73/DX Jose M. Valdes R. (Joe) YV5LIX
 Advisory Board Member
          QSL manager EA7FTR
          SYSOP YV5LIX DX Cluster
          VHF Packed: 145.430 using C YV5LIX

          The site has an online log search.

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