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Asunto:[dxcolombia] Re: [mediterraneodxclub] M.I.A. BULLETIN # 035
Fecha:Sabado, 13 de Agosto, 2005  10:49:18 (-0400)
Autor:Alexis Deniz <yv5ssb>

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From: "Corrado IT9DAA" <it9daa@...>
To: "[MDXC_ENG]" <mediterraneodxclub@...>
Cc: "[MDXC_ITA]" <mdxcita@...>; "[MDXC_HISPANO]" 
Sent: Saturday, August 13, 2005 10:47 AM
Subject: [mediterraneodxclub] M.I.A. BULLETIN # 035

                 <<< M.I.A. BULLETIN # 035 >>>
                        13 August 2005
                       Edited by IT9DAA
                "Mediterranean Islands Trophy"
             sponsored by the Mediterraneo DX Club
             From 1st June to September 30th 2005
       Rules Here >
                   >>>> SUMMARY & NEWS <<<<

10 May to October > MGD-017
SV5  -  Ermanno, IK2WZD will be active again from Lipsi Island
(EU-001)  from  10  May to October. He  plans  to  operate  as
SV0XAN/5  on  all  bands and modes. QSL via  home  call.  [TNX

15 July to 15 September > MI-053
I  -  Nino, I2IAU reports he will be active as ID9/I2IAU  from
Lipari  Island  (EU-017,  IIA  ME-001)  from  15  July  to  15
September. [TNX 425 Dx News]

01-15 August > MCO-001 MCO-007
TK - Stefano, IK5PWQ will operate (CW and SSB on the HF bands)
as  TK/IK5PWQ  from Corsica (EU-014) on 1-15 August.  He  also
plans  to  be active as TK/IK5PWQ/P (on 20 metres CW and  SSB)
from  one of the coastal islands (EU-164). QSL via bureau (for
TK/IK5PWQ)  and  direct  (for TK/IK5PWQ/P:  Stefano  Ceccotti,
Piazza Dante Alighieri 3-AL, 56030 Cascine di Buti - PI, Italy
[TNX 425 Dx News]

01-30 August > MCO-001
TK - Gilberto, IZ2GIL will be active (on 2-80 metres, 6 metres
excluded) as TK/IZ2GIL from Corsica on 1-30 August.  [TNX  425
Dx News]

Until 15 August > MI-118
I  - Lorenzo, IZ0BVU is active on 6 metres and the HF bands as
IB0/IZ0BVU  from  Ventotene (EU-045, IIA  LT-011)  until  mid-
August. He plans to participate in the IOTA Contest. [TNX  425
Dx News]

05-15 August > MC-291
9A  - Lada, OK1LO will operate on 10-80 metres as 9A5LO/P from
Pasman Island (EU-170) on 5-15 August. [TNX 425 Dx News]

06-20 August > MGD-028
SV5  -  Hubert, DK9NCX will be active as either SV5/DK9NCX  or
J45R  from Rhodes (EU-001) on 6-20 August. He plans to be  QRV
on  160-10 metres and to concentrate on the low bands. QSL via
home call. [TNX 425 Dx News]

09-18 August > MI-076
I  -  Filippo, I4TDK reports he will operate as IB0/I4TDK from
Ponza  Island  (EU-045, IIA LT-001) on 9-18  August.  QSL  via
bureau. [TNX 425 Dx News]

From 9 August > Greek islands trip
SV  -  Marco, IZ3GNG is going to operate on 20 and  40  metres
from  Greece and Crete as follows: 9-11 August    SV8/IZ3GNG/p
Paros Island (EU 067) MG-081
12-14 August  SV8/IZ3GNG/p  Santorini Island (EU-067) MG-125
15-18 August  SV9/IZ3GNG/p  Crete (EU-015) MGC-005
QSL via bureau. [TNX 425 Dx News]

10-23 August > MGD-028
SV5  -  Peri, HB9IQB will be active (mainly on the WARC bands,
CW  and  PSK-31) as SV5/HB9IQB from Rhodes (EU-001)  on  10-23
August. QSL via home call. [TNX 425 Dx News]

12-26 August > Greek islands trip
SV  -  Tony, IK8VRH reports he has changed his plans  for  his
August IOTA activity from Greece. Now he expects to operate as
SV/IK8VRH from the following islands and lighthouses:
     10-11 Augsut   Skiza         U-158
     13-14 August   Elafonisos    U-113
     16-18 Augsut   Dokos         U-075 (ARLHS GRE-059)
     20-22 August   Kavalliani    U-060
     23-28 August   Spetses       U-075 (ARLHS GRE-063)
He  will  be active on 20, 17 and 15 metres SSB, RTTY and  CW.
QSL  via  home  call,  direct or  bureau.  The  call  will  be
SV/IK8VRH. QSL via home call. [TNX 425 Dx News]

14-20 August > MC-282
9A  - Marco, IK1ACX report that will be active from Pag Island
(iota  EU-170  ioca  CI 082), during the summer  holiday.  The
operation will be possible in cw, ssb in all bands (not 80m).

