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Eduardo Sentimos Pedro Cl
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Classifieds Update Clasific
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A quien le pueda i Oriom
A quien le pueda i Oscar A.
Re: A quien le pue SERGIO H
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Asunto:[dxcolombia] KD6WW/VY0 & K9AJ/VY0
Fecha:Miercoles, 31 de Agosto, 2005  21:05:42 (-0500)
Autor:Oscar A. Gaviria <hk6dos>

----- Original Message -----
From: <>
To: <hk6dos@...>
Sent: Wednesday, August 31, 2005 6:32 PM
Subject: [425ENG] KD6WW/VY0 & K9AJ/VY0

>     The DX spots collection  -  from January 1997 up to July 2005  -  is
>     available at, as well the relevant software
> John Van Putten (WD8MGQ) repots:
> Mike ( K9AJ ) and Bruce ( KD6WW ), will try to be on NA175 starting at
> ( or within a short time afterwards ), on Sep 01 from Blaze Island. They
> will stay on the island overnight, and then return to pickup some of their
> baggage that the airlines had misplaced. They will then try to go to
> Island ( in the Nunavut West group - NEW IOTA ), for several days???...
> could not be more specific, because of weather conditions, etc. and on
> way back they will stop again on NA175 for several days, before having to
> back by the 7th to catch their plane home. Please understand all this
> information is not written in stone, and that Mike and Bruce are trying
> their best, and will certainly give everyone a good shot at the new IOTA
> group.
>                         >>> 425 DX NEWS - NEW SEARCH TOOL <<<
> Leonardo Lastrucci, IZ5FSA  has developed a software which allows to query
> 425 DX News Archive  maintained on from the
> The command is SH/425 [text], where [text] should be replaced with a
> a IOTA Reference number, Island name, Antarctica Base, Lighthouse, etc.


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