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Asunto:[dxcolombia] HK6DOS
Fecha:Domingo, 13 de Noviembre, 2005  19:09:11 (-0500)
Autor:Oscar A. Gaviria <hk6dos>

Date: November 13, 2005

From: Team co-leaders:   Ralph Fedor, KŘIR and Bob Allphin, K4UEE


Since our last announcement much has been accomplished toward our goal of
activating Peter I early next year.
In September, fourteen of the team met for four days in Atlanta to practice
erecting the arctic shelters, the low band antennas, check out the
generators and other critical equipment and to begin packing the crates for
shipment.  In addition, a total of ten hours were spent in classrooms
discussing safety, offloading procedures and priorities, fundraising,
recruiting, our current budget and the status of our vessel and helicopter
arrangements.  There was also time for team bonding, as we assimilated
three new team members: FM5CD, N6JRL and W8MV.
During the month of October, we received the great news that Gary Stouder,
K9SG, our team physician from the 2005 team would be able to join us
again.  Also, Al Hernandez, K3VN, a veteran of many Antarctic dxpeditions
and an old friend has joined the team.  We are pleased to have them both
and they bring our number to twenty men.  We have room for two more
operators and as many as four "other" travelers who may want to go along,
set foot on the island, help with the camp set-up, enjoy the travel
experience, but not actually be part of the operating team.  They would
remain on the vessel.  Contact Bob, K4UEE by clicking HERE if you have an
interest in either opportunity.
Our 40 foot shipping container has been packed and is now on it's way to
Chile.  After returning from South America earlier this year, we completely
unpacked everything, sorted, prioritized all of our equipment and then
repacked.  It was a huge job, but it will be worth the effort when we
arrive at Peter I.  The container contains exactly 11 tons of equipment,
and personal gear.
Our contract calls for 16 days at Peter I.  The weather will dictate our
actual schedule, but we are projecting that we will be 12-14 days on the
air.  We have developed a quick strike plan that will enable two stations
on the air quickly even if we have weather conditions that prevent the
entire camp from being constructed immediately.  Ultimately, we plan to
have nine stations on the air and a complement of 23 antennas.  This
doesn't include the recent decision to make a real effort on 6m, 2m and
70cm EME.
For the first time, we can give approximate dates of our operation.  The
team will assemble in Punta Arenas on Jan.  29th and shortly afterward, fly
to the Chilean Naval Base on King George Island, South Shetland
Islands.  We will board our vessel there and sail to Peter I.  We expect to
have two stations on the air from the vessel operating..  /MM.  We hope to
arrive at Peter I around February 6th to begin our16 day stay.  Please
remember that these dates are approximate and depend on many variables
including, of course, the weather and sea ice conditions.
One of our goals is to do what we can to help the DX community feel a part
of this 3Y0X experience.  We're going to be enjoying a once in a lifetime
adventure, and although it will at times be tough and maybe a little scary,
the adventure is something that motivates every member of our team.  We
want you, the DX community, to enjoy more than just a QSO or two, but to be
able to live this adventure along with us.  In an effort to do that, we are
planning daily updates from the island along with photographs of what we
are experiencing.  In addition, through the technology of Iridium
Satellite, we are hoping to provide periodic videos from the island as
well.  It seems to us that through video you can experience so much more.
This may be the most expensive DXpedition ever.  We solicit your support!
Please check out the Peter I website, and catch up on the
news.  There are many pictures of our recent training session in Atlanta
and of the container packing and shipping. Also, if you want to be a part
of the adventure by contributing financially, click on one of the yellow
"Contribute" buttons.

QSL via N2OO!
73, Ralph, KŘIR and Bob, K4UEE Peter I DXpedition co-leaders

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