9A - Burt, 9A7YY reports he plans to operate as 9A7YY/P from a
large number of Croatian islands between 14 and 21 August. QSL
via home call, direct or bureau. [TNX 425 Dx News]

14-26 August > VARIOUS MC ISLAND
9A - Tommy, IZ7ECL will operate as 9A/IZ7ECL/P from Croatia on
14-26 August. He plans to be active on 20 and 40 metres from a
few  islands  in the EU-016 IOTA groups: Daksa  (IOCA  CI-165,
ARLHS CRO-037 and CLH-017 for the Croatian Lighthouses Award),
Grebeni  (CI-173, CRO-054, CLH-036), Kolocep (CI-038, CRO-031,
CLH-010) and Sipan (CI-122, CRO-173, CLH-167). QSL via  bureau
to home call. [TNX 425 Dx News]

14-25 August > MI-076 MI-068
I  -  Amedeo, IZ0FXW will operate as IB0MDC from Ponza  Island
(EU-045,  IIA  LT-001) on 14-21 August. He might also  operate
from  the  islands  of  Palmarola  (EU-045,  IIA  LT-008)  and
Ventotene   (EU-045, IIA LT-011) during that time  frame.  QSL
via   home   call.   [TNX   425  Dx  News].   More   info   at

Den, 9A3FO from Babac is.    EU-170 MC-012

And the following hams residents:

Neno,     9A7N; Radioclub Korkula, 9A1CM; Vedrana, 9A4VV  from
Korkula is. (EU170 MC-163)
Mladen, 9A2MB from Ugljan is. (EU-170 MC-441)
Branko, 9A7YY from Vis is. (EU-016 MC-452)
Milan, 9A4KF from Hvar is. (EU-016 MC-132)
Koki, 9A2JG; Ivo, 9A2GF; Tomo, 9A4W from Brac is. (EU-016  MC-

15-20 August > MGD-028
SV5  -  Stefano,  IV3IPS will be active as  SV5/IV3IPS/p  from
Rhodes  (EU-001) on 13-20 August. He plans to operate SSB  and
RTTY  on 80, 40, 20, 15 and 10 metres. QSL via bureau to  home
call. [TNX 425 Dx News]

15-20 August > MG-074
SV  -  Andy,  IK7YTT  will  operate on  10-40  metres  SSB  as
SV/IK7YTT  from Mykonos Island (EU-067) on 15-20  August.  QSL
via home call. [TNX 425 Dx News]

16-26 August > MG-065
SV  -  Nicos, SV2AYT and George, SV2JJE will be active on 80-6
metres  SSB  as  SX8AYT from Limnos Island (EU-049)  on  16-26
August. QSL via SV2AYT. [TNX 425 Dx News]

17-22 August > MI-116
IE9  -  Peter  IW3RUA will operate as IE9/IW3RUA  from  USTICA
All  QSOs  will be confirmed automatically via  the  bureau  ;
direct cards  should be sent to IW3RUA (PIETRO FLORIO P.O. BOX
18 33028 TOLMEZZO (UD) )

Until 25 August > MI-042
I - Federico, IZ4FCB reports he will operate as IC8/IZ4FCB
from Ischia Island (EU-031, IIA NA-001) until 25 August. [TNX
425 Dx News]

18 - 29 August > MIS-035
IS0  - Gaetano, IZ8GCB reports he will operate CW only on  80,
40,  20, 15 and 10 metres as IS0/IZ8GCB from Sardinia (EU-024)
on  18-29  August. QSL via bureau to home call.  [TNX  425  Dx

20-21 August > MI-056
I  -  Michele, IF9ZWA will operate on 15, 20 and 40 metres SSB
as  IF9ZWA/p from the lighthouse at Punta Libeccio (ARLHS ITA-
133,  WAIL SI-025) on Marettimo Island EU-054, IIA TP-010)  on
20-21 August for the ILLW. [TNX 425 Dx News]

21 August > MI-137
I  -  Alfredo, IK7JWX (IR7LH) and others will operate from the
the  lighthouse (WAIL PU-028, ARLHS ITA-175, WLOTA L-0005)  on
Isola Traversa (EU-091, IIA BR-001) on 21 August for the ILLW.
[TNX 425 Dx News]

20-22 August > MG-014
SV   -  Theodoros/SV1GRM,  Sotirios/SV1HER,  Cliff/SV1JG   and
Markos/SV1MF  will operate as SX8L from Apolytares  Lighthouse
(ARLHS GRE-040) on the  island of Antikythira (EU-113) on  20-
22  August. All QSOs will be confirmed automatically  via  the
bureau;  direct  cards  should be  sent  to  SV1HER  (Sotirios
Vanikiotis,  Korai 31, GR-12137  Peristeri (Athens),  Greece).
[TNX 425 DX News]

I  - Fabio, IZ7FLQ reports he plans to operate as ID9/IZ7FLQ/p
from  a  few  islands  in the Eolie group  (EU-017)  on  20-27
August. [TNX 425 DX News]

September > MB-044
EA6  -  Alberto,  EA6SB announced that in  September  will  be
active  from Isla del rey or Hospital island in all bands  (10
to   160   mt   and  V-UHF)  and  all  modes  for  the   Grupo
Expedicionario  De  Menorca. More info at:  [TNX

07-18 September > MI-053
I  - Andrea, IZ0EHO will operate as ID9/IZ0EHO on 6 metres and
the HF bands SSB and digital modes from Lipari Island (EU-017,
IIA ME-001) on 7-18 September. [TNX 425 Dx News]

Raffaele,  IH9YMC repots that will be active from  Pantelleria
island (IOTA AF-018 IIA TP-001) during this summer. Operations
will be possible in HF, 50MHZ, V-UHF and meteo scatter.

is a free of charge weekly bulletin
edited by Corrado, IT9DAA
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MIA Bullettin's Manager Corrado Ruscica, IT9DAA MDXC #23


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