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Asunto:[dxcolombia] Informacion de P5
Fecha:Jueves, 11 de Agosto, 2005  10:47:48 (-0500)
Autor:Francisco Hennessey Jr. HK3SGP <hk3sgp>


Dave was due in the country on August 9th.  He was standing by in China for
1 hour flight into North Korea.  Internet and cellular communications with
him were to be lost at that point.

He will first have to assemble the antenna and set up the station.  I have
heard that the antenna donated takes some time to assemble.  Dave is not a
newcomer and I'm sure he has read the manual ahead of time to have an idea
what to expect in the assembly.

I would expect contacts with the stateside pilot stations when he is up and
running as an indicator it is really him.  I also see his neighbor online
daily via AIM and no word has come from him either.  He has a station as
well equipped as anyone else to hear and know when Dave is on.

Remember that this is a one man DXpedition based on free time during his
medical services time to North Korea.  Once he gets on Dave is a very
capable contest operator.  Any sort of cooperation and behavior in the
pileups can see Dave at 150/hr and better rates.  

Be patient, once he is on everyone will know very quickly.  Most everyone
associated with the planning is on this list, even Dave himself.


